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Rent a photocopier & franking machines

Simple is a leading supplier of infrared heaters, Ip telephony, photocopiers for rent and printers, business telephone systems, franking machines and call management software.

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Rent a photocopier & franking machines

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  1. Top benefits of franking machines for your business

  2. Have you considered how much you spend on mail, letters and packages you send? Do you need to send mails daily as part of your business? Sending letters and packages is part of the everyday operations for every business and many business owners consider it a cost that is necessary. However, does this cost need to be as high as it is? With postal services in UK continuously increasing their fees many businesses are considering new more efficient and cheaper ways to send their mails and packages. If you have found yourself in this or similar situation then Simple have the solution for you – one touch franking machines.

  3. What is a franking machine? A franking machines is a machine that stamps letters and packages that pass through it and computes the total charge. The process is automated and these machines are becoming indispensable in the mailroom, especially for those with high requirements and large quantities of mail. Working together with Frama a Swiss manufacturer of quality postal equipment, Simple is able to offer a wide selection of products for one touch franking that can help you lower your costs and better manage your postal expenses. These include franking machines and systems, electronic and manual letter-openers, folding machines, electronic postal scales, stamp-vending machines, postal counter systems, and self-service postal systems. The top benefits of using a franking machine include:

  4. Discounts : • The postal fees in UK are continuously increasing and for many businesses this means extra costs. Royal Mail UK offers big discounts for companies that use franking machines. This could significantly lower your postage expenses and ensure that you budget goes in the right places. Control • Many businesses are not aware of their postage expenses and generally take them for granted. While these services are definitely a big part of everyday operations in a company, having them under control is absolutely essential. Using a Franking machine enables you to control, monitor and manage your postage allowing you to save money.

  5. Loading System • Franking machines benefit from a prepaid loading system. This enables you to pay only for the products you use and eliminates any unnecessary costs associated with postage services. Accurate Postage • With Franking machines you get an accurate postage fee for every letter or package you send. The Franking machine will measure the weight of the item and in accordance to the pre-set programs will give the exact postage fee. No more paying excessive fees. Variety of Products • At Simple we have a variety of products suitable for businesses with different postage volumes. For companies with up to 20+ letters a day we have low volume franking machines. Mid volume franking machines can cope with up to 75+ letters a day, while high volume franking machines are

  6. designed for up to 500+ letters a day. Our most popular products include: Frama Matrix F12, Frama Matrix F22, Matrix F32/F42, Matrix F62 and Frama Matrix F82. For more information visit our franking machines. Maintenance: • At Simple we do not only aim to provide our customers with quality franking machines, but also with outstanding customer support. We can help with selecting the right franking machine for your business needs, training your staff on how to use it and providing quality maintenance if the need arises.

  7. Buy a franking machine from Simple • These are some of the benefits a franking machine can bring to your business. No more excessive expenditures on postage. With a franking machine you will be able to lower your costs and have greater control over your postage expenses. Simple has a wide range of quality products available. Contact us for more information.

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