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Yo-Yo Ma: A Great Cellist PowerPoint Presentation
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Yo-Yo Ma: A Great Cellist

Yo-Yo Ma: A Great Cellist

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Yo-Yo Ma: A Great Cellist

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  1. Yo-Yo Ma:A Great Cellist Yo-Yo Ma

  2. Biography Birth: 1955 Where: Paris, France First Public Performance: at age 5 First appearance on T.V. : concert with L. Bernstein Recording Lables: CBS, RCA, Sony Awards: Avery Fisher Prize (1978) Grammy Awards for Best International soloist perform. Best chamber music perform. Best Classical contemporary composition Best Classical Album Best Classical Crossover Album Glenn Gould Prize (1999) International Cello Festival (2007) Doctor of Musical Arts : Princeton Univ. (2005)


  4. The Silk Road Project (1998-) • non-profit project • promotes collaboration among artists and institutions • promotes multicultural artistic exchange • studies diverse ideas among different cultures along • the Silk Road • connects musicians, composers, artists, and audiences • from Asia to Europe to the Americas • programs: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, educational • plans, recordings, publications, commissioning new • musical works

  5. Inspired by… The Silk Road: The Ancient Trade Route

  6. Motivated by… • Extensive concert travels • Interconnections among diverse cultures, • ideas, peoples • Influences of diverse traditions on new • musical ideas

  7. Pictures Japanese biwa Arab Oud

  8. Chinese erhu Indian Sarangi

  9. “Music can act as a magnet to draw people together ” Yo-Yo Ma

  10. The Silk Road Ensemble

  11. The SRE Performing Artists Siamak Aghaei, santur/composerEdward Arron, celloJeffrey Beecher, contrabassMike Block, celloNicholas Cords, violaGevorg Dabaghyan, dudukSandeep Das, tabla/composerJoel Fan, pianoJonathan Gandelsman, violinJoseph Gramley, percussion/composerBen Haggarty, storytellerHe Cui, sheng Rauf Islamov, kamanchehColin Jacobsen, violin/composerEric Jacobsen, celloSiamak Jahangiry, neyHu Jianbing, bawu, sheng, suonaKayhan Kalhor, kamancheh/composerKhongorzul Ganbaatar, urtiin duu (longsong)Dong-Won Kim, Korean percussion and vocals/composer Ji Hyun Kim, kayagum/vocalsYou-Young Kim, viola

  12. Li Hui, pipa Liu Lin, sanxian Yo-Yo Ma, cello/morin khuurAli Asgar Mammadov, tar Max Mandel, violaGulia Mashurova, harpKevork Mourad, visual artistAlim Qasimov, vocals Fargana Qasimova, vocals Bassam Saba, oud, nay/composer Shane Shanahan, percussion/composerMark Suter, percussion/composerKojiro Umezaki, shakuhachi/composerWu Man, pipa/composerWu Tong, sheng/composerBetti Xiang, erhuYang Wei, pipaDaXun Zhang, contrabass

  13. List of Repertoire Argentina From Air to Air, chamber ensemble version commissioned by The Carnegie Hall Corporation 2006, Osvaldo Golijov Armenia The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song 2001 commission, Vache Sharafyan Azerbaijan Caravan 2000 commission, Javanshir Guliev Dervish 2000 commission, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh Habil-Sayagy (In Habil's Style), Franghiz Ali-Zadeh China Blue Little Flower arr. Wu Tong, Chinese Traditional Fusion 2000 commission, Xiaoyong Chen Mido Mountain arr. Wu Tong, Chinese Traditional Moon Over Guan Mountains 2000 commission, Zhao Jiping Nirvana II 2000 commission, Liu Yuan Silk Road Reverie 2000 commission, Zhu Jian-er Tactile Time 2000 commission, Han Yong The Prospect of Colored Desert 2000 commission, Jia Daqun Yi Xin 2000 commission, Zhang Xu Ru

  14. France Piano Trio in A minor, Maurice Ravel Sonata for Cello and Piano, L. 135, Claude Debussy Hungary Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 8, Zoltán Kodály India Kolam music commissioned by the Silk Road Project in 2001, choreographed by Mark Morris; Mark Morris, Zakir Hussain, Ethan Iverson Iran Avaz-e Dashti, Persian Traditional Blue as the Turquoise Night of Neyshabur 2000 commission, arr. Kalhor/Prutsman, Stephen: dedicated to the life of Harrison Kravis, Kayhan Kalhor The Silent City, arr. Kalhor/Ljova.  This piece was made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation and was first performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on December 20, 2005, by the Silk Road Ensemble, artists in residence at Harvard University. Through the Ancient Valley (Cello Concerto No. 2) World Premiere 2001: New York Philharmonic co-commission with the Köln Musik GmbH and the Orchestre National de Lyon, Richard Danielpour

  15. Italy Chi passa per'sta strada, Filippo Azzaiolo Japan Five Finnish Folk Songs, Michio Mamiya Kio, Michio Mamiya Orion, Toru Takemitsu Korea Ancient Bell, commissioned for The Silk Road Project 2006, Jeeyoung Kim Hae-Maji Gut (A Shaman Performance to the New Sun) 2001 commission, Joon-Il Kang Tryst 2001 commission, "Jacqueline" Jee-young Kim Mongolia Khara Khorum 2000 commission, Sangidorj Sansargereltech Legend of Herlen 2000 commission, Byambasuren Sharav Mongolian Traditional, Mongolian Traditional Russia Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67, Dmitri Shostakovich Tajikistan Circles of Time 2000 commission, Latif-Zadeh Alisher Silk Road Dreams Dancing 2000 commission, Tolib-hon Shahidi Sufi & Buddhist Monk 2001 commission, Tolib-hon Shahidi Toj 2001 commission, Alisher Latif-Zadeh

  16. Turkey On the Back Streets of Old Istanbul 2001 commission, Hasan Uçarsu Partita, Op. 31, Adnan Saygun United States of America Music for a Royal Palace, commissioned by The Carnegie Hall Corporation 2006, Christopher Adler Ritmos Anchinos, commissioned by The Carnegie Hall Corporation 2006, Gabriela Lena Frank Sulvasutra, commissioned by The Carnegie Hall Corporation 2006, Evan Ziporyn USA/Hong Kong Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain, commissioned by The Carnegie Hall Corporation 2006, Angel Lam Uzbekistan Bukhara Concerto 2000 commission, Mustafa Bafoyev Night Music: Voices in the Leaves 2000 commission, Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky Paths of Parables, commissioned for The Silk Road Project 2006, Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky

  17. The Silk Road Instruments Korean Kayagum Jang-go

  18. Chinese Pipa Sheng Erhu

  19. Japanese Shakuhachi

  20. Persian Kamancheh

  21. Mongolian Morin khuur

  22. Indian Tabla

  23. Performance highlights ofthe Silk Road Ensemble Performance highlights of the silk Road Ensemble • Carnegie hall • world expo 2005 • concert gebouw • BBC PROMS • NOBEL PRIZE CEL. • LUCERNE FEST.

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