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They are not green in color, but why do we call them “green fruits”? PowerPoint Presentation
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They are not green in color, but why do we call them “green fruits”?

They are not green in color, but why do we call them “green fruits”?

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They are not green in color, but why do we call them “green fruits”?

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  1. They are not green in color, but why do we call them “green fruits”? green= healthy and friendly to the environment environment- friendly

  2. What does “green” mean in each sentence? • I am a green hand in this field. Can you give me more advice? • He was green with envy when he saw my new car. • She was green in bed when we went to see her. • You should eat more green food in order to keep strong. young and inexperienced jealous pale, sick healthy, environment-friendly

  3. Arethey green products? • throw-away chopsticks • fast food containers • plastic products • spray cans They contain CFCs. CFC is a gas used in fridges. It will cause damage to the ozone layer. =It will damage the ozone layer.

  4. People who buy environment-friendly products and are less wasteful with paper and plastic. green consumers consumers someone who buys and uses products and services

  5. What information can you get from the cover of the book? The Young Green consumer Guide John Elkington and Julia Hailes What does this name suggest the book will do?

  6. A book review is also called a book report. It is a form of writing in which a book is analyzed(分析) based on its content(内容), style, and social influence.

  7. Read the book review quickly, and answer: I. Which aspect(方面) is the review based on? content style social influence II. How many topics does the review cover? • The Green House Effect • Damage to the ozone layer • Destruction of the rain forests • Bad habits. • How can we save the earth? t______ to our environment hreats s olutions

  8. The main idea of each paragraph. SO? P1: (topic sentence) ___________________________________ P2: (topic sentence) ______________________________________________________ P3: _________ is changing_____________ P4: The pollution from____________ may cause the___________________, _______ could ________ many cities. This book says the world is in danger. The atmosphere around our earth is essential to all living things. Pollution the atmosphere burning fuels the Greenhouse Effect which drown

  9. HOW? protects P5: Ozone is a gas which_______ us _____ the sun. P6: ________ destroy___________ , and are causing ______ in it. P7: ___________________________ makes the Green house Effect ________ and results in ___________ and ___________. P8: Our habit of using things _________ and then throwing them away causes __________. P9: We should become ________ _______. from ozone layer CFCs holes WHY? The burning and cutting down trees worse soil erosion flooding once pollution green consumers

  10. How can we save the earth? We should only buy and use things ___________________________ that do not damage the environment To be a green consumer We should only buy from companies ___________________________ that do not damage the environment either

  11. Without it, the earth would be as cold and lifelessas the surface of the moon. 没有了大气层, 地球将会像月球表面那样寒冷而毫无生命. hite as w______ as snow as b ______ as coal as b ______ as a bee as b ______ as a bat (蝙蝠) as p_______ as a peacock (孔雀) as s_______ as a horse as w_____ as a drowned rat lack usy lind roud trong et

  12. What is greenhouse? A greenhouse : a kind of house usually made of______________. It is usually used in agriculture to keep the atmosphere inside the house _______. glass orplastic warm

  13. Say something about the Greenhouse Effect act like, let …in, keep … from getting out pollute, chemical, heat CO2 , the level of the sea, drown atmosphere

  14. Greenhouse Effect: The way the earth is getting warmer. Working: The atmosphere, which keeps the earth at a constant temperature, has been changed by pollution. So more heat is trapped and the temperature of the earth is rising. Maincause: greenhouse gases. (CO2) be responsible for…

  15. Effect: • The temperatures are expected to rise. • The ice at the North and South Pole will begin to melt. • Sea levels could rise. • Cities or even countries could be drowned. • A lot of land will become too dry for farming. • Lots of animals and even plants had to change their way of life, even migrate to cooler places.

  16. What is Greenhouse Effect? Why does global warming happen? It’s because of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are found in the air. The main greenhouse gas is_______ _______. Greenhouse gases are made when fossil fuels like c____ and p_____ are burned to make e________. Greenhouse gases let most of the sun’s light pass t________ them and h_____ the Earth. But they don’t let any of the Earth’s h_____ pass through them and go into s______. This means the Earth gets h______ every year. carbon dioxide oal etrol lectricity hrough eat eat pace otter

  17. Imagine the earth inside a kind of greenhouse with the atmosphere around it acting like the glass, letting sunlight in while keeping much of the warmth from getting out. it:the earth What is acting like the glass? the atmosphere let…in keep…from doing