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Prof Jocelyn Webster

Women in Science South African NGO Case Study. Prof Jocelyn Webster. AfricaBio. Maize Stalk Borer. GM Maize in South Africa (Results from independent study Un. Reading UK). Comparison of Yield from Bt and Non Bt Maize Plots at Pankop (June 2006). My estimated profit was as follows:.

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Prof Jocelyn Webster

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  1. Women in Science South African NGO Case Study Prof Jocelyn Webster AfricaBio

  2. Maize Stalk Borer

  3. GM Maize in South Africa(Results from independent study Un. Reading UK)

  4. Comparison of Yield from Bt and Non Bt Maize Plots at Pankop (June 2006)

  5. My estimated profit was as follows: • The above estimates are based on the following: • An average grain price of R1 400 per ton. • A ratio of 50 : 50 regarding weight of grain : weight of the bare cob.

  6. Neighbouring farmers came to see my Bt maize

  7. We held an Information Day

  8. Even visitors from Kenya and Malawi came to see my maize

  9. HISTORY South Africa’s previous government marginalised the majority of the population. However, woman of all races were marginalised in particular those from rural areas.

  10. South African woman are historically compromised

  11. Considering the historical disadvantage for women substantial progress has been made

  12. Change has taken place in academia and NGO’s more rapidly than business

  13. Old Boy’s Club – Does it Still Exist?

  14. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES?QUOTES BY FEMALE SCIENTISTS Professor Brenda Wingfield “Juggling a professional career and a family – if one is excelling the other one is suffering- no time for yourself” Mrs Maureen Kirkman “Are you here to make the tea girlie? No I’m here to run the meeting”

  15. Continued • Mrs Remi Akanbi “Does not have enough time to do all that is required of her” • Mrs Wadzi Mandivenyi “Being accepted as an equal by conservative / old school males”

  16. Continued….. • Professor Lucia Anelich “Balance a science career while trying to achieve what males can when you have all the responsibility of a household

  17. Continued… • Mrs Kobie De Ronde “Hard to travel with a family and often the only woman in a room full of men”

  18. LEARNING • Education for all at secondary school level on social and gender equality • Involvement in policy development • Create woman friendly environment • Crèche and doctor on site • Tax deduction for hiring home help for woman in the work place with children • Networks for women • Mentoring programmes

  19. LEARNING • Flexible hours • Option for working from home • Special awards for women

  20. REFERENCES Review of the South Africa’s Innovation Policy (OECD, 2007) • The South African National System of Innovation: Structures, Policies and Performance (NACI, 2006) • FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT : • AFRICABIO • Phone : +27 12 6672689 • Fax : +27 12 6671920 • Email : africabio@mweb.co.za • Website : www.africabio.com

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