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ORG Finance Training 2013 - 2014

ORG Finance Training 2013 - 2014. What is ORG?. The Organization Resource Group is a group of students dedicated to helping recognized student organizations familiarize themselves with the policies of the University, and the resources available to them.

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ORG Finance Training 2013 - 2014

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  1. ORGFinance Training 2013 - 2014

  2. What is ORG? The Organization Resource Group is a group of students dedicated to helping recognized student organizations familiarize themselves with the policies of the University, and the resources available to them. 6 student staff, 1 GA, and 2 staff members
  3. ORG Executive Board Derek Murray Chairman Becca Dunn Vice Chair of Admin Amy Hudson Vice Chair of Finance Molly Litzler Communications Coordinator Elena Christiansen Communications Coordinator Austin Gassen Office Manager Mackenzie Thiessen Graduate Assistant
  4. What to Expect? SOAC Student Activity Fee Eligibility for Funds Updating Officers Deadlines Funding Timeline Appeals Budget Guidelines Travel General Expense Honorarium
  5. SOAC Student Organization Allocation Committee Composed of 12 student volunteers 1 member from Graduate Professional Council (GPC) 1 member from Missouri Student Association (MSA) Remaining members chosen through an application process by a committee composed of the ORG Executive Board and Officers from MSA and GPC
  6. $10 Services for Student Orgs Administrative Expenses Allocations to Student Orgs Student Activity Fee
  7. Eligibility for ORG Funds To be eligible for ORG funds you have to: Register officers each school year in OrgSync Have your President or VP attend Admin training Have your Treasurer attend Finance training
  8. Budgets Three different types of budgets can be submitted: Honorarium Travel General Expense Different requirements for each budget A budget will only be accepted during specific budget deadlines
  9. Travel General Expense September 20th, 2013 For travel beginning 10/15/13-12/31/13 November 8th, 2013 For travel beginning 1/1/14-6/30/14 February 7th, 2014 For travel beginning 2/15/14-6/30/14 April 4th, 2014 For travel beginning 7/1/14-10/31/14 October 11th, 2013 For expenses occurring 1/1/14- 6/30/14 February 7th, 2014 For expenses occurring 2/15/14-6/30/14 March 7th, 2013 For expenses occurring 7/1/14-12/31/14 ***All Budget deadlines are Honorarium deadlines as well***
  10. The Funding timeline
  11. Appeals Process Why should you appeal? If additional documentation was needed by the committee You believe the committee misunderstood the budget Your organization was on a hold Secondary Appeals No new information—only to appeal committee’s decision
  12. General Budget Policies For all budgets: Budgets will not be accepted after 5pm on Friday of the budget week No emailed budgets will be accepted Your organization may only spend money on the items specifically outlined in the memo by the committee Organizations are not allowed to carry money over to the next fiscal year or next allocation period
  13. Documentation When submitting documentation for any budget: Document every price Make sure prices are easy to find, and easy to read Documentation must be printed directly from the webpage…URLs are necessary If info is not available, other options may exist…
  14. Honorarium Budgets
  15. Honorarium An Honorarium is a speaker, performer, professional service or Venture Out Great opportunity to bring a presenter to the whole campus that has an outside perspective and knowledge. Great opportunity to get to know those in your organization with Venture Out
  16. Honorarium Policies Some of the basic policies for honorariums include: Free to the entire campus Event must be held on campus Cap of $2500.00 per event and $5000.00 per year. Over $2500 requires co-sponsorship by student government or University Department Must include a quote from a comparable speaker if over $1000.00. Presenter must fit the organization’s purpose Documentation has to be from an independent source NOTE: DO NOT MAKE ANY VERBAL AGREEMENTS WITH THE SPEAKER/AGENT. THAT CAN BE CONSIDERED A VERBAL CONTRACT THAT YOU WILL BE RESPONISBLE FOR!
  17. Venture Out Department on campus that specializes in team building, experiential learning exercises. Only need member names, student numbers and purpose of attending to receive funding. VentureOut.missouri.edu
  18. Craft Studio Teambuilding Teambuilding opportunity with the Craft Studio! -Revamp your ORG -Find fresh ways to recruit new members -Creatively advertise your ORG -Apply for funding with Honorarium budget
  19. Honorarium Sample Budget
  20. Honorarium Questions? Note about Honorarium funding… Due to high levels of requests, honorariums are considered on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to apply at the earliest possible deadline or funding may run out.
  21. Travel Budgets
  22. Travel An organization may get funding for travel if you are going to attend a conference, place or event that relates to your organization’s purpose Areas in which you may apply for funding: Transportation Lodging Registration
  23. Travel Policies Organizations must provide documentation for the purpose and expenses of their trip when submitting their budget ORG will reimburse $.2675 per mile for personal vehicles Funding flights will only be considered if traveling over 600 miles—an online map should be attached to confirm mileage “Rule of 4”
  24. Travel Policies Cont. We can’t fund more than one type of travel Ex: If you are flying out of St. Louis, we will not pay for the gas you used on the way to the airport We will not fund travel expenses for advisors, professors or non-MU students There is a $2000.00 cap on Travel Expenses per year
  25. Truth in Travel Organizations will be reimbursed on the basis of the number of people that attend the event versus the number they request to send. If an organization requests to send four people on a trip and they only turn in reimbursement material for three people, they will receive 75% of the allocation. 
  26. Truth in Travel Exception If your organization is not sending the intended number of individuals, notify the ORG Chair a minimum of 3 business days before the trip to discuss the situation Example: Reduction in number of people may not reduce lodging or transportation if known in advance
  27. Reductions For each budget period ORG has a specific amount of money set aside. If the allocation committee allocates more money than was set aside per period, a universal reduction rate will be applied. Example: ORG set aside $60,000 SOAC allocates $80,000 60,000/80,000 = a 25% reduction Therefore if your organization was allocated $1,000.00 that total would be reduced to $750.00. Reductions are there to ensure all organizations are treated equally.
  28. Travel Itinerary Travel Itineraries must be submitted on OrgSync BEFORE departing on the trip! No travel itinerary on OrgSync? 25% reduction in total travel funds
  29. Summary of budgets submitted to SOAC and the amount of money allocated Information on how to submit an appeal Reminder to hold on to all your receipts and submit them with your bank statement for your reimbursement Information on the reduction for the budget period and reminder to submit a travel itinerary Total requested by your organization Total allocated to your organization before reduction Reduction percentage Final Allocation after reduction Restrictions set forth by the committee on the funds and explanation of anything not approved Amount allocated by the committee in each category before reduction
  30. Travel Reimbursements Ways to submit a travel reimbursement: University will only reimburse the person that actually paid the expense All reimbursement forms need to be turned in at the same time by the treasurer All travel reimbursements must be submitted within 45 days of your return each late business day = 10% reduction. ORG reimbursement forms can be found outside the ORG office or online at getinvolved.missouri.edu.
  31. Travel Reimbursements Cont. Make sure to attach all original receipts and documents: Copy of the cancelled check Credit Card or Bank Statement confirming the charge has gone through If items were paid in cash make sure the receipts are marked CASH ORG does not reimburse gas, only mileage. Please attach documentation (map) proving the distance traveled
  32. Proof of Attendance We also require proof of attendance to confirm that the funded number of individuals went on the trip This proof can be a picture with the place in the background, etc.
  33. Please Spend the Funds Allocated! How can we help remind you?
  34. Sample Travel Budget
  35. Travel Budget Questions?
  36. General ExpenseBudgets
  37. General Expense In a General Expense Budget you may ask for: Copies Advertising (MU Info or Maneater) Rentals On campus…ex: tables, chairs, projectors Any reusable supplies relevant to the organization’s purpose
  38. MU Info Cannot relate to fundraising On-campus location
  39. General Expense Policies ORG will not fund: Individual dues Personal items such as apparel Computer equipment or software Initiation items Social events Any type of food Fundraisers
  40. After Allocation Copies-- Request a quick copy form from the ORG Office and use it at Quick Copy. Once you have made your copies, the remaining forms should be brought back to ORG Maneater-- Request an approved Maneater form from the ORG office, you can then take it to the Student Design Center where they will help create and place the ad or go directly through the Maneater website MU Info- Fill out the request form on OrgSync
  41. After Allocation Cont. Rental- Bring the campus bill to us, and the amount will be paid.
  42. General Expense Supplies If SOAC funds supplies for your organization, fill out the Approved Supply Order Form on OrgSync. Be sure to include the exact URLs for each item. Must have on-campus storage location DO NOT PURCHASE THE ITEMS YOURSELF. Bill comes to us, and items are shipped to you.
  43. Equipment Inventory You must keep track of the supplies purchased for your organization! Equipment inventory forms must be submitted on OrgSync every year. You will not be allocated funding for new supplies if you haven’t submitted the equipment inventory. If too many items are broken, lost, etc., SOAC may elect to not purchase new supplies for you
  44. General Expense Questions?
  45. Other ORG Services Additional (free) ORG services include: Equipment Rentals: Digital cameras Tables Tents Video cameras, including 1 Flip camera Tripods 4 two-way radios Standard office supplies Banners T-shirt Screen Printing
  46. Fall Semester Banners ORG offers 100 free banners each year Must be reusable for several years (i.e. cannot advertise a specific event) 67 of the 100 will be available this semester Applications open next week—details will be posted on OrgSync If you received a banner in the fall, you aren’t eligible for another one this year Group must be in good standing (OS updated, no training holds)
  47. The Craft Studio Screenprinting -Apply at CraftStudio.org -Up to 25 shirts per ORG, per year -You provide the Shirts -Wear your shirts on campus to gain recognition! -Recruit new members!
  48. Budget reminders Documentation URLs Sign Truth in Travel Travel Itinerary on OrgSync Don’t wait until the last minute Bring the budget yourself
  49. Want to set up an Appointment? StudentOrgs@missouri.edu
  50. Questions?
  51. THE END!
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