the microwave oven n.
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The Microwave Oven

The Microwave Oven

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The Microwave Oven

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  1. The Microwave Oven Danyelle McIlwain

  2. History of the Microwave Oven • In 1946, Dr. Percy Spencer discovered the microwave because he saw that a candy bar melted in his pocket due to the magnetron. The first commercial microwave came to the market in 1954. Dr. Percy Spencer is a n inventor from the war-time and he tested materials for the army to use.

  3. How He Tested the Invention • He tested the Magnetron by conducting experiments. He used food to see what the reaction would be. He used popcorn kernels to see if they would remain the same or pop. The result was that they popped! He was so happy to find out that his experiment worked that he used other types of food to see the reaction. This invention was discovered by accident and he started to test this experiment because the candy bar in his pocket melted.

  4. The First Invented Microwave • The first commercial microwave was made in 1954. It was a huge machine. It was about 6 feet and about 200 lbs. Most people did not like the first invention of the microwave because it was ugly and needed a lot of insulations. They had plumbing for it and water too.

  5. The Improvement of the Microwave • The first microwave has improved from the 1950’s-1960’s by having plumbing inside of it. It has also changed its size to be more convenient for everyone. The prices also went down from $5,000 to $500. Tat iss a huge discount.

  6. Health Hazards • The Microwave oven does have some health hazards. An example of this is excessive exposure of radiation and that is called “Microwave Sickness”. The symptoms are low blood pressure, slow pulse, dizziness, stomach pain and anxiety

  7. How it Makes Life Easier • It has made the American life easier because it is very convenient. It also makes up for time so we don’t have to wait for food to be done. Instead of waiting 20 minutes for a pot roast, you can put a Hot Pocket in the microwave for 1 minute and be able to eat.

  8. The Ways Society Uses It • Society uses microwaves for many reasons. We use it to cook food, defrost food, heat up liquids, experiments, heat up oils, melt things and make mixtures. These ways have made quick, easy ways of doing things that could take 2 hours.

  9. How Many Households have Microwaves The number of American homes that have microwaves are 94.63% of homes have microwaves. That means mostly all of America uses a very convenient invention.

  10. Conclusion • Microwaves have made everyone’s life easier. We have come to cook faster and in a simpler way. First, the magnetron was used for horrible reasons for the Nazi’s but now we use it for positive purposes like cooking. Everyone is content with the invention and America loves it!

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