7 things to keep in mind before traveling n.
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7 things to keep in mind before traveling PowerPoint Presentation
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7 things to keep in mind before traveling

7 things to keep in mind before traveling

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7 things to keep in mind before traveling

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  2. 1.Currency: Make sure to figure out the exchange rates of the country you are traveling to. One of the major mistakes travelers make is exchanging their money for foreign currency before they reach their destination. 

  3. 2.Opt for Travel Insurance: In this scenario, things can quickly turn from bad into worse as you deal with language barriers, illness, strange medical treatments, the loss your travel belongings, or even worse—being stranded in the midst of a natural disaster or such even

  4. 3. Commuting: You need to ponder over local transportation. Depending on the destination you are in, taxis might not always be a great idea. If you need to cover long routes, you can rent a car, in which you need to look into various companies and rates. Some locations like island might require water-travel, such as ferries. 

  5. 4. Accommodation: Finding the right accommodation is an important part of your trip, and it can spoil your dream holidays if not chosen correctly. 

  6. 5. Research Your Travel Destination: After all, you are going to visit the land you probably have never seen before. From language, culture, food, routes to the climate, everything would be different out there. 

  7. 6. Travel Documents: Losing your travel documents in a foreign land can be nightmarish. It might make you vulnerable to several legal hassles and troubles. To avoid this scenario, make sure to secure your travel documents. 

  8. 7. Flights: Make sure to book your flight earlier as the prices are likely to go up the closer you get to the departure date. 

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