a healthy diet n.
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A healthy diet

A healthy diet

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A healthy diet

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  1. A healthy diet

  2. Adopted product labels in Latvia Healthy Product The owner of this mark is SO Latvian Dietician Association. A sign is designed to attract consumers' attention to healthy food in order to encourage producers to develop high-quality, health-improving food products.

  3. Quality Latvian product This mark is given to foods containing at least 75% Latvian inputs and which meet the quality requirements, as evidenced by the appropriate certifying authority.

  4. Latvian ecological product This mark certifies that a certain product is made from ecologically clean raw materials. Mark is registered in the Latvian Patent Office and in order to obtain this sign product must have a certificate issued by the NGO Environmental Quality (EQ) To get this certificate is required (must) Latvian organic rules, developed by the Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture.

  5. Labeling, where is not used E substance in the process of production.

  6. Agricultural co-operative "Green Basket“ CCAS "Green Basket"was founded in 2003 on the 30th of June in Cesis District,Nitaure village and it is registered in Latvian Enterprise Register Valmiera Regional Chapter Valmiera (registration number 44103028857). Cooperative combines several villages of Amata municipality like Nitaure, Skujene, Vecpiebalga, Zaube and parishes and some organically certified farms and backyards from Sigulda, Riga district.

  7. Latvia 1. For students in the diet there cannot be included: • French fries, potato croquettes cooked in oil and other products • mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato sauce, cream as additives, presenting food ( for cooking it can be used) • bakery products containing partially hydrogenated fats 2. Cannot be used margarine in cooking (except the margarine that does not contain partially hydrogenated vegetable fats), repeatedly heated and overheated fats, cream, broth and soup concentrates, dry jelly concentrates, fast made mashed potatoes (semi-finished), vegetable oil, which is produced from GM materials

  8. 3. School canteens cannot offer semi-finished products, including cooked sausages, sausages, dumplings. 4. Minced meat we have to prepare in the school kitchen. 5. From the school cafeterias there has been removed colored soft drinks, chips and pizza. 6. There work Projects "School Milk" and "School Fruit“. 7. All first grade pupils get free lunch.

  9. Our school 1. We offer hot lunch for all students.

  10. 2. We also offer breakfast and afternoon tea.

  11. 3. At lunch there are two kinds of fresh vegetable salads

  12. 4. We all try to get as much information as can about a healthy diet

  13. 5. Lunch is prepared only on Latvian-grown and manufactured products.

  14. 6. In summer our school cooks prepare preserves of local fruits, berries and vegetables

  15. 7. We get in touch with organic farms and introduce our students with their work.

  16. 8. We celebrate Mikelday market and Autumn Ball

  17. Thanks!