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2010 Special Olympics Global Congress

2010 Special Olympics Global Congress. FINAL Evaluation. Updated: 8/20/10. DELEGATE SURVEY RESULTS. Survey Participants. 119 surveys received by deadline Roughly 20% of the Delegates participated. Overview. Best Aspect of the Congress (93% Responded)

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2010 Special Olympics Global Congress

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  1. 2010 Special Olympics Global Congress FINAL Evaluation Updated: 8/20/10


  3. Survey Participants • 119 surveys received by deadline • Roughly 20% of the Delegates participated

  4. Overview • Best Aspect of the Congress (93% Responded) (25%) Sharing ideas with delegates around the world Networking; Hearing other Programs’ experiences; Meeting people from around the world (14%) Involvement of the Athlete’s Voice Hearing their experiences; Giving them a voice in the movement; Valuing their opinions (15%) Events Opening and Closing Ceremonies (8%); Tim and Brady’s Speeches (7%) • Improvements (83%) (16%) Scheduling Not enough time for activities; Sessions did not start on time (12%) Interpretation Services More languages needed in tracks; More competent translators (7%) Global Athlete Congress More time needed; Schedule overlaps kept athletes out of general sessions

  5. Preparations Prior to Participation

  6. Improvements Materials: • Send information earlier • Shorten and simplify; more consistency/fewer changes • Provide more information on GAC and protocol/customs Travel: • Provide better information about departure transportation • Avoid long layovers in Casablanca en route to Marrakech/drive instead • Limit connecting flights • Work with airline in advance on ticketing (itineraries not matching tickets) and lost luggage retrieval

  7. Organization of the CongressFacilities, Staff and Delegates

  8. Organization of the CongressSchedule and Events

  9. Improvements Staff Engagement and Support: • Provide better orientation/Certain staff can be more helpful • Minimize language barriers with local staff Quality of Hotels and Meeting Facilities: • Better food choices at meals (especially breakfast) • Larger rooms for track sessions Schedule and Session Content: • Provide more time for all activities, especially GAC, networking and tourism • Stronger panel discussions in General Sessions • More General Session time focused on the Strategic Plan • Speakers less U.S.-centric Social Events and Founder’s Exchange: • Integrate athletes at tables at all social events • Better integration at the Sports Experience • More time to eat food that is put in front of you!

  10. Strategic Planning Focus • Strategies and Pillars that Received the Most Support: • Build Communities (39%): 1-ALPs; 2-Unified Sports; 3-Healthy Athletes; 4-Youth Engagement • Advance Sports & Competition(24%): 1-Coaching Excellence; 2-Quality Training & Competition • Connect Fans & Funds (23%): 1-Fundraising; 2-Athletes as Fundraisers; 3-Brand Clarification and Simplification • Strategies and Pillars that Received the Least Support: • Build Communities (53%): 1-Unified Sports; 2-Volunteer Retention and Growth; 3-Healthy Athletes; 4-Youth Engagement • Connect Fans & Funds (20%): 1-Athletes as Fundraisers; 2-LETR • Establish Sustainable Capabilities (14%): 1-Shared Services

  11. Key Impressions and Final Recommendations Key Impressions: Majority positive outcomes and feelings about the Congress 1: Good quality panelists and interesting keynote speakers 2: Sessions made them feel the “globalness” of Special Olympics 3: Praise for the Youth Panel and overall Athlete involvement Suggested Additions to the Agenda: • One extra day (more time for all activities including free time) Suggested Follow-up Steps: • Continued communication with national programs and delegates • Continued work on the Strategic Plan involving athletes and the delegates • Continued development of programs like EKS Day and ALPs


  13. Survey Participants • 6 Surveys Received from Ops Team • 3 Regional Managing Directors • 3 Department Heads • Incorporates feedback from Congress Organizing Team

  14. Planning and Organizational Structure

  15. Planning and Organizational Structure

  16. Content and Production

  17. Content and Production

  18. Operations

  19. Operations

  20. Participant Experience

  21. Participant Experience

  22. Media & Communications

  23. Media & Communications

  24. Follow-up

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