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TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 The Cruelty of the treacherous people of the first reading who cannot wait for the chance to “buy the lowly for silver, and the poor for a pair of sandals” is almost too much to bear. And yet, all of us

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  1. TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 The Cruelty of the treacherous people of the first reading who cannot wait for the chance to “buy the lowly for silver, and the poor for a pair of sandals” is almost too much to bear. And yet, all of us would fall prey to the lure of such ruthlessness if we did not love and serve the one Master Jesus Christ “who gave himself as ransom for all.” Probably the first time that those cold-hearted merchants “fixed their scales for cheating” it seemed to them like a very small matter. But “the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones.” The choice offered to our freedom in every moment counts. “God our Savior wills everyone to come to knowledge of the truth.” With hands lifted up in holy prayer, we become those trustworthy people to whom God entrusts great things. They proceed with cleverness and intelligence. They “succeed” in life. // The manager in today’s gospel, accused of dissipating his master’s goods, rewrites all of the accounts. Jesus admires not his lack of scruples but his ingenuity. Before he is fired, he takes advantage of the short time left to him to make friends. They will remember him when he is put out the door. What an opportunist has done in the affairs of this world, we must also do in the conquest of the kingdom of God. // Jesus shows us a sound investment. He describes Christian cleverness in the domain of seductive wealth. Its formidable powers of attraction may draw us into offering it a worship which ought to be given only to God. We must restore money to its role as a means and not an end. We are only stewards of our master’s property. We can hold no exclusive title to what belongs to all his people. We must use it in the service of his kingdom. ST. MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST PARISH MINERSVILLE, PA www.StMatthewTheEvangelistParish.org Rectory Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM SAINT MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST WELCOMES ALL No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church; no matter what your current family or marital situation; no matter what your past or present religious affiliation; no matter what your personal history, age, background, race, ethnicity, etc.; you are Invited, Welcomed, Accepted, Loved and Respected at Saint Matthew the Evangelist Parish!’ SAFE ENVIRONMENT COORDINATOR: Sr. Meg Cole(610-289-8900x222) VICTIM ASSISTANCE COORDINATOR: Wendy S. Krisak (1-800-791-9209) WEEKDAY MASS AT 8:00 AM MON – 8:00 AM – Nicholas and Helen Stoppi by Family 6:30 PM – Joan Appleby by Drebitko and Kolenick Families TUE – 8:00 AM – M/M OtimpioSantarelli by Nephew, Alphonse and Dolores Santarelli 6:30 PM – Margaret Conway by Leona Steficek WED – Living and Deceased Family, Friends and Benefactors by Father Leo THU – Elaine Hooper (1stAnnv) by Katherine FRI – John Logan (Annv) by Brother, Joseph and Rita Logan SAT – 4:00 PM – Domaleski Family by Rose and Michael Pogirski SUN – 7:00 AM – Living and Deceased Parishioners 9:00 AM – Rev Ignatius Szal by Dennis and Diane Frank 11:00 AM – Andrew Drebitko, Sr. (Annv) by Family ******************************************************************************************************************************************** THE WEEKLY CALENDAR: I am the salvation of the people, says the Lord./ Should they cry to me in any distress,/ I will hear them, and I will be their Lord for ever. THE TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, September 22 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 6:30 AM and 10:45 AM. THE FAMILY PRAYER CHALICE FOR VOCATIONS(FPC): 7:00 AM Mass. Jesus told us to ask the Harvest Master to send laborers into his harvest. We hope the prayers of our participat- ing families will bear fruit. May God be attentive to MILLIE MAGIC who will host the Family Prayer Chalice for Vocations this week. Call 399-5056 or sign up in Church. FAMILY PERSPECTIVE: Despite all our time saving gadgets, we still have less leisure and family time. To solve this we created the Myth of Quality Time. Don’t be fooled: Quality Time is Quantity Time.Jesus counsels us today, we “cannot serve two masters” and expect to be happy. Dedicate time to your family. No one in their final hours regretted not spending more time at work. PRO-LIFE REFLECTION: The IRS lists Planned Parenthood and other abortion mill operators as organizations engaged in promoting health.  Whose health?  Certainly not the health of the hundreds of thousands of babies that they abort every year, and not the health of the women who suffer physical and 0. As the economy fluctuates, preoccupation with money remains constant. The most difficult circum-stances breed shrewd speculators who know how to play the market. They place their capital astutely and realize a good return. We often admire such people. They know how to take care of themselves. ANNUAL FORTY HOURS CELEBRATION DAY I: (1) Eucharistic Exposititionfrom 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament at 6:30 PM. (2) Late Memorializations of Vigils ($5 each) and Flowers($10 each) can still be made to help defray the cost by contacting the Rectory (544-2211). We would be grateful for your help in adorning our Church’s Altars with Vigils and Flowers. Thanks for caring! (3) Eucharistic Adoration Sign-Up Sheets are in the Vestibule of the Church. THERE ARE STILL OPEN SLOTS. We need at least 2 people for each half-hour interval of Adoration. Please honor our Eucharistic Lord by your presence! (4) The Parish Forty Hours Offering Envelope can be found at the back of your current Church Envelope Box. We would be grateful for your support of this spiritual endeavor. Thanks for being the good and caring people that you are! If you have not made your pledge of support, you may drop off your pledge form in the collection basket or return it to the Rectory. Extra pledge forms are available at the back of Church. Please call the Rectory or visit www.adbaa. org with any questions. Thank you! Serve One Another As of today, our parish has raised $19,121 from 213 parishioners representing over 100% of our parish goal of $18,950.55 with 35% of our total number of registered families participating. WE MADE OUR GOAL! 2013 emotional trauma from the abortion.  STEWARDSHIP: “It is my wish, then, that in every place the people should pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument.” 1 Timothy 2:8. Try to make it a habit to give God the first few minutes of each day by simply praying, “Lord, what do You want me to do today with all the gifts You have given me?” Then be sure to listen for His response throughout each day. LAST WEEK YOU CONTRIBUTED: Sunday: $3,226.95; General Repair: $544. Expenses: $2,227.96. Thank you for your generosity! FRATERNAL CHARITY: ST. VINCENT DE PAUL FOOD PANTRY– Your donation of all TYPES OF CANNED AND BOXED SOUPS will allow the SVDP Society to aid the needy of our area. Volunteer for our SVDP Society Outreach and God’s Bountiful Table.544-2739. FORTY HOURS VOTIVES:(1) SANCTUARY: IMO John Consugar by Family. (2) ALTARS: BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: IMO Diane Warcola by Mother, Bertha Warcola; IMO Supsinskas Family by Dutcavich Family; Living and Deceased Family, Friends and Benefactors by Father Leo. DIVINE MERCY: IMO M/M Joseph Sumoski by Daughter, Bertha Warcola; IMO Anthony T. Warcola by Wife, Bertha Warcola; IHO Mary Davis (85th Birthday) by Sister, Sylvia. ALTAR OF SACRIFICE: IMO Dutcavich Family; Victims of Suicide by Dutcavich Family. (3) BEFORE:ST. ANTHONY: Special Intention for Health. ST. ANNE: Victims of Abortion (Mothers and Babies) by Dutcavich Family. ST. JOSEPH: IMO Walter and Helen Yarosh by Bernie and Marge Walasavage; IMO Frank and Anna Walasavage by Bernie and Marge Walasavage. ST. BARBARA: IMO Agnes Sincavage by Son, Dave; IMO Jennie Gut by Millie, Barb and Dave. ST. PETER: IMO Michael J. Warhola by Family; IMO Stiney and Anna Gober by Stan and Sally Gober. ST. PAUL: Victims of Abuse by DutcavichFamily; IMO Francis and Sally Tracey by Stan and Sally Gober. ST. LUCY: For the Health of George Homa and Special Intention by Wife and Family; IMO Vera Petkaitis by Stan and Sally Gober. REREDOS NICHE: For the Health of Evan Gober by Grandparents, Stan and Sally. POPE JOHN PAUL II: Special Intention. ST. THERESA: IMO Charlotte Parry by Stan and Sally Gober; IMO Brito-Budresky Family by George and Marge Homa. SACRED HEART: For all Priests; IMO Homa-Sweet Family by George and Marge Homa. HOLY OILS: Special Intention for Bill Zaharis. ST. STANISLAUS BISHOP AND MARTYR MURAL: IMO Genevieve and Peter Ferenchick and John Andruchek, Sr.; IMO John Magic by Family; IMO Anna Kanapitski by Family. Call 544-2211.

  2. FORTY HOURS FLOWERS: We gratefully acknowledge these Floral Memorializations: In Thanksgiving by Katherine Chelak; IMO Francis and Helen O’ Connor by Daughter, Helene; IMO Russ Rothermel, IMO M/M Russell Rothermel by Linda, Mitra and Meggi; Intentions of EddMorasky; IMO Sumoski and Warcola Family by Bertha Warcola; IMO Sister M. Alphonsa, S.S.C, IMO Msgr. C.J. Klevence, IMO Rev. Joseph Shelonis, IMO John and Debbie Dutcavich by Dutcavich Family; IMO Michael J. Warhola by Family; IMO Stineyand Anna Gober by Stan and Sally Gober; IMO Walter and Helen Yarosh, IMO Frank and Anna Walasavage by Bernie and Marge Walasavage; IMO Dante and Jean Cola by Daughter, Jeanine; Special Intention by James and Rose Land; IMO Homa-Brito Family. HALUPKI DINNER: 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM, St. Nicholas Hall, Primrose. $9.00 per platter includes: halupki, filling, mashed potatoes, green beans and roll. Eat-in or take-out. Advance tickets only by calling 544-4581. ST. MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Dismissal from Church today. Contact our Coordinator of Religious Education, Rosalie Novack (544-2211) for more information. INSTITUTE FOR CATECHESIS AND FORMATION: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Tuesday evenings until October 15, Nativity BVM High School, Pottsville. ICF 101 – Christian Anthropology. Call 1-610-289-8900 X221 or email adultformation@allentowndiocese.org. ALZHEIMER’S CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP: 6:00 PM, Rest Haven, Schuylkill Haven. Provides emotional, educational, and social support for caregivers through regularly scheduled meetings. Call 555-555-5555 or visit alz.org to attend or for more information. WEDNESDAY, September 25 – DEVOTIONS TO ST. PEREGRINE: 8:00 AM Mass. Ask St. Peregrine to help cancer patients / caregivers. GOD’S BOUNTIFUL TABLE: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Fr. Anthony Ricapito Annex. THURSDAY, September 26 – “SOUNDS OF THE SPIRIT” CONTEMPORARY CHOIR REHEARSAL: 7:00 PM, Church Loft. Call 544-2355. FRIDAY, September 27 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 7:45 AM. SATURDAY, September 28 – SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 3:30 PM. TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, September 29 –SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: 6:30 AM and 10:45 AM. THE FAMILY PRAYER CHALICE FOR VOCATIONS (FPC): ROSEMARIE SKIBIEL (9:00 AM) will host the FPC this week. Call 399-5056 or Sign-Up in the Church Vestibule. ST. RAPHAEL HEALING SERVICE: 4:00 PM, St. Michael the Archangel Church, Minersville. Service will be conducted by Rev. Gerard Boulanger, a La Salette Missionary from Attelboro, MA. Come for emotional, physical or spiritual healing. Everyone welcome! SECOND COLLECTION ENVELOPE: No Special Parish Second Collection Envelope this week. However we encourage you to check your Sunday Envelope Boxes for the envelopes you might have missed returning. Please catch up as soon as possible. Your Church needs your consistent and generous support to meet all of its financial obligations and to serve you. Thank you! ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* MINISTERS AT MASS FOR THE TWENY-SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME OFF. PROC.LECTORS EUCH. MIN.ALTAR SERVERS SAT 4:00 PM Domaleski Family Nicole Forney Gloria Paltanavage Alex Reppert Killian Clark SUN 7:00 AM Parishioners John Andruchek Nick Quinn Eric Andruchek Maria Quinn 9:00 AM Frank Family Al Boris Maria Bartush Alexandra Eades Jordan Berdanier 11:00 AM Drebitko Family Linda Butensky Jason Clark Jesse Stickell Jade Stickell ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* COMING EVENTS: Please be sure to mark your calendar! SEPTEMBER 30 – THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS: 5:00 PM, last Monday of each month, Our Lady’s Chapel of St. Patrick Church, Pottsville. Veneration of a First-Class Relic of Saint Pauline Visintainer to follow. Call 622-1802 for information. OCTOBER 4 – HADDOCK OR CRAB CAKE DINNER: 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, St. Michael’s Parish Center, Minersville. $10 eat-in or take-out includes: haddock or crab cake, french fries, cole slaw, green beans, roll and dessert. Beverage included with eat-in only. Call Jean at 544-6853 for advance tickets. Sponsored by St. Michael the Archangel Ladies’ Guild. HARVEST FEST: St. Mary Church, Hamburg. Today 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Polka Mass at 4:30 PM); tomorrow 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Food, fun and activities for all ages! Polka Mass at 4:30 PM. Lots of indoor and outdoor activities. Located in Tilden Township (only 2 miles from Cabela’s). For directions or more information call 610-562-7657 (www.rc.net/allentown/stmaryhamb). OCTOBER 7 – PARISH MEETING: 7:00 PM in our Parish Center. Everyone Welcome! OCTOBER 8 – THE LIFE AND SPIRITUALITY OF FATHER WALTER CISZEK: 6:00 PM, St. Michael the Archangel Church, Minersville. Come and learn more about this “Man of Faith”, a candidate for sainthood, who is an exemplary model of how to live and love the precious gift of our faith. Presenter is Rev. Thomas F. Sable, a Jesuit priest from Scranton. All are welcome! OCTOBER 9 – GOD’S BOUNTIFUL TABLE: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Fr. Anthony Ricapito Annex. OCTOBER 10 – MONTHLY ROSARY: 6:15 PM, our Church. Come and pray the Rosary with us. OCTOBER 12 – POLKA MASS AND PIG ROAST: Polka Mass with the Golden Tones Orchestra at 5:00 PM, followed by a Pig Roast Dinner 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM with entertainment afterwards. St. Ambrose Parish, Schuylkill Haven. Tickets $12. Cash bar available.Tickets are pre-order only by calling 385-1031. OCTOBER 19 – CYO COACHES CLINIC: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Holy Cross, New Philadelphia. Clinic includes an overview of insurance requirements, sports medicine, and the integration of our Catholic faith and CYO. Cost $25. Checks or credit card payments are acceptable payable to the Diocese of Allentown. All CYO coaches are required to attend a coaches’ clinic within one year of starting to coach or they will be ineligible to coach. No walk-ins permitted. Registration form can be found at cyo.adoyyam.com/?page id=41. Clinic dates and times in other Deaneries are also available. Call Sue at 610-289-8900 X231 with any questions. OCTOBER 19, 20 – DIOCESAN COLLECTION: WORLD MISSION SUNDAY: Our parish will celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year we are invited to act in solidarity with missionaries in India and throughout the world. Every day, faithful missionaries are reaching out in the name of Christ, offering practical, emotional and spiritual care to communities, children and families in desperate need, bringing the light of Christ to the darkest of circumstances. Please use the Special Mission Sunday Envelope found in your envelope boxes. For more information visit: www.IAmAMissionary.org. ST. JOSEPH LEARNING CENTER COLLECTION: After all weekend masses, the Knights of Columbus, Schuylkill County 431, will be collecting funds at the exit doors for the St. Joseph Learning Center. All funds received will go directly to the center. Your support for the Center is appreciated. OCTOBER 31 –NOVEMBER 3–PARISH MISSION: More details to follow. NOVEMBER 1 – ALL SAINTS DAY: HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION: Masses will be celebrated at 7:00 PM (Eve), 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. NOVEMBER 3 – ANNUAL TURKEY BINGO: Doors open at 12:00 Noon; Bingo starts at 2:00 PM. Good Shepherd Cafeteria. Admission $3.00. Donations of baked goods would be appreciated and should be brought directly to the Cafeteria today. Just place your name on these items. Food and refreshments will be available. For more information, call Theresa (544-4316) or Rose Ann (544-5304). DECEMBER 5 – ST. MATTHEW’S TRAVELERS’ RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR BUS TRIP: 11:00 AM Matinee. 2ndMezzanine seating.$95 per person includes show and bus. Leaves Minersville 6:30 AM; Departs New York 6:00 PM. Call Julie (544-5231) or the Rectory (544- 2211). Your payment is your reservation. FOOD PREPARATION AT GOOD SHEPHERD CAFETERIA: Christmas Pierogi Making Sunday, September 22 – 9:00 AM, September 29 – 1:00 PM; Monday, September 23, 30 – 9:00 AM PLEASE LEND YOUR PARISH A HAND! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! MONDAY, September 23 –ANNUAL FORTY HOURS CELEBRATION DAY II: Adoration from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Mass at 6:30 PM. Confessions at 8:45 AM and 6:00 PM. TUESDAY, September 24 – ANNUAL FORTY HOURS CELEBRATION DAY III: Adoration, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 6:30 PM Mass attended by our Religious Education children. Confessions 8:45 AM and 6:00 PM. WORKERS / VOLUNTEERS APPRECIATION DINNNER: After 4:00 PM Mass in our Parish Center. All Liturgical Ministers, Choir, St. Vincent dePaul Society Members, Religious Education teachers and aides, God’s Bountiful Table volunteers, Parish Festival and Lenten Food Sale Workers, Special Bingo Volunteers, Food Sale Workers, Anyone who helps the Parish in any way is welcome! We need you to call the Rectory at 544-2211 to inform us if you will be attending in order to be adequately prepared. HOPE TO SEE YOU!

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