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Record Creation Module PowerPoint Presentation
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Record Creation Module

Record Creation Module

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Record Creation Module

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  1. Record Creation Module

  2. Record Creation Module Overview • Record Load process • Create and modify manual records • Build rules for each record “source” • Select Record Load parameters • Suspended records

  3. Record Load Process • Electronic Data Transfer • EDConnect (SAIG)/filecat • EDE

  4. Record Load Process (cont) • Banner Process • RCBTPxx/RCBCTxx (xx = aid year) • RCPMTCH Matching Process • RCRSUSP Suspense Records • RCRTPxx • Loads all information into the database • RCPDTMP • First or last step

  5. Data Load process from EDE RCRTPTR RTVINFC RCRINFR Receive file from central processor on PC Load to filecat Build rules one time per year Upload to Banner with file name xxxxesar.tap Run RCBTPxx Loads to temporary tables Run RCPMTCH. Matching process Suspense file created Run RCRTPxx Clean up Suspense files Run RCRTPxx Delete temporary tables RCPDTMP Load to permanent tables (All match and new) Load cleaned up records to permanent tables Discrepancy report

  6. Temporary Tables Data Load processOverview Dataload File RCBCTxx RCBTPxx Banner Production Files RCPMTCH RCRTPxx

  7. Data Load processOverview (cont) COBOL • RCBPTxx / RCBCTxx • Loads Applicant data into temporary files whereit is converted to Oracle format • RCPMTCH • Compares production data with the data inthe temporary files. Assigns a “status” to eachrecord from the FILE indicating weather thestudent should be loaded into Banner or put into “suspense” • RCRTPxx • Loads designated records from the temporary files into production ‘C’ ‘C’

  8. Temporary Tables RCRSUSP Data Load processSuspended Records TMPIDEN Banner Production Files RCBTPxx Added to Banner S - insufficient data E - missing data D - duplicate data H - hold N - new M - match View and maintain records in suspense

  9. Data Load processSuspended Records (cont) Matched records receive one of the following designations: A = RORSTAT exists for current year, but no RCRAPP R = No current RCRAPP, but student is in Banner M = Current RORSTAT and RCRAPP exist

  10. Create and modify manual records • General Person vs. Financial Aid Person • SPRIDEN table vs. RORSTAT table

  11. Build rules for each record “source” • Determine the conversion values • Major Codes • Marital Status • SBGI Codes • Determine Matching Rules • SSN, Last Name, First Name etc. • Determine Validation Values • Requirements • Recruitment • Admissions Contact Type

  12. Select Data Load parameters • Identify the Source • Select the “Load Option” • Recruiting Option • Recalculation of Need Analysis option

  13. Suspended records • Determine cause • Insufficient, missing, or inconsistent data • Override status • New record not in database • Match record already in database

  14. NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System • Data file from Federal Government • Loan information for all students who applied for Federal loans • RNASLxx • Student Loan Data System Form

  15. General person records Before financial aid data can be entered for a student, a “General Person” record must exist for that student. A General Person record contains biographic and demographic information that can be shared by all Banner applications.

  16. Applicant Data General person records (cont) General Person SPAIDEN or RPAIDEN General Person Records are created using on-line forms or through the Data Load process

  17. General person record SPRIDEN (TABLE) General Person Record ROAIDEN Financial Aid - Person Name/ID Search Form SOAIDEN Person Name/ID Search Form RPAIDEN Financial Aid Person Maintenance Form SPAIDEN Identification Form Forms that can create a general person record Forms that can query these records

  18. RORSTAT (TABLE) Financial Aid Person Record Financial Aid person record What forms allow me to create a RORSTAT record and how can I view all records that exist?

  19. Financial Aid person record You can create a record with the following forms: RNAPRxx Need Analysis Processing Form RNANAxx The Need Analysis Form RPAARSC Resource Form RRAAREO Application Tracking Form RPAMOFF Award Mass Offer Form RBAABUD Application Budget Form RRAMASS Applicant Requirement RHACOMM Applicant Comments Form ROAMESG Applicant Message Form ROAHOLD Applicant Hold Form RPAAWRD Award Form ROAPELL Applicant Pell Grant Form RPAAPMT Package Maintenance Form ROASTAT Applicant Status Form ROARMAN F/A Maintenance Form You have one query form for this table: ROAIDEN: Person Name/ID Search Form