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The V2 Onion Cutter _ Cut it fast_ PowerPoint Presentation
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The V2 Onion Cutter _ Cut it fast_

The V2 Onion Cutter _ Cut it fast_

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The V2 Onion Cutter _ Cut it fast_

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  1. The V2 Onion Cutter _Cut it fast_ Group: 3-026 Category 3 - Inventions Members: Lim Ming Han, Tan Wei Heng, Wang Yiwei, Noel Kwan

  2. Group Work Allocation Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) : Idea for project, compiling , slides design of project and arrangement of meeting ups Tan Wei Heng : Pictures , research of project and information on comparison with other fruits cutters available in market Wang Yiwei: Main designer of project ( Name , slogans) and information on project ( How it works) Noel Kwan : Main features for project ( Materials ) and presentation format for members Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  3. The V2 Onion Box A fast, efficient and intelligent box! Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  4. Reasons why we tear when cutting onion Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  5. The Magic Box A transparent plastic Tupperware Fit Fully grown Onions Waterproof Solutions to prevent tearing Cutting in water Sharp Blades Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  6. The Double Lids & Blades Cover : A Thick piece of plastic attached with blades • Safety Issues: • Every blade has a piece of rubber cap • Removal of blades can be done by directly pulling it out with some force • Blades are made blunt Introduction Analysis Conclusion Invention

  7. How the blades work Modifiable 1-10 Blades Provided • Extra Features: • Wash your onion at the same time andeven re-use water ! • Movable part to allow easy drainage of water Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  8. Target Group Housewives Reasons : Cheap, efficient, user friendly and safe Can help to cut other food products in the fastest way ( eg. Apples, Oranges, Sushi ) Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  9. Why should you choose The V2 Onion Cutter? More Convenient Less Troublesome More Comfort Safer less irritating as we know that it can be quite irritating , troublesome and uncomfortable to tear when you are cutting something ! Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  10. Other Competitors Vidalia Onion Slicer The V2 Onion Cutter -Used to slice many fruits and other food products . - Not as effective in the prevention of tearing when cutting onions Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  11. Other Competitors The Onion Slicer The V2 Onion Cutter Another tool used to slice onions . - Cuts onion at an incredibly fast rate - Very costly to be used at home. Cost ranging from $470 to $500 - Uses its very sharp blades to prevent tearing Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  12. Product Analysis Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  13. Product Analysis Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  14. Our Ideal Look of our Now , we will be showing you our ideal look of our project . Please note that there is no water , onion in the tupperware and also no safety rubber tip printed. Also , our project is environmentally friendly . We will be using 2nd hand plastic for our invention manufactured from used plastic bottles . Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  15. Wei Heng : Overall, I experienced high and lows during the whole project. There were some disputes originally on the idea of the V2 Onion Box and some objected violently. However, after doing researches on the idea, we realized that our idea is realistic . Noel : I feel that although initially some people in my group have been not very supportive of this idea, but they were willing to try it out and improve on the project. It was much easier because of that as we each got to voice out our views, so everyone participated. I also learnt that teamwork is vital for the success of a team as only by cooperating we can complete something. Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  16. Reflections Ming Han : I feel that doing an invention is a very interesting project to do . We have a chance to present our idea of invention we thought of to solve problems in the modern world and increase convenience for others. I had also learnt more on how teamwork is important for success , just like how Noel felt . Wang Yiwei: I think that making an invention with my classmates is very interesting as we can express our ideas to each other. We can also make the mankind’s life better by inventing an invention that can help them in their daily life. Doing this project has also helped me bond closer with my group members ! Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction

  17. Group : The V2 Onion Cutters [3-026] Members : Lim Ming Han ( Leader ) Tan Wei Heng Noel Kwan Wang Yiwei Analysis Conclusion Invention Introduction