giant panda by maryam n.
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Giant Panda By: Maryam PowerPoint Presentation
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Giant Panda By: Maryam

Giant Panda By: Maryam

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Giant Panda By: Maryam

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  1. Giant Panda By: Maryam

  2. Introduction Giant panda isIn China's Han dynasty , the highly prized and gentle pandas graced the gardens of the emperors. Pandas were believed to have mystical powers and is considered a "National Treasure" by the people of China.

  3. They feed on 25 to 40 pounds of bamboo per day , fish and flowers. Their favorite treat are apples and carrots . Pandas drink water from rivers and streams at their mountain areas . Diet

  4. Habitat Giant Pandas do not have a permanent den and do not hibernate. In the winter they will seek shelter in hollow trees . Today, these forests are under attack by dramatic increases in human population .The Giant Panda was once widespread in southern and eastern China.

  5. Apperearance They have a round body , All Giant Pandas have black patches around their eyes and black ears on a white head .Giant Pandas are known around the world for their unique black and white appearance. They resemble other bears in their shape, but have very distinctive markings..

  6. Giant Pandas a seriously endangered species .Today, these forests are under attack by dramatic increases in human population. Ranching, logging, trapping, and human settlement dramatically threaten their habitat. Previously, they lived at lower elevations but farming and clearing of the forest have pushed them higher into the mountains. Threats

  7. Older Giant pandas spend most of their time eating or sleeping. Younger ones like to play. They play with other Giant Pandas, running, chasing each other, climbing trees, and tumbling on the ground. Giant Pandas are truly "roly poly" creatures when they play. Did You Know ?

  8. I hope we will help Giant Pandas .If you take care of them from small, until they are big they will friend you. http://pandasint iantpanda.html Conclusion