magazine article proposal james a mchugh ph d n.
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Magazine Article Proposal James A. McHugh, Ph.D PowerPoint Presentation
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Magazine Article Proposal James A. McHugh, Ph.D

Magazine Article Proposal James A. McHugh, Ph.D

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Magazine Article Proposal James A. McHugh, Ph.D

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  1. Magazine Article ProposalJames A. McHugh, Ph.D Alejandro Iparraguirre Professor Elliot STS 304-001 November 8, 2012

  2. Project Overview • Thematic Area • James A. McHugh • Topic Proposal • Research Design • Method • Timeline • Problems & Solutions • Literature Survey • Relevant Works Cited • Magazine Template

  3. My Thematic Area: Digital Everyware Digital Everyware contains the topic of user interface and device concepts that can expand the use of new and innovative applications. The innovation of new interactions with computer hardware is through software. The research I would like to delve into would be the open source movement , which pertains to the promotion of an open style of software development.

  4. James A. McHugh, Ph.D • Professor and Researcher at New Jersey Institute of Technology • Currently teaching courses in • Software Engineering • Data Structures and Algorithms • Internet Programming • Education: Ph.D Applied Mathematics 1970 • Doctor McHugh relates to my Digital Everyware Theme as he is involved in the development of programs and was co-author of “Open Source: Technology and Policy”

  5. Topic: How Open Software Leads to the improvement in the development of technology that benefits Digital Everyware • By making new software development techniques open to the public , software my take new interesting roles in environments. • If technologies are readily available and understood many people can develop new methods and algorithms that can advance the implementation of hardware.

  6. Research Design

  7. Method Structured Interview • The first portion of my interview would be a brief introduction of myself and a conversation with Dr. McHugh on my topic and how it is intertwined with the work he did with Dean Deek. Document Based Interview • The main objective of my interview lies within this area, as I will be asking Dr. McHugh questions based upon his work. • I will be reviewing the section he worked on in “Open Source: Technology and Policy” • This interview takes place after the biography based interview.

  8. Problems Solutions Scheduling Interview closer or provide alternate means of conducting the interview. Reading Research along with new research/articles being done on the same topic. Will need to bring a functioning recording device • Storm Pushing Dates Back • How will I come up with great Interview Questions • Remembering the interview answers without having to pause in order to write down answers.

  9. TimeLine • October 28th –November 3rd: Read “Open Source: Technology and Policy” • November 8: Presentation of Article • November 13-14th: Create Interview questions to be reviewed by Professor Elliot • November 15th: try to schedule an appointment to conduct the interview within the next two weeks. • November 24-25th: Write Article • November 30th: Hand in 1sr draft • December 4th: Hand in Revised Article

  10. Literature Survey • Open Source: Policy and Technology (with F. Deek), Cambridge University Press, 2007. • Mining The World Wide Web: An Information Search Approach (with G. Chang, M. Healey, and Jason Wang), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001. Japanese edition published 2003. • An Information Search Approach explores the concepts and techniques of Web mining, a growing field of computer science research. • Strategic Software Engineering: an Interdisciplinary Approach (with F. Deek and O. Eljabiri), Auerbach Publications, Taylor & Francis Group, 2005. • The book addresses technical, scientific, and management aspects of software development in a way that is accessible to a wide audience.

  11. Citation Deek, Fadi, James A Mchugh. Open source: technology and policy. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. eBook.

  12. Focus of Article is to the center of page which contains text. Images flow nicely in conjunction to text. Over all color scheme and article layout look professional. Subheadings different color and size allowing them to stand out from body of article Side Bar allows for a brief biography on Professor McHugh.