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TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 Today Sirach counsels, “Conduct your affairs with humility… Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God.” Christ promises us that “the one who humbles himself

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  1. TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 Today Sirach counsels, “Conduct your affairs with humility… Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God.” Christ promises us that “the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Why is humility an integral part of Christian righteousness? Because it is humility that keeps us mindful of our inestimable privilege: we “have approached… Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant.” Only humility disposes us to want what the Lord offers and to be ever receptive to his mercy in our midst. Humility insures that our Gospel priorities are kept intact. “Humility recognizes God as he is… Humility and trust are what make a person truly human” (Pope Benedict XVI). himself to our level when he took our human nature. He was born in a stable, reared in the obscure village of Nazareth; earned his meager meals as a country carpenter; died on a cross as a malefactor with two thieves as companions; was buried in a stranger's grave. Could he have done more to induce us to listen to his counsel when he said: "Learn of me, for I am humble of heart?" // Yet, there are Christians who are proud. Like the Pharisees of old, they thank God that they are not like the rest of men. They shun any contact with sinners. They cover their ears when any scandal is mentioned. Yet they never miss the gossip, and are always ready to condemn offhand the unfortunate giver of scandal, without knowing the extenuating circumstances. // The authorities placed by Christ over them in the Church do not escape their severe censorship. The normal, humble Christian knows that pastors and individual bishops are not infallible, and that they can make mistakes at times, but to the proud, self-opinionated Christian they are always wrong except when their decisions agree to the letter with his opinions. // Worse still, the proud Christian sets himself up as a critic of God's wisdom. He muses: God forgives sinners too easily, God doesn't know them as well as I do. That conversion cannot be trusted, it will not last, he says. The "sinners" prosper, they are blessed with good health, a happy family, more than their share of the world's goods, and here am I who never failed God, who always did what was right and even more, and I am neglected by God. God doesn't know his real friends! // These are the questionings of a proud soul. Such Christians raise themselves above their neighbors in their own minds. They choose the first places, and from their self-appointed heights they look down on their fellow guests at God's banquet. Thank God, there are few whose pride leads them to these extremes, but there are far too many who set themselves up as judges over their neighbor and appoint themselves as the models to be imitated by all others. // There is a little demon of pride in every one of us. There is a natural inclination in each one to esteem himself a little better in most ways, if not in all, than his neighbor. We must keep this demon in check and not let him grow in us. Any gifts of mind or body that we have are from God-our duty is to use them properly and to thank God for the loan of them. If he gave greater gifts to another, I thank God for it. That other was able to make better use of them than I would. I have enough to go on with. I shall not be judged on the use or abuse of gifts which I did not receive. // If I use all the gifts which God gave me, to help my neighbor, the spiritually poor, the lame and blind, to heaven, instead of keeping myself aloof as the Pharisees did, then my judgment will be easy, I shall be "repaid in the resurrection of the just." ST. MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST PARISH MINERSVILLE, PA www.StMatthewTheEvangelistParish.org Rectory Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM SAINT MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST WELCOMES ALL No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church; no matter what your current family or marital situation; no matter what your past or present religious affiliation; no matter what your personal history, age, background, race, ethnicity, etc.; you are Invited, Welcomed, Accepted, Loved and Respected at Saint Matthew the Evangelist Parish!’ SAFE ENVIRONMENT COORDINATOR: Sr. Meg Cole(610-289-8900x222) VICTIM ASSISTANCE COORDINATOR: Wendy S. Krisak (1-800-791-9209) WEEKDAY MASS AT 8:00 AM MON – Julia and AnibalBrito and Marie Brito Dale by Marge Homa TUE – Antoinette Yourey by Mary WED – Helen Lipko by Granddaughter, Genevieve THU – Anna Bedway by Lewis Carroll FRI – Living and Deceased Members of the Parish Memorial Society SAT – 4:00 PM – Joseph Bonk (Annv) by Fred and Carleen SUN – 7:00 AM – John Andruchek and Peter and Genevieve Ferenchick 9:00 AM – Octavio and Rita Agosti and John Kubich by Rita, Greg and Gregory Tatusko 11:00 AM – Living and Deceased Parishioners ******************************************************************************************************************************************** THE WEEKLY CALENDAR: Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I cry to you all the day long./ O Lord, you are good and forgiving,/ full of mercy to all who call to you. (Cf. Ps 86 (85): 3,5) THE TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, September 1 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 6:30 AM and 10:45 AM. THE FAMILY PRAYER CHALICE FOR VOCATIONS(FPC): 7:00 AM Mass. Jesus told us to ask the Harvest Master to send laborers into his harvest. We hope the prayers of our participat- ing families will bear fruit. May God be attentive to PAT CONSUGAR who will host the Family Prayer Chalice for Vocations this week. Call 399-5056 or sign up in Church. FAMILY PERSPECTIVE: Family life well lived confirms the words of Jesus in today’s gospel, “Those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Commitment, intimacy, loyalty and love are the rewards of humble service and care for one another. PRO-LIFE REFLECTION: Our pro-life work is not only a matter of telling the truth about abortion; it’s also a matter of working to change public policy so the laws of our country will never allow the killing of innocent human life again. STEWARDSHIP: “Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; blessed indeed will you be because of their inability to repay you." Luke 14:14. We have a difficult time with the concept of giving without expecting something in return. Even when we give to charity we often want something in return – a raffle ticket, a dinner, or a chance to play golf. Yet, as   Christian stewards we need to remember that the true reward for our giving awaits us in heaven. LAST WEEK YOU CONTRIBUTED: Sunday: $2,938; Capital Improvement: $495. Expenses: $832.11. Thank you! FRATERNAL CHARITY: ST. VINCENT DE PAUL FOOD PANTRY– Your donation of all TYPES OF COFFEE AND TEA will allow the SVDP Society to aid the needy of our area. Volunteer for our SVDP Society Outreach and God’s Bountiful Table. Call544-2739. VOTIVES:(1) SANCTUARY: IMO Joseph Bonk by Fred and Carleen. (2) ALTARS: BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: For the Health of George Homa and Special Intention by Wife and Family; For the Health of Evan Gober by Grandparents, Stan and Sally; IMO Father Dave (5thAnnv) by Bill and Cheryl Newton and Family. DIVINE MERCY: Special Intention for the Health of Catherine; For the Health of Sylvia Mauger by Godmother; IMO Linda Davis Miller by Godmother, Sylvia. (3) BEFORE: ST. JOSEPH: Special Intention. ST. ANTHONY: For Special Intention of Bill Zaharis. 544-2211. 26th Annual ST. PATRICK’S ANNUAL END OF SUMMER PICNIC: 12:00 Noon to 10:00 PM, South Cass Fire Company Picnic Grove, Primrose. Ethnic and picnic foods, baked goods, bingo, theme baskets, games of skill and chance and lots for the kids! Live music and entertainment throughout the day. Call 622-1802 for information. SUPPORT OUR SISTER PARISH! 0. The Gospel is from St. Luke 14:1, 7-14, which was intended in the first instance for the Pharisees but it was preserved in the inspired Gospel because it has a lesson for all men. A proud Christian, that is, a proud follower of the humble Christ, is a contradiction in terms. Christ, the Son of God, lowered SPECIAL DIOCESAN SECOND COLLECTION: MARY’S SHELTER: Mary’s Shelter was founded as a viable alternative to abortion by women and men who believe that every living person, including the unborn, are children of one Heavenly Father who creates all in his infinite goodness and wisdom. Use the “Mary’s Shelter” envelope found in your envelope boxes. Please be Generous. MONDAY, September 2 –LABOR DAY: (1) Parish Office is closed today. (2) Considering the poor economic climate and lack of work in our country and world, please consider attending today’s 8:00 AM Mass to pray for an economic recovery and gainful employment for all those in need of it. CASTLE GREEN GROTTO ANNUAL LABOR DAY MASS: 10:00 AM, 950 Valley Road, Minersville/Heckscherville Highway. Mass is dedicated to “all who came.” Refreshments will be served after Mass. Plenty of parking is available. Bring your lawn chairs. 544-3658. TUESDAY, September 3 – ST. MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM: CLASSES RESUME SEPTEMBER 10. 2013-2014 Registrations are Due. Contact our Coordinator Religious Education, Rosalie Novack (544-2211).

  2. WEDNESDAY, September 4 – DEVOTIONS TO ST. PEREGRINE: 8:00 AM Mass. Ask St. Peregrine to help cancer patients / caregivers. THURSDAY, September 5 – SPIRIT DAY FOOD PREPARATION: 6:00 PM, Parish Center. Peel onions and potatoes. SOUNDS OF THE SPIRIT” CONTEMPORARY CHOIR REHEARSAL: 7:00 PM, Church Loft. Call 544-2355 to join and for rehearsal times. FRIDAY, September 6 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 7:45 AM. EUCHARISTIC HOLY HOUR: Immediately following today’s 8:00 AM Mass, there will be Eucharistic Exposition, Adoration, and Benediction. Come pray for vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life from our Parish and Diocese. SATURDAY, September 7 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 3:30 PM. ANNUAL FOOD FAIR AND FLEA MARKET: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, St. Clare of Assisi Church, Saint Clair.Halupkie, Halushkie, Pot Pie, BBQ, Soups, Chili, Baked Goods and more! Also, Flea Market Items, 50/50 Chances, Crafts, Religious Items. Free admission. All are welcome! 429-1637. TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, September 8 –SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 6:30 AM and 10:45 AM. THE FAMILY PRAYER CHALICE FOR VOCATIONS (FPC): Michelle Stripe (11:00 AM) will host the FPC this week. Call 399-5056 or Sign-Up in the Church Vestibule for September and October. SECOND COLLECTION ENVELOPE: (1) UTILITIES: Your donation will help pay for light, water, sewer, heating tapes, and the maintenance of all parish heating units, etc. (2) Please catch up with any missed envelopes. **************************************************************************************************************************************** MINISTERS AT MASS FOR THE TWENY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME OFF. PROC.LECTORS EUCH. MIN.ALTAR SERVERS SAT 4:00 PM Bonk Family Al Boris Elaine Davis Alex Reppert Killian Clark SUN 7:00 AM Andruchek and Frank Melenchick Erik Andruchek Ferenchick Fam. 9:00 AM Tatusko Family Sharon Kolenick Theresa Kroznuski Alexandra Eades Teresa Miller Jordan Berdanier Mary Jo Nabholz 11:00 AM Parishioners Nicole Forney Lori Hoffman Jesse Stickell Jade Stickell ***************************************************************************************************************************************** COMING EVENTS: Please be sure to mark your calendar! SEPTEMBER 9 – ST. MATTHEW’S TRAVELERS’ MOHEGAN SUN CASINO BUS TRIP: Cost: $23; Rebate: $25 to play. Leaves R&J at 8:00 AM; Quandel’s at 8:30 AM. Call Julie (544-5231) or Helen (544-5465). SEPTEMBER 10 – A NIGHT OF HEALING: The night begins with Confess- ions and Eucharistic Adoration starting at 6:30 PM. Mass is at 7:30 PM. Adoration will resume after Mass. Also after Mass, Father Hess will pray with people for healing. PROTECTORS OF THE UNBORN PRECIOUS SOULS’ PRO-LIFE GROUP MONTHLY MEETING: Everyone welcome – both men and women. Come join us and become the voice for these “Precious Souls” which God has created. Together we can make a difference. Meetings are second Tuesday of each month. Call 345-4619 for location and time. SEPTEMBER 11 –GOD’S BOUNTIFUL TABLE:11:30 AM-1:30 PM,Fr. R. Annex. SEPTEMBER 12 – MONTHLY ROSARY: 6:15 PM, our Church. Come and pray the Rosary with us. SEPTEMBER 19 – RED CROSS BLOODMOBILE: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Good Shepherd Building Cafeteria. Donate your blood, give life! SEPTEMBER 21 – ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL PILGRIMAGE BUS TRIP TO THE SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL: Depart Quandel’s Lot at 8:15 AM for Germantown, PA, and arrive back in town approximately 6:00 PM. Cost $85 and includes bus fare, shrine donation, and lunch on the Moshulu docked at Penns Landing. Call Mary at 544-3046. SEPTEMBER 22, 23, 24 – ANNUAL FORTY HOURS DEVOTIONS. Memorializations of Vigils ($5 each) and Flowers ($10 each) • ANNUAL SUMMER • FESTIVAL • WRAP-UP NOTES • ********************************************************************************** • We sincerely thank the following local businesses • and others who donated to our Annual Summer • Festival. We heartily encourage your support of all • the local businesses who were kind enough to • support us! • A Friend, Compass Rose Care, Ltd., Rick and • Cecelia Elison, First National Bank of • Minersville, Homa/Brito Families, Raymond • James, Strenkoski’s Barber Shop, Bob • Weaver, SVDP Society, Bill, Tom, and Adam • Dallago, ET Trophy Shop, Mike Franko • Plumbing and Heating, Golden Living • Center, Grassa Florist, Greystone • Restaurant, Hahner Bros., Inc., J.B. Electric • Corp., Lazarchick’s, Liberty Oil Co., Morgan • and Halcovage Insurance Agency, New • Minersville Fire Co., Ruscavage Automotive, • Rushanan and DeStefano Real Estate, • Sounds of the Spirit Choir, Tuson’s TV and • Appliances, Wank Family, Weist Family, • Linda Butensky, Antz, BG’s Value Market, • BoranDental Assoc., Butler Funeral Home, • DallagoBack-Hoe Service, CJ Diirnerand • Sons, Inc., Dutcavich Funeral Home, Joseph • HolochuckLaw Office, Frank Kuchta, Mahal- • Ritzel Funeral Home, Inc., Maletz Family, • Minersville Pharmacy, Atty. Thomas K. • Noonan, Patricks Church Goods, Inc., • Pottsville Internists Assoc., Scott and Keith • Purcell Contracting, Quandel Concrete, Atty. • Nicholas A. Quinn, Robert E. Reedy and • Sons, Inc., Shandri News Agency, Stine’s • Pharmacy, Inc., Wentz Automotive. • Additional thanks to these donors in kind: Eric • Cremo, Cookie Hashin, Stanley Frompovicz, • St. Patrick’s Church. • We also thank our parishioners who so generously • donated their time and talent to make our Summer • Festival a success! • FYI: 262 Parish families or 42% of the • Parish did not purchase a raffle ticket, a • booster ticket, or donate to the kitchen • collection. THANKS TO ALL THE GOOD • PARISHIONERS WHO DID! PRE-SPIRIT DAY FOOD SALE: After all Masses (Today and Tomorrow) we will be selling hot Pierogi ($6 per dozen), Halushki ($6 per quart) and Potato Soup ($6 per quart) at our Parish Center until sell-out. SPIRIT DAY: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Our Parish will have a stand in front of the Minersville Hi Rise selling bleenies and our God’s Bountiful Table benefiting SVDP Society will have a stand also. Please support our Parish fundraisers. All help is appreciated! goal! We need the support of all our parish families to reach it. If you have not made your pledge of support, you may drop off your pledge form in the collection basket or return it to the Rectory. Extra pledge forms are available at the back of Church. Please call the Rectory or visit www.adbaa. org with any questions. Thank you! Serve One Another As of today, our parish has raised $18,261 from 208 parishioners representing 96% of our parish goal of $18,950.55 and 34% of our total number of registered families. We are only $689.55 away from our 2013 can be made by contacting the Rectory (544-2211). We would appreciate your help in adorning our Church’s Altars with Vigils and Flowers during this special time when Jesus is present on our Altar. Thank you! SEPTEMBER 24 : INSTITUTE FOR CATECHESIS AND FORMATION: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Tuesday evenings until October 15, Nativity BVM High School, Pottsville. ICF 101 – Christian Anthropology. Call 1-610-289-8900 X221 or email adultformation@allentowndiocese.org. OCTOBER 6 – SHOWER OF ROSES FESTIVAL IN HONOR OF ST. THERESA, THE LITTLE FLOWER: The event begins with 1:00 PM Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Parish at The Shrine of St. Therese, Nesquehoning, PA. Procession, Benediction and a showering of roses to follow. Ethnic foods will be available at concession stands throughout the day. 570-669-6075 for directions or information. NOVEMBER 3 – ANNUAL TURKEY BINGO: Doors open at 12:00 Noon; Bingo starts at 2:00 PM. Good Shepherd Cafeteria. Admission $3.00. Donations of baked goods would be appreciated and should be brought directly to the Cafeteria today. Just place your name on these items. Food and refreshments will be available. For more information, call Theresa (544-4316) or Rose Ann (544-5304). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DIVINE MERCY ICON PROJECT: Prayers and donations are needed for a very special project approved by the Bishop’s office to construct a 30 foot tall lighted Divine Mercy Image on top of Nativity BVM High School’s hill where it will overlook Pottsville and be a source of Blessings for all. Jesus made many promises to Saint Faustina regarding those who venerate His Divine Mercy Image, and we hope for these blessings to be poured out upon Schuylkill County and all who pass it. This project is only made possible through your generous support. All donations should be made payable to St. John the Baptist Church with a memo notation “DIVINE MERCY ICON”. The donations can be mailed to PO Box 1354, Pottsville, PA 17901.

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