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California Health Incentives Improvement Project PowerPoint Presentation
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California Health Incentives Improvement Project

California Health Incentives Improvement Project

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California Health Incentives Improvement Project

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  1. California Health Incentives Improvement Project Resources for Youth Transitioning to Employment and Independent Living Presenters: John Kerr and Rachel Stewart People First 2010

  2. You Can Work! Are you having a hard time surviving on just your monthly benefit income? You can go to work and earn more money! There are many resources available to help you out

  3. Advocate for Yourself • The first step to employment is understanding how to go after what you want • Work with your support team to help figure out what kind of work you would like to do • Take advantage of resources and services that are in place to assist you

  4. Finding a Job • Regional Centers • Assistance in finding and using community and other resources • Job coaching assistance • Support services to go to work (transportation etc.) • Talk to your case worker about your interest in going to work and earning money • Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) • Provides services and advocacy in employment • They also assist with training, education, transportation and assistive technology •

  5. Finding a Job • Talent Knows No Limits • Provides resources on career planning, job training, job hunting and workplace support for younger job seekers • Highlights success stories of people with disabilities who are working • • Independent Living Centers • Advocacy training, benefits planning and information to help you live independently • Go to to find an independent living center near you • One-Stop Career Centers • Assess your skills to help you decide on the best career • Help you search for a job • Offer you education and training •

  6. Working & Your Benefits Understanding how going to work may affect your Social Security and Medi-Cal benefits is an important first step • Disability Benefits 101: • Brings together all the rules for health coverage, benefits and employment programs • Benefits planners are available to help you plan how your benefits might change when you start working

  7. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Things are About to Change: A guide for young people with disabilities transitioning to adulthood • Goal: To provide resources and information which can help with transition • Topics covered: Education, Employment, Healthcare, Independent Living, Financial, Social/Recreation

  8. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Education Chapter • Transition planning, including Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) and Summary of Performance • Agencies which can assist in the transition process • Difference between a certificate of completion and a diploma • Understanding the differences between high school and college

  9. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Education Chapter cont. • Alternatives to college, including vocational training and regional occupation programs • Worksheets to assist in the Person-Centered Planning and IEP process • Tips for parents on how to prepare youth for education after high school

  10. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Independent Living Chapter • Background on disability history, including information on Ed Roberts • Worksheet on disability self-awareness and setting goals for the future • Finding accessible housing, buying a home, finding roommates and housing rights • Checklists to ensure preparation for independence • Finding and paying for a personal assistant, best methods of transportation and finding a mentor

  11. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Employment Chapter • Choosing a career that fits with their interests and abilities  • Resume writing and successful interviewing techniques and preparation   • Building work experience, including volunteerism and internship programs   • Job searching

  12. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Employment Chapter cont. • The impact of employment on benefits • Their rights related to job accommodations • Disability disclosure, and how to decide when (and whether) to disclose their disability • Personal assistant services at work • Finding transportation to and from work

  13. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Financial Chapter • Basic budgeting: how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, etc. • Credit cards and how to avoid getting into debt • Employee benefits and tax withholdings • Investments, such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and retirement accounts

  14. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Financial Chapter cont. • Worksheets on financial planning and budgeting • Real-life stories about credit cards and car loans • Tips for parents on teaching their child to start managing their own finances

  15. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Healthcare Chapter • Worksheets on handling their own healthcare needs • Keeping track of medications, making doctors appointments and communicating with their doctor • Best ways to keep track of vital healthcare information

  16. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Healthcare Chapter cont. • Insurance information, including Medi-Cal, healthcare through employment and continuance of coverage under the family’s plan • Tips for parents on helping their child transition into independently handling their own healthcare needs

  17. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change Social Recreation Chapter • Clubs which are designed specifically for youth with disabilities • Available adaptive sports programs • Ways to become involved in the disability community • How to become a disability activist • Best ways to travel with a disability • Parent section prods parents to encourage their child to become more involved in their community

  18. Transition Toolkit: Things are About to Change • The transition toolkit will be completed very soon. It will be primarily available online • Please sign up on our contact list to be notified of when the transition toolkit is available and so you can keep up with some of our other upcoming events

  19. Get Connected • YO! Youth Organizing Disabled & Proud • Provides information, resources and opportunities for YOUTH with DISABILITES • IHSS • Education (Pre-K to Post Secondary) • Self Esteem • Jobs • Disability History • Disability Rights • Leadership Opportunities throughout the State • • 866-296-9753 (voice) 800-900-0706 (TTD)

  20. Getting to Work • Paratransit • Door to door service • Mobility training • • To apply, call: 916-557-4685 • Public transportation (buses & rail systems) •

  21. Getting the Assistance You Need at Work In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) • Provides personal assistance services • At home • And at work • or 916-874-9471

  22. Follow Your Dreams • Self advocacy is the key • Know what you want and go after it • Make use of the resources available to you • Do not let anything hold you back from doing what you want to do

  23. Contact Information John Kerr 916-319-9563 or Rachel Stewart 916-319-8519 or