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802.11F Meeting Report April 2002

802.11F Meeting Report April 2002. Goals for April Mtg. This Interim meeting agenda is limited to the following subjects: Completing LB 32 comment resolutions. Completing Draft 3.1 to reflect the comment resolutions

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802.11F Meeting Report April 2002

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  1. 802.11F Meeting ReportApril 2002 David Bagby

  2. Goals for April Mtg • This Interim meeting agenda is limited to the following subjects: • Completing LB 32 comment resolutions. • Completing Draft 3.1 to reflect the comment resolutions • Taking action necessary to issue the LB 32 resolved comment file and Draft 3.1 for an electronic re-circulation ballot. David Bagby

  3. April 2002 802.11 F Agenda • Two days: 4/22 & 4/23; nominally 9:00-5:00 • Call to order • Agenda Adoption • Review of meeting purpose • Administration Stuff • Minutes • Mtg fee • Status / Goals for Mtg • Old / New Business David Bagby

  4. Agenda adoption • Moved: to adopt agenda as proposed • Moved: Richard P • Second: Kevin H • Vote: unan David Bagby

  5. LB 32 Result Review (as of end of March mtg): • Ballot result: • Passing: 79.0% • Yes: 139, no: 37, abstain: 46 • Misc. other LB 32 info: • Valid vote: over 50% return (78.3%) • Abstain level ok: 20.2% • Members that did not vote: 63 • Invalid votes from members: 5 • These will not be dinged for not voting (just this once) due to special dispensation given By the 802.11 Chair. • Total Voters: 290 David Bagby

  6. TGf April Mtg motion • (Final wording from posted March minutes – moved and passed during March Plenary) • 1) TGf will make the final LB32 comment resolution and the corresponding draft revision (3.1) available to the membership via the 802.11 members only area of the web site after its April meeting. • 2) the TGf chair is instructed to issue a 10 day electronic ballot asking the members the following question: Shall TGf draft 3.1 be issued for electronic WG recirculation ballot? • 3) The TGf chair shall then start the re-circulation ballot depending on the outcome. David Bagby

  7. TGf status / decision flow TGf Passed LB 32 – has approval to proceed to sponsor ballot with D3.0 TGf created D3.1 in response to LB 32 LB 37: Issue D3.1 for recirc? No Yes LB 38: D3.1 re-circulation ballot passes? No Yes Start Sponsor Ballot at July 2002 mtg with D3.1 TBD – depends on ballot results Start Sponsor Ballot at July 2002 mtg with D3.0 David Bagby

  8. Expected TGf schedule • Recirc runs thru May mtg • Sponsor ballot starts from July Plenary • Sponsor ballot review/resolution Sept Interim in Monterey David Bagby

  9. Admin Stuff • Matters Arising from the March minutes? • none • Approval of minutes from March • Moved: Kevin • 2nd: Bob O • Vote: unan David Bagby

  10. Admin – mtg fee • Meeting Fee • Per announcements there is a meeting fee of $25. • This covers the facility and food. David Bagby

  11. David Bagby Paramesh Gopi Kevin Hayes Stuart Kerry Justin McCann Robert Moskowitz Bob O’Hara Richard Paine Indu Prakash Jon Rosdahl Bill Selmeier John Volbrecht Liwen Wu Attendees David Bagby

  12. Comment resolution, Draft updates to reflect comment resolutions • Many motions (a vote on each comment resolved). • Please refer to minutes doc 2002/293 for the motions & details. David Bagby

  13. Magic number applications • Following magic numbers have been applied for with IANA, until the values are received, the values are TBD in the draft with a footnote explaining the reason of the tbd. • UDP & TCP port numbers • IANA vendor ID for 802.11 • (general IANA private enterprise number); • A Well defined TGf multicast address. • Radius Type David Bagby

  14. Mtg Summary: • LP 32 processing complete • Authorized LBs 37 & 38 will be initiated. • Output Docs: • Doc 184/R18 – final LB32 comment resolutions • TGf Draft 3.1 • TGf mtg Minutes doc 293 • Mtg report slides doc 284 David Bagby

  15. April Meeting Financial Report David Bagby

  16. Goals for July 2002 • TGf will review the results of LB 37 & 38 & start a sponsor ballot with either draft 3.0 or 3.1 depending on ballot results David Bagby

  17. Motion to Adjourn • End of agenda reached – mtg adjourned. David Bagby

  18. End of report David Bagby

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