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How to download data? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to download data?

How to download data?

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How to download data?

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  1. How to download data? An example of downloading the most recent 100 cases from the Hand-Size activity. • First, click on the ‘Download’ link to take you to the Download page.

  2. Click on Radial Button and enter 100, then, click on ‘Download Data Click on this radial button and enter 100

  3. Always choose ‘Close’. Then, direct students to run a software, such as MINITAB, and open the file using the software. The .dat file is a text file using tab as the delimiter.

  4. How to read data using the following software • Minitab • Use Excel • Use SPSS • Use Statcrunch

  5. How to load data using Minitab Make sure you go to the location where you save the data. Make sure you choose the file type .dat, select the file: hand_size_100, then, open.

  6. This is the data downloaded. • In the first part of the activity, students are asked • to create scatter plots, obtain correlations, and fit models between (Hand_length and Height), and between (Hand_width and Height). • To make a comparison to see which variable is a better predictor of height, and discuss some reasons behind their observation.

  7. In the second part of the activity, students are asked to browse through the data and to see if there are ‘unusual’ data. Some students may notice there are some missing cases, and some students may notice some very small hand_width. For this data, case 79 and case 81 are two ‘unusual cases whose hand_width are 4” and 5”, respectively. Students are asked to discuss possible reasons. These cases are then deleted, students are asked to reanalyze the data and compare the results with the first analysis. Students are the asked to discuss the impact of these ‘unusual’ cases.

  8. How to load the data into Excel? After Open file from File Menu, Locate the location where the data is located, Choose ‘All Files in the Files of type, Find the file, double click on the file

  9. This is a ‘Delimited’ file type, which is the default for Excel. Click on ‘Finish’, the data will be read properly.

  10. The first row is the Variable Name. As you see, the data entered there are some data entry errors. In Minitab, theses will be recorded as missing. In Excel, they are recorded as what exactly entered by students. This provides opportunity for discussing data entry errors in real world projects and how to deal with them.

  11. How to load data using SPSS From File Menu, go to Open, click Data: Locate the location where the data is located, Choose ‘.dat’ in the Files of type, Find the file, double click on the file

  12. Tab-delimited is the default file type for SPSS. Click on ‘Finish’ on this screen and the next screen. The data will be read properly.

  13. Similar to Minitab, the data entry errors have been set to be missing.

  14. How to load data using Statcrunch carllee ……… To use this, you need an ID and PW. First time user needs to register. If you already have an account, enter your ID and PW to login.

  15. Choose from ‘My computer’

  16. Click on Browse to locate your file. Then, click on ‘Open’. The file name will appear.

  17. Click on ‘Load File’ to read the file.

  18. The data entry errors are not set to missing. They are right-adjusted (unlike in Excel, they are left-adjusted). It is not as clear as other software to identify the data entry errors.