things to keep in mind before buying or using n.
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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Or Using Spices PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Or Using Spices

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Or Using Spices

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Or Using Spices

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  1. Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Or Using Spices

  2. The Plentiful Option In Indian Dishes When it comes to Indian cooking, it is full of different varieties of dishes. From sweet, to tangy to savory. There are plenty in each type. However, these dishes would not have their identity had it not been for the magic of spices. Spices are what enrich taste of the food, giving it a pleasant and tantalizing aroma. There is so much you can do with them. You can use them raw or you can also use them in powdered form. For example, if you are making kheer, you need to use cardamom powder so that it mixes well and becomes one with the milk.

  3. Use Spices Raw If you decide to cook a heavier dish like paneer butter masala, then you can choose to use the ingredients in their raw form. This will give you the actual taste of the spice. The spices that are generally used in dishes like paneer butter masala are cinnamon, clove, chili, turmeric and many more. All these masalas come together to form a magnificent tasting dish that will leave you wanting for more.

  4. Use Them In Powdered Form However, if you do not want to use the ingredients as a whole, then you can very well make it into a masala. A masala is a combination of different spices put together in powdered form. They are first roasted in raw form and then powdered to give us the masala we are used to seeing. So if you are cooking a complicated dish like paneer masala, you can just put the powdered masala instead of the whole spices. The One Step Solution But what if you do not have the time to make these masalas into powder and you do not want to use the spices wholesomely? That is when you can totally reply on the dealers that produce these for you to use it directly. There are many manufacturers who have realized the necessity of consumers want fast solutions and have come up with products that help them to do so. There are ready to use masalas very easily available in supermarkets today. You can browse the entire category and you will notice that there is one type of masala for each type of dish.

  5. Find Them Online You can even find these ranges of masalas online. Online grocery shopping stores have many options and different varieties of masalas that you can choose from at your jolly time. You just have to place the order, select mode of payment and the order will be placed. It gets delivered usually within 24 to 48 hours max right at your door step, saving you the time and effort of going all the way to the store and buying it on your own.

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