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Top Models Of Franking Machines At Affordable Prices PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Models Of Franking Machines At Affordable Prices

Top Models Of Franking Machines At Affordable Prices

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Top Models Of Franking Machines At Affordable Prices

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  1. Top Models Of Franking Machines At Top Models Of Franking Machines At Affordable Prices Affordable Prices Franking machine prices have been rising sharply since 2004 but people who rely upon the franking machine for their business can still get best deals by renting or buying a cheap franking machine. Machine prices vary in accordance with the model you choose, features it has and the company you prefer. People look for a device that can work at high speeds, can have much envelope handling capability and some other required digital features such as expandable memory capacity and departmental accounting.

  2. Entrepreneurs managing small mail rooms can invest in a cheap franking machine. They just need to pre-load their machine with envelopes or parcels, then using it frank your post rather than stamping required details by hand. Some cheap tool can provide the accurate result as same as luxury franking tool, increasing marketing effect. There are many types of cheap franking appliances to choose from so the consumer has to decide what type of model is suitable, depending on the amount of mail the firm sends.

  3. Here are some popular models to choose from:  Mailstart plus (Entry level) It is a brand new powerful franking machine perfect for low volume firms offering up to 20 letters per day. It is capable of franking at a speed of 20 envelopes a minute.  Mailbase Lite (Low volume) It is perfect for a smaller daily volume of up to 25 parcels per day. It has a unique ‘pass through franking’ feeder that enables to process 10 item per minute. It can be connected to either LAN or wireless option for top-ups and updates. You can track your postage usage either via machine or online platform.  Mailbase (Low to mid volume) It is widely used for an average daily volume up to 100 letters per day. It can process mail at speeds of 40 envelopes, invoices, statements etc. per minute.  Mailbase pro (Mid volume) It is just the right thing for an average daily volume up to 200 letters per day. It is pre-programmed to update the postal rates using online accounting one can track the market price. With this device, one can easily manage diverse customers.  Send Pro PI-1000 (High volume) It is suitable for higher postal requirements which can prepare 180 letters within one minute. This is capable of providing solutions like automatic envelope feeder, automatic label dispenser, cost statistics and advertising messages.

  4. Now, you know various low volumes franking machine which is featured to satisfy your requirements. As said, franking machine prices may vary according to its offered features. Pick your gadget wisely! Contact Us: Address: Mailcoms Ltd, 3 & 4 Heritage Park, Hayes Way Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7LT, UK Phone: 01543 572 776 Email: Web: