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Speed-Dating Your Minister

Speed-Dating Your Minister

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Speed-Dating Your Minister

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  1. Speed-Dating Your Minister SILGA May 3, 2013 George Abbott

  2. TENCOMMANDMENTS! For Speed- Dating Your Minister

  3. Eight Modest Suggestions For Speed-Dating Your Minister

  4. 1,129 Speed-Dates ….And Still Smiling

  5. Suggestion #1: Don’t Rely Exclusively on Speed-Dating • Visiting your Minister is a “good to do”, but complementary to broader initiative • Success may require additional meetings in Victoria or Vancouver, letters, amended project proposals, etc. • Be persistent but patient: big projects or proposals take time, not all proposals will succeed

  6. Suggestion #1 brought to you by… • Kenny Rogers… • Who once wisely noted… • “Know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em”

  7. Suggestion #2: Have One Spokesperson • You may only have 10 or 15 minutes • Too many speakers risks losing the narrative you need to create • Minister should come away with the impression that you are organized and articulate • Multiple speakers risks conveying mixed or confused messages

  8. Suggestion #2 is brought to you by… • Nancy Sinatra… • Who once boldly observed… • “And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid…”

  9. Suggestion #3: Present a Written Brief Along with your Oral Presentation • Politics is often “the allocation of scarce resources” • You may be asking Minister to spend money he/she may not currently have • “Pick me! Pick Me!” won’t distinguish your request from dozens of others • Ensure your brief is cogent, succinct and professional

  10. Suggestion #3 is brought to you by… • Bonnie Raitt… • Who once thoughtfully suggested… • “Let’s give them something to talk about…”

  11. Suggestion #4: Articulate how your proposal fits perfectly with Government’s Agenda • Governments have both explicit and implicit goals, stated in campaign documents, Throne Speeches and media. • How does your proposal align with those goals? • Attempting to convince the Government that their goals are wrong may be fun, but not very productive

  12. Suggestion #4 is brought to you by… • Guess Who… • Who conveyed some frustration with… • “I got, got, got, got no time…”

  13. Suggestion #5: Get your MLA on side early • MLAs can be a powerful ally… or an equally powerful impediment to your proposal • Your MLA may be offended if consulted too late • Without an early and private briefing, your MLA may be asked to respond before fully in possession of the facts • If your Minister and MLA are from the same party, your MLA’s opinion on your proposal will be sought

  14. Suggestion #5 is brought to you by… • Tammy Wynette • Who always stood by her MLA… • “You’ll have bad times And he’ll have good times Doing things that you don’t understand…”

  15. Suggestion #6: Pick Your Priority! • Resolve privately, prior to convention, what issues you wish to discuss with which Ministers. • Draw lots to decide if necessary, but don’t raise more than one issue in a 10-15 minute session. • You may be the Minister’s 20th meeting that day and multiple issues will exhaust his/her attention span.

  16. Suggestion #6 is brought to you by… • George Thorogood… • Who is never known to mince words… • “You talk too much… If you keep on talking baby You know you’re bound to drive me away…”

  17. Suggestion #7: Get to know the relevant Provincial Public Servants • Most ministerial decisions are the product of extensive discussion with and advice from senior public servants. • In challenging economic times, few decisions are made by the Minister alone. • If a Treasury Board submission is required, Ministry staff will prepare it. • Don’t think for a moment that the Minister is the only person you need to persuade!

  18. Suggestion #7 is brought to you by… • Bill Withers… • Who observed so wisely… • “I just might have a problem that you’d understand, We all need somebody to lean on.”

  19. Suggestion #8: Be Friendly! • There is nothing you will win by being adversarial, but there is plenty to be lost. • The Minister may be having a tough day in a rough week, and he or she is apt to respond to a criticalor negative tone with more of the same. • Invite the Minister to come and visit to learn more about your project and enjoy local amenities!

  20. Suggestion #8 is brought to you by… • The Beatles…. • Who said what I believe to be oh so true of both politics and life… • “And in the end, The love you take Is equal to the love you make.”

  21. Thank You! Questions?