beyond strategic intelligence what next n.
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Beyond strategic intelligence: What next ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Beyond strategic intelligence: What next ?

Beyond strategic intelligence: What next ?

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Beyond strategic intelligence: What next ?

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  1. STRATIN.C. Beyond strategic intelligence:What next ? Tenerife Meeting – CR Lorraine – CRITT BOIS By Marie DELMOITIEZ

  2. Striking learnings from the survey1/4 Segmentation of the wood sector: the main profession of the enterprises is a precise segment of the wood sector. • Development of external (fairs, exhibitions, conferences, events) and internal sources of information (employees, customers, suppliers). • Exchange of practices among enterprises.

  3. Striking learnings from the survey2/4 • Segmentation of the wood sector CRITT bois must meet the needs of entreprises according to their main profession: sawmilling, building timber furniture manufacturing.

  4. Striking learnings from the survey3/4 • Exchange of practices among enterprises SMEs have expressed the need to meet other SMEs of the same sector/segment or of complementary sectors (metal working, upholstery fabric…). They can meet to discuss common themes (recruiting, Knowledge Management…), to exchange practices or create partnerships.

  5. Striking learnings from the survey4/4 • Development of external and internal sources of information The most relevant external sources of information for SMEs are fairs, exhibitions, conferences and events. The CRITT Bois is orienting its search for information and watches toward these sources. As far as internal information is concerned, SMEs mostly rely on informal information they collect from their employees, customers, and suppliers. The next step for them is having this information reach the appropriate department (commercial, R&D, administrative…).

  6. Setting up Knowledge Managementwithin CRITT BOIS Tenerife Meeting – CR Lorraine – CRITT BOIS

  7. Evolution of CRITT Bois strategy • 1986 - 2002: Development based on technological competences • 2002 – 2004: Implementation and integration of a strategic intelligence set up: Épinette and DECILOR • 2005: Setting up of Knowledge Management

  8. Objectives for CRITT Bois To become a major player of the economic development of SMEs in the wood sector through actions on: • Technological innovation • Mastering of the internal and external environment of the SMEs • Stimulation of knowledge

  9. The KM concept Internal knowledge and know-how of a company are the main factors driving its development The main objectives of knowledge management are: - To clarify the jargons and patterns used by the different professions constituting the enterprise - To improve the accessibility to internal knowledge and know-how

  10. The KM Objectives The control of an enterprise on its own processes, be they operational or administrative can be hindered by: • Internal or external staff turnover inducing a loss of key competences or know-how • Staff demotivation due to non-understood evolution of projects (stop, reorientation, change of partners…) • Externalisation, delocalisation KM helps coping with these difficulties

  11. Approach 1/2 According to their professions, the actors of the CRITT BOIS will participate in this action by answering questions such as: • Type of stored internal information : technical, scientific or administrative – at individual and enterprise scales • Criteria for information selecting – issues of sorting and storage of the information • Flows of information within the enterprise and their means (oral or written)

  12. Approach 2/2 • Sharing information within working teams, information feedback, problems arising • Objectives of the capitalisation of information • Who takes the decision? • Degree of precision? • Actors involved? • Necessary investments? • Use of software tools • Other tools? • Which ones do the personnel actually use? • Do they store information thanks to these tools? • Structuring documents : documents management, formalisation, normalisation

  13. 1rst transformation Millwork Energy wood Outdoor woodwork Wood composite Building timber Furniture manufacturing Professions of the CRITT Bois Products of the wood sector

  14. SO U R C I N G External sources SI Practical work case Management data Structuring and treatment of the information Technical data Neuronal networks of SI Other internal sources Communication and diffusion Data for the Management of knowledge within the enterprise Thinks between Strategic Intelligence & Knowledge Management Strategic Intelligence and Knowledge Management do have complementary objectives. Some strategic information existing in the enterprise may not exploited. Information got through the knowledge management process are benchmarked against the ones got through the Strategic Intelligence process . It enriches and appreciates them. Communication and diffusion * Dé