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Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Surfing PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Surfing

Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Surfing

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Surfing

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  1. There are certain things every potential surfer should be aware of and every beginner must know before going surfing for the first time. Even people who’ve taken surfing lessons over the years never really knows what’s in store for them, which means the idea of just hopping on a board can be a bit intimidating if you're a first-timer. This is where surf camps can play a big role.

  2. El Porto Beach Surf Campsprovides safe, fun and educational camps and programs for kids and teens. Instructors personalize based on the needs of individual students and help returning students advance and master new skills. The main goal of surf camps is to teach surf safely and correctly under expert supervision.

  3. Here’s a list of things to do before you start surfing: Type of Wetsuit- Many surf schools will provide a wetsuit if necessary. But when it comes to you picking one, check the prevalent weather conditions and your comfort level. It should make you feel at ease and fit you well. If the water is warm, wearing a rash guard or T-shirt will do, which will protect your skin from rubbing against the board.

  4. Protective Gear- Depending on where you surf, a helmet might be necessary. Others include the leash, wax and wetsuit, not to forget using sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.

  5. Board for Beginners- For first-timers, the easiest board to learn on is aneight foot long, soft-top board. However, the right board depends on an individual’s weight and height so your instructor might put you on a variety of boards before figuring out the most appropriate board for you.

  6. Waxing a board is essential to make balancing the board on easier. However, a foam board is suitable for beginners where you’ll not need to worry about the process (rubbing a bar of wax on almost the entire board).

  7. Swimming- Since surfers need to be comfortable in the water, beginners need to know how to swim. It’s just basic wsimmingskills, you don’t need to be a pro. Even the surf school you sign up for will require a certain level of swimming ability.

  8. Your First Try In Water- You must be a bundle of nerves, but don’t let the first try scare you. It is very important to not get discouraged. Although surfing isn’t easy as no wave is ever the same and the ocean and weather are constantly changing, but your instructor will always be there with you guiding you throughout.

  9. Remember, there’s no other sport, leisure activity or hobby that will capture your heart in the way surfing does. So give it a shot and enjoy the activity while it lasts.

  10. Redondo Beach Surf Camps 1201 N Catalina Ave Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (310) 902-7737