things to keep in mind before buying a property n.
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Things to keep in mind before buying a property in NCR PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to keep in mind before buying a property in NCR

Things to keep in mind before buying a property in NCR

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Things to keep in mind before buying a property in NCR

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  1. Things to keep in mind before buying a property in NCR buy · property · in · NCR 07Mar The potential return from an investment property is an important factor in your decision to go ahead and take a decision. This is where your research skills will be tested and applied. Before buying a property anywhere, the question is, “To buy or not to buy?”Many people have an emotional attachment to property. This can be understood given the long period of price increment that has occurred since the mid- 1990s. When we consider the residential property as part of a diversified portfolio, investors should always think about some major points. “Is the return equal to the risks undertaken?” • If your property investment generates total returns after expenses that are less than the classic safe investment option, the term deposit, you are required to reconsider the validity of the investment. Any investment involves 50% chances of risk and return. If alternate assets provide a better risk and return profile, then property may not be the immediate solution. •What’s your final goal? Understanding your goals is the key to find the ready to move flats. The actual property is never the final goal when it comes to investment – it is the financial element that you’re really concerned about, capital growth and rental return (yield) or the net return. First of all, you have to decide what your final goal is whether it is wealth creation or debt reduction and then you have to work together to create a plan to get there on time, with the help of professional partners in financial planning and accounting. Remember to review this plan regularly as your situation and the property market changes constantly. •Leave your emotions at the door, don’t get emotional at all This is not a home for you so there shouldn’t be an emotional connection for it. You should always consider things like, which property will give you a solid return not which one is most suited to your furniture. •Location of the property plays an important role Location is always critical to performance. Things you should consider when it comes to location include:

  2. How far it is to the business area? • • What is the proximity to schools and other institutions? • Are local shops within walking distance, or will tenants have to get in their car to pick up the essentials from the general store or drug store? •Where are the public transport options available? •What other amenities are close by? •Are medical shops and hospitals available nearby?