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  1. welcome Prek 2 – 3rd Grade Camp Schedule Camp Hours Monday through Friday 6:30am—6:00pm Week 1 June 16 - 20 Week 2 June 23 - 27 Week 3 June 30 – July 4 (closed 7/4) Week 4 July 7 - 11 Week 5 July 14 – 18 Week 6 July 21 - 25 Week 7 July 28 – Aug 1 Week 8 Aug 4 – Aug 8 Week 9 Aug 11 - 15 Week 10 Aug 18 - 22 Week 11 Aug 25 – 29 Our campers have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new discoveries, developing great friends and having fun times! Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create an environment that forges lifelong friendships among our campers. We create a summer experience that is unforgettable! It all starts with our outstanding camp counselors! A camp is only as good as its staff, and we are extremely proud of ours. Talent, creativity, love of children, leadership and devotion make our camp counselors the heart and soul of the program. New Discoveries, Great Friends and Fun Times! Special Features: Theme Weeks: • Imagine That • Dig It! • Forever Friends • Nature’s Treasures • Jr. Top Chef • The World is your Oyster • Tons of Fun • There is No I in Team • To the Moon and Back • The Best of Best • Wrap up Week • Quality Staff • Fun & Educational Themes • Indoor & Outdoor Activities • Field Trips • Swimming Lessons • (Optional – additional fee) Chesterbrook Academy 1000 Manor Drive Chalfont, Pa 18914 215-997-9085

  2. themes Chesterbrook Academy Camp Zone 2014 Summer of New Discoveries, Great Friends and Fun Times. Week 1 June 16 – Imagine That Close your eyes and imagine the fun filled summer you are about to experience! Imagine the new friends and new discoveries you will make along your journey! Your next 11 weeks are going to be packed with fun field trips, cooking projects, gardening, sports, water activities, and so much more!  Week 6 July 21 -- The World is Your Oyster The campers will learn what this well-known phrase means as well as explore fascinating facts about oysters and other sea life. We might even try our hand at opening some oysters and look for a pearl! Week 2 June 23 - Dig It Be ready to get your hands dirty and enjoy the week dedicated to squishy, slimy, stinky science. Digging for treasures, bones, and gems, the children will be so excited to see what’s hidden surprises they get to explore next. Week 7 July 28 – Tons of Fun What is a ton? Campers will explore all types of measurement and design experiments in order to use this knowledge! What fun they will have trying to determine how many of their friends might be needed to equal a ton. Week 3 June 30 - Forever Friends Let’s explore many types of literature using friends as the story theme this week. What would life be like without having friends? Learn what it takes to be a good friend. Make friendship bracelets and write class books with a friendship theme. Week 8 August 4 – There is No I in Team This week, your child will learn about being part of a team in a variety of sports. We will introduce the concept of being a team player and the idea of cooperation in a game setting. Along with learning skills in different games, your child will realize the thrill of being a team player. Week 4 July 7 – Nature’s Treasures We will learn about objects in space including the sun, the moon, and the stars and even create our own planets in this fun filled week. Week 9 August 11 – To the Moon and Back Summer Science Campers will spend their days investigating creepy crawlies, participating in wacky science experiments, going out on a grasslands safari, and becoming world wildlife explorers on a quest to study plants, animals, and ecosystems! Week 5 July 14 – Jr. Top Chef CHOP CHOP…Join our Top Chefs as we teach your kids to have fun, eat healthy, develop or hone their cooking skills and experiment in the kitchen. While cooking delicious food, we will improve math and reading skills all in a fun way, while expanding their culinary palate. Week 10 August 18 – The Best of the Best A great week to share and show the most memorable camp experiences of the summer.  We will be experiencing the “Best of the Best” activities that we shared throughout the summer!  Week 11 August 25 – Wrap Up Week

  3. The following is a sampling of possible field trips. A specific Field Trip Calendar will be mailed to you at a later date: Delval Arboretum & Farmer’s Market Lehigh Valley Zoo Castle Park Pump it Up Bux Mont Sports Movies and much more fun! Chesterbrook Academy Camp Zone 2014 highlights In House Activity Schedule Weekly Fee Schedule 5 Full Days - $242.00 3 Full Days - $200.00 2 Full Days - $155.00 Activity Fee: $65 one time fee *The weekly fee includes a camp T-shirt, all field trips, and meals (exception: field trip days noted on calendar).

  4. registration Chesterbrook Academy Camp Zone 2014Enrollment ProcessPrek 2 – 3rd Grade Don’t wait to enroll your child in this fabulous program! Please fill out and return this Registration Form along with 1 week tuition to secure your spot. Please also indicate your child’s schedule below for the entire summer. Changes to your child’s schedule can be made up to 6/9/2014. Camper’s Name:______________________________________________________Grade Completed:_____________________________ Parent's Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #:_____________________________________________Email Address:_______________________________________________ June 16 -- 20 M T W Th F July 28 – Aug 1 M T W Th F June 23 – 27 M T W Th F Aug 4 – 8 M T W Th F June 30 – July 4 M T W Th F (closed 7/4) Aug 11 – 15 M T W Th F July 07 – 11 M T W Th F Aug 18 – 22 M T W Th F July 14 – 18 M T W Th F Aug 25 – 29 M T W Th F July 21 – 25 M T W Th F Parents Signature:______________________________________Date:______________________________________