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Giant Panda

Giant Panda

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Giant Panda

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  1. Giant Panda By: Felix Santoyo

  2. Giant Panda’s Habitat • The Giant Panda has it’s habitat in bamboo forests, high elevation in the mountains. Located in Western China. • There are around 720 panda’s in the Minshan Mountains, which is 45% of the wild population. • Most of the Giant Panda’s habitat lives at the Qinling and Minshan Mountains.

  3. Giant Panda’s Diet • The Giant Panda’s diet consists of Bamboo Plants and Trees. Bamboo contains very little nutrition ,so panda’s eat 12-38kg of bamboo to get nutrition. • Only about 1% of there diet is made up of other plants and meats. Giant Panda’s have the same digestive system of a Carnivore. • Giant Panda’s have adopted to a vegetarian diet.

  4. Giant Panda’s Predator • Adult panda’s have few enemies, the animals that will prey on panda’s are: Jackals, Leopards, and the Yellow Throated Marten. • Giant Panda’s are animals that don’t want trouble, they are very solitary and peaceful animals. If attacked then they defend themselves by lowering their heads and they start to stair at the predator. • The Snow Leopard is an endangered species, it also attacks on young panda bears.

  5. Giant Panda’s Diseases • Diseases that occur in the digestive, respiratory, nervous, and the hemopoietic systems are very fatal to panda’s. • Diseases that can affect Panda’s are: Vomit, Diarrhea, Blood in Stool, Ileuses, Cold and upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Falling Sickness, Hemolytic Anemia, and Seasonal Febrile Diseases.

  6. Why I Choose The Giant Panda? • I choose the Giant Panda bear because I like panda’s and I though it would be interesting to make my assignment about Panda’s. The Giant Panda’s population is declining a lot and I was concern about that animal. I also thought that the Giant Panda’s symbolizes joy and peace. I didn't knew what other animal to choose so I chosen the Panda. They are very cute creatures and they deserve to live in the wildness.

  7. Giant Panda’s in the Environment If the Giant Panda went extinct it wouldn't affect the environment. The Giant Panda can affect the environment in one way, Eating large amounts of bamboo. If it eats large amounts, it’s a possibility that Bamboo won’t exists. The Giant Panda’s population is declining a lot, and the Panda is an Endangered Species.

  8. Why Save The Panda? • Many organizations are doing the best to boost the Panda’s population. • The reason why the Panda’s are endangered is because they are loosing their habitats, There is a lot of deforestation of bamboo going on. Plants and Landscapes are also the reason why the panda is endangered. • Many zoos have panda’s, and they are trying to breed as many as they can to increase the population. The panda’s habitat is increasing with the development of new reserves, and green corridors. To continue increasing the population, what is being done is that pandas are getting breaded.