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NSW Preschool Investment & Reform Plan: Applying for viability funding PowerPoint Presentation
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NSW Preschool Investment & Reform Plan: Applying for viability funding

NSW Preschool Investment & Reform Plan: Applying for viability funding

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NSW Preschool Investment & Reform Plan: Applying for viability funding

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  1. NSW Preschool • Investment & Reform Plan: • Applying for viability funding September 2006

  2. Overview • the Preschool Investment & Reform Plan was announced by the NSW Government in May 2006 • recognises preschools make an important contribution to getting children ready for school and in helping families • is a $77.2 million investment in children’s services over the next four years • an extra $8.3 million one-off emergency funding was provided to nearly 400 preschools in June 2006

  3. About the Plan • Aims to: • achieve universal access to quality programs for children prior to their school year • improve the affordability and quality of services • ensure an equitable approach to supporting and expanding access to preschool programs across NSW

  4. About the viability funding • First priority under the Plan • Aim to improve the viability and affordability of existing preschool services • Help move towards more equitable distribution of funding

  5. How much funding is available? • $17.6 million over 2006/07 and 2007/08

  6. What should the funding be used for? • There are four key areas: • Fee relief – • to subsidise fees for low income families two days per week for a single year prior to school

  7. What should the funding be used for? ctd • Operational funding – • to increase accessibility & sustainability of services • (eg. to ensure service continuity; to vary the number of hours per week or day; to transition to a mobile model to better match local needs)

  8. What should the funding be used for? ctd • Capital improvement funding – • to support continued and safe delivery of preschool services • one-off funding • will only be provided where there is a longer term viability plan • organisations may require service analysis and business development funding to meet this requirement

  9. What should the funding be used for? ctd • Service analysis and business development support – • aims to build management capacity and support proposals for operational and capital funding • help preschools to plan service delivery and management models that meet long term community needs • DoCS funded long day care centres can also apply for this type of assistance

  10. Are the funding amounts set? • NO • the proportions are not pre-determined • allocations will be driven by the mix of applications and the purpose of the viability funding – to improve viability and affordability

  11. Who is eligible for funding? • DoCS funded and licensed preschools (including community based and local council preschools) are eligible for all four types of funding • DoCS funded long day care services may apply for service analysis and business developmentsupportonly, if: • essential to providing preschool programs in their area; and/or • transitioning to or from a preschool model

  12. How will proposals be assessed? • Fee relief • priority given to services which: • currently receive less than the average level of funding under the children’s services program • Reduce current fee levels for low income families • Demonstrate the level of demand or undersupply of services

  13. How will proposals be assessed? • Operational funding • Proposals will be assessed against: • Current level of operational subsidy • Benefits to children and families • Level of demand and unmet need • Service availability • needs to be supported with documented business strategies and can be linked with service analysis support

  14. How will proposals be assessed? • Capital improvement • one-off funding only • proposals will be assessed against: • A market and business strategy which shows long term goals • Degree to which funding is essential to the service remaining in operation

  15. How will proposals be assessed? • Service analysis & business development • proposals will be assessed against: • Benefits of support helping long term viability • DoCS funded long day care providers may apply if they can show they are making operational transitions to improve the viability of preschool programs or if they are the only provider in a nominated catchment area

  16. What period is the viability funding for? • Organisations will be expected to use the funds between January 2007 and December 2008

  17. How do you apply for funding? • DoCS has already sent out to you an information pack containing: • an application form with a section for each funding type and information required • guidelines describing the funding eligibility and assessment criteria • information about the average fee and subsidy benchmarks applications will be assessed against • details on timing and how to lodge applications

  18. If you’re a DoCS’ funded preschool…. • You should have received a package including information about: • average DoCS subsidies and • average fee levels • To complete your application and to help you benchmark your service: • Call 1800837 789 • Your funding profile will be sent to you

  19. If you’re a DoCS funded long day care centre… • You should have received information in the mail, or you can download an information pack and forms from • Long day care centres will use the same application forms, but can only apply for one category of assistance – service analysis and business development

  20. What if I didn’t get an info pack? • If you didn’t receive an information pack: • Ring 1800 837 789 • OR • Visit to download a pack

  21. When do applications close? • applications close 30 October 2006 • THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE • assessments will take all of November • late applications can’t be assessed • announcements made December 2006 • funding provided from January 2007

  22. How to submit an application • Post:Office of Child Care - Viability Funding • Locked Bag 28 • Ashfield NSW 1800 • Fax: (02) 9716 2101 • E-mail:You can download an application form from the website and e-mail it to • But you must send a hard copy (with all attachments) within 3 days.

  23. Who will assess applications? • applications will be assessed by a panel including: • DoCS Executive Director, Child Protection & Early Intervention • a Senior Regional Officer • a Senior Policy Officer from the Office of Child Care • an independent probity advisor will oversight the process and review all documentation

  24. Need help? • Ring 1800 837 789