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HHTV CREW 2008-2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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HHTV CREW 2008-2009

HHTV CREW 2008-2009

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HHTV CREW 2008-2009

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  1. HHTV CREW2008-2009 • Julianna Cossman • Ankit Patel • Jill Tuerke • Shannon Maloney • Miriam Smerling • Shawn Petroff • Kerianne Durkin • Jake Hershman • Jenn Birch • Sam Nicolo • Micaela Thorndyke • Bethann Hottenstein

  2. HHTV five day forecast Monday Rain 58 Tuesday Chance of Rain 58 Wednesday Chance of Rain 71 Thursday Chance of Thunderstorms 58 Friday Partly Sunny 74


  4. Snow Make-up Day School will be in session for Hatboro-Horsham School District students on Monday, June 15, 2009.  This is a change from the original 2008-2009 school calendar.

  5. HHTV is now..... Online & On-Demand

  6. ...if you have missed a show anywhere from 2004 until now...


  8. Click on the 'Info' tab.

  9. <------- This is the new HHTV Video On Demand Area!

  10. Check it Out Today!


  12. Name: Julie Cossman Year: Senior Promotional Video Producer Filmographer Videographer Video Technician Audio Technician Advanced Editor HHTV Radio DJ ‘DJ Droo’

  13. Name: Ankit Patel Year: Junior Sports Videographer PowerPoint Specialist Video Technician

  14. Name: Jill Tuerke Year: Sophomore Sports/Events Videographer Video Technician Audio Technician

  15. Name: Miriam Smerling Year: Sophomore Videographer Video Technician ‘DJ Miriam’

  16. Name: Shannon Maloney Year: Sophomore Sports/Events Videographer Official Basketball Video Producer Video Duplicator Video Technician

  17. Name: Shawn Petroff Year: Freshman PowerPoint technician, Sports Videographer, Video/Audio technician

  18. Kerianne Durkin Year: Freshman Sports Videographer Dj Video/Audio technician

  19. Name: Jake Hershman Year: Freshman ‘DJake’ Radio Manager Audio Technician Video Technician

  20. Name: Sam Nicolo Year: Freshman Video Technician

  21. Name: Jenn Birch Year: Freshman Video Technician

  22. Name: Bethann Hottenstein Year: Freshman


  24. What is HHTV Radio? It’s not radio at all- It’s one of the best varieties of music anywhere- ON YOUR TV’S

  25. HHTV RADIO2009 • NEW!!!! HHTV RADIO BROADCAST WITH DJ Jake Kerianne Shawn Send your ideas to us at NEW!!!

  26. School District Information

  27. Tip-Lines Report crimes, drug use, acts of violence, bullying incidents, a student in danger or any other situation that might present a threat to school safety. Tips can be left by calling (215) 420-5100 or by sending an email to, Both the phone line and the emails will be monitored daily, and we will respond appropriately. Depending upon the incident, information might be forwarded to building principals or directly to police if a threat is imminent.

  28. Moving Within the District? Please contact your student’s school to set up a time to bring in the necessary paperwork & change your student’s address Thank you!

  29. New RegistrationsIf your are new in the school district and have children age five or under…let us know…Help us keep our census up to date to be used in planning for future kindergarten registrations. E-mail We’ll need your name, address, phone number and your children’s name(s) and birth date(s).Questions call the registration office at (215) 420-5031.

  30. ANNUAL NOTICE TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS OF CHILDREN WHO RESIDE IN THE HATBORO-HORSHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT In compliance with State and Federal Law, notice is hereby given by the Hatboro-Horsham School District that it conducts ongoing identification activities as part of its school program for the purpose of identifying students who may need special education and related services. If your child is identified by the District as needing such services, you will be notified of applicable procedures. These services and the transportation to them are paid for by the School District.

  31. Services and programs are available for children who are determined to need specially designed instruction due to the following conditions: Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Blindness/visual impairment, Deafness/hearing impairment, Emotional Disturbance, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech and Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Other Health Impairments.

  32. If you believe that your school-age child may need special education and related services, screening and evaluation procedures designed to assess the needs of the child and his/her eligibility are available to you at no cost, upon written request. You may request screening and evaluation at any time, whether or not your child is enrolled in Hatboro-Horsham. Requests are to be made in writing to the building principal. Communications with parents or with thought-to-be or exceptional students are in English and, if necessary, in the native language or other mode of communication used by the parents or student.

  33. In compliance with State and Federal Law, the Hatboro-Horsham School District will provide to each protected handicapped student, without discrimination or cost to the student or family, those related aids, services or accommodations which are needed to provide access for a student to participate in and obtain the benefits of the school program. In order to qualify as a protected handicapped student, the child must be of school age with a physical or mental disability which substantially limits or prohibits participation in or access to an aspect of the school program. These services for protected handicapped students are distinct from those applicable to all exceptional students enrolled (or seeking enrollment) in special education programs.

  34. If a pre-school child is suspected of being eligible for early intervention, evaluation and services are provided through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. Information can be obtained by calling 1-610-539-8550 and asking for the Early Intervention Department.  For further information on the rights of parents and their children, provision of services, evaluation and screening (including purpose, time and location), you may contact the Director of Special Education, 215-358-1036.

  35. Confidentiality: All information generated about your child is subject to the confidentiality provisions contained in Federal and State Law. The District has policies and procedures in effect governing the collection, maintenance, destruction and disclosure to third parties of this information. For information about these policies and procedures, as well as rights of confidentiality and access to educational records, you may contact, in writing, the Director of Special Education, 215-358-1036 or visit our website at


  37. What Is It? The Alumni Association is a group that was formed in 1988. They made the Association to form a better bond with the past and the present of the Hatboro-Horsham community. If you join you will meet up with old friends and form new ones. You will get to talk about past moments you had with your friends at H-H. If you want to be a part of the history and traditions of H-H join the Alumni Association.

  38. How to join? If you want to join in the H-H tradition please contact Jim Worthington at 215-968-0600.


  40. www.bingoandamovie.comSupport your community.Join the neighborhood fun!4th Annual Bingo & A MovieBenefit EventSaturday, August 1, 2009Wilson Ave, Horsham, PADillon family 215-300-6407

  41. School Board meetings for the month of May will be held on Monday, May 18, 2009 Meetings will be held in the Keith Valley Middle School Auditorium starting at 7:30 p.m.

  42. School Board meetings for the month of June will be held on Monday, June 1, 2009 Monday, June 15, 2009 Meetings will be held in the Keith Valley Middle School Auditorium starting at 7:30 p.m.

  43. Disability Resource Expo Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009 Time: 10 am – 1 pm Place: Upper Moreland Intermediate School 3990 Orangemans Road, Hatboro, PA State Representative Thomas P. Murt is hosting a Disability Resource Expo to raise awareness of available resources and opportunities for those with special needs. The event will offer a chance to meet with various local, state and federal agencies, as well as advocacy groups regarding the health, safety and welfare of those with disabilities. For more information or to confirm your attendance, please contact Rep. Murt’s office at 215-674-3755.

  44. Mr. Hatboro-Horsham Contest2009 Who will be the next Mr. HH? Come out and see for yourself! Tuesday, May 5th at 7pm Admission $5 Proceeds benefit the Relay for Life and the HS Choral Department

  45. Hatters' Preschool @ Hatboro-Horsham High School *An enriching morning preschool program for children 3 & 4 years of age.* For more Info & an application, please call… 215- 420- 5500

  46. Community Information

  47. Horsham Township Library Library will be open: Mondays: 12:30 to 9 PM Tuesdays: 10 AM to 9 PM Wednesdays: 10 AM to 9 PM Thursdays: 10 AM to 9 PM Fridays: 10 AM to 6 PM Saturdays: 10 AM to 5 PM Sundays: closed 435 Babylon Road, HorshamTel: (215) Longer hours on weeknights Monday through Thursday!

  48. Horsham Library Wireless Hot Spot Wireless service connected to the MCLINC T-1 telecommunications service is now available at the library. If you have a laptop computer equipped with a wireless card or a wireless-enabled portable device, look for the “HTL Public-g” or “HTL Public-a” network (depending on your laptop’s wireless card. To log-in you will need your library card number and PIN. Register at the library circulation desk if you need to get a library card or set up a PIN number. When you open your browser, a Policy page will display. At the bottom, enter your library card number and PIN. This wireless access point is open and unsecured, with no data encryption. We recommend that users protect their data from intrusion by using Internet Security software. Signal strength varies within the library. Signal strength is good to very good in the middle of the main reading room and Teen Room. Signal strength is low (but still able to open web pages) along the outside walls and Café. Signal strength is very low (but still able to open web pages) in the community meeting room.