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The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Small Satellite Industry

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The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Small Satellite Industry

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  1. Global Small Satellite Market Trends, Analysis, And Forecast To 2025 Small satellites, also known as miniaturized satellites are satellites of small size and low mass generally below 500 kg. The main advantage ofered by the small satellites is associated with the cost of launching the satellites and the low construction cost. Small satellites if used in more numbers prove more efective and economical as compared to the larger satellites used in fewer numbers. One of the technical restraints in the construction of small satellites is the absence of appropriate storage for power supply and propulsion system. The global small satellite market is analyzed to witness substantial growth over the forecast period. Technological advancements and a wide array of applications in various markets have attracted many commercial and government investments in small satellites. Small satellites are extensively used in navigation systems, crop monitoring, human migration, weather forecasts, ariel photography, earth observation and military purposes. Small satellites are also used for tactical communication, medium resolution imagery, technology development, geospace and atmospheric research. Get PDF with Technological trends at https://www.xpodenceresearch.com/Request- Sample/105789 The small satellite market is driven by the increasing demand for satellite miniaturization across the globe. The increased focus on reducing the mission cost is anticipated to boost the global small satellite market over the forecast period. In addition to this, the huge investment in major key players in small satellite market is expected to augment the demand for small satellite over the forecast period. The lack of vehicles to launch the small satellites to space is projected to restrain the growth of small satellite market. In addition, the scientifc and programmatic risk involved in small satellites is expected to hamper the growth of small satellite market in the recent years. The increased demand for big data is anticipated to bring in new opportunities for major players in small satellites market. The small satellite market is bifurcated on the basis of type, end-use, and application. The market is segmented based on type as Nano satellite, micro satellite, and mini satellite. The small satellite market is segmented by end-use as commercial, civil and defense. The global small satellite market is bifurcated based on the application as communication, scientifc research and exploration, mapping and navigating earth observation and meteorology, and surveillance and security. Obtain Report Details with technological advancement at https://www.xpodenceresearch.com/Reports/Small-Satellite-Market The market for small satellite is analyzed based on fve regions namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacifc, Latin America and Middle East. North America dominated the small satellite market in the current year because of the increased demand from defense sector in this region. Asia-

  2. Pacifc and Europe are also expected to contribute a signifcant share in the global small satellite market. Middle East is projected to witness moderate growth in the global small satellite market. Some key players in the small satellite market Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX, Surrey Satellite technologies Ltd., ST Engineering Limited, Airbus Defense and space, Planet Labs, GeoOptics Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Oneweb Ltd. The major players in the global small satellite market have adopted the strategy of mergers and agreements so as to sustain their signifcant market share. This has helped the companies to extend their services to diferent regions. About Us: Xpodence Research is a U.S. based Market Research Company and ofers the most extensive collection of progressive surveying syndicated and customized research reports of various categories for private and public industries across the globe. We ofer the comprehensive market research solution for all the industries by performing the in- depth study of industry trends, verticals globally. We believe in building an eternal bond with our customers through providing them inclusive research study both customized and syndicated based on their specifc requirements. The organizations in every industry such as Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Consumable Goods, Food & Beverage and others demands a market-based solutions for various signifcant decisions based on productivity and output globally. Our services are tailored specifcally to our clients by proposing them the potential outcome, based on our in-depth analysis and insights for exploring the growth strategies through providing the best possible decision for quality production. Contact Us: Xpodence Research 244, Madison Avenue New York City, NY - 10016 United States Toll Free +1- 844-445-2861 Email: sales@xpodenceresearch.com

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