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Gulf, Southeast, Caribbean Summary PowerPoint Presentation
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Gulf, Southeast, Caribbean Summary

Gulf, Southeast, Caribbean Summary

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Gulf, Southeast, Caribbean Summary

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  1. Gulf, Southeast, Caribbean Summary Session 5: Enhancing coordination between neighboring RAs Building the Regional Network: Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Regional Coordination Workshop Nov. 7-9, 2006 Chicago, IL

  2. Education and Outreach Actions: Provide Gulf of Mexico Alliance user survey to SECOORA and CaRA SECOORA or GCOOS coordinators could visit CaRA to discuss how they have set up education and outreach groups Invite CaRA representtives to next meeting of GCOOS Education and Outreach Council Suggest broad base for CaRA education and outreach, including NERRs, Sea Grant, COSEE, public schools, state education programs, aquaria Develop common message for IOOS that can be incorporated into education and outreach activities

  3. User Needs and Economic Impacts Actions: Invite CaRA representatives to Storm Surge and Inundation Workshop, scheduled for January 2007 SECOORA and CaRA should consider involvement in other stakeholder workshops in planning by GCOOS: maritime transportation, recreational boating, urban planning and development workshop

  4. Share Expertise in Modeling and Satellite Observations Actions: Identify model developers within the region Catalog the existing models that are running in operational mode Consider potential pilot project to validate new, large-scale models for the region

  5. Common System Design and Costs Estimates Actions: GCOOS will be taking on the initial design, including costs, for the three IOOS topics: resiliency to inundation, healthy beaches and coasts, and safe and efficient maritime transportation. Must involve SECOORA and CaRA.