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Review it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. it. Checkpoint. Explain. Post. Tweet. Report. Map. MCQ. Traffic Light. SPIN. Spin to select the learning review. 1 - stop Q - start. Tweet it

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Reviewit it it it it it it it it Checkpoint Explain Post Tweet Report Map MCQ Traffic Light SPIN Spin to select the learning review 1 - stop Q - start

  2. Tweet it Write a short tweet about what you have learned at this stage in the lesson. Remember you can only use 140 characters...

  3. MCQ it Create 3 multiple choice questions based on your learning so far ready to have a team quiz...

  4. Explain it You have 2 minutes to chat with the person next to you about the key themes discussed so far. Your teacher will choose who needs to address the whole class...

  5. Post it On your post it note write both a sentence about your learning so far and a question to test the rest of the class. When you have done stick it on the board...

  6. Map it Create a concept map of the learning to this point. You can do a basic spider diagram or you can try to link concepts together to show your geographical understanding.

  7. Report it Write a 30 second news report on the topics we have gone through. You can create this either to be presented on TV or on the radio.

  8. Traffic Light it Where is your learning at? Red = I have misunderstood some of the topics. (write down 2 questions that you need help with) Amber = I have understood most of the topics so far (write down 1 question and 1 key theme you have understood) Green = I have understood the topics so far (write down 2 key themes from the lesson to show your understanding)

  9. Checkpoint it • Where is your learning at? • What do you know? • What are you unsure about? • What are we yet to find out?

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