armarkat b6802 68 inch cat tree n.
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Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree PowerPoint Presentation
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Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree

Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree

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Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree

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  1. Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree

  2. About the Product • If you have cats, you know that the old adage is true: they are curious, inquisitive creatures that like to explore their surroundings and situate themselves in a variety of places. So why not offer your furry friends an entertaining cat tree and a high vantage point from which to survey your home?

  3. About the Product • The Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree will provide your cats with many different levels to climb, jump from, and play on. It even includes a small, enclosed space for your cat that some reviewers have dubbed a “cat cabin.”

  4. About the Product • This ivory-colored cat tree is the perfect toy for your cat! In addition to using it as a sort of playground, your furry friends can use it as a scratching post as well. Its sleek, subtle design makes it a perfect addition to any living room, and you will love watching your cats enjoy their new cat tree.

  5. Product Specifications and Features • Made from pressed wood covered in faux fleece • Matches any home decor • Simple to assemble • Comes with instruction manual and necessary tools

  6. Product Specifications and Features • The Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree has received many reviews on, most of them quite positive. It has received an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

  7. The Negative Reviews • Although a very high percentage of reviews of the Armakat 68-Inch Cat Tree are incredibly positive, there are, as with any other product, a small number of negative reviews.

  8. The Negative Reviews • Some reviewers have mentioned that this cat tree can potentially rock or tip when a particularly rambunctious cat uses it. However, their worries stemmed from the fact that the Armakat Cat Tree is light in weight, which may not be a bad thing, as you can easily transport it from room to room.

  9. The Negative Reviews • These users did note, however, that it can be placed near a wall or anchored down to minimize movement. Other users, though, stated that it was perfectly steady as even multiple cats played and jumped on it.

  10. The Negative Reviews • Another common complaint was that the perches are somewhat small, meaning that perhaps some larger cats may not be able to enjoy this cat tree.

  11. The Negative Reviews • However, these same users were quick to point out that, while they found these perches to be too small, every other cat tree on the market offered perches that were just as small, if not smaller. And once these users purchased this product, they were very happy.

  12. The Negative Reviews • Although there are a few negative comments, the feedback for this product has been more positive than negative. If you would like to review comments and feedback about this product that are more critical then you can find them when you click the link below this video.

  13. The Positive Reviews • One reviewer who purchased the Armatrak Cat Tree is very pleased to report that, after seven years of continued use, it is still as sturdy and neat looking as ever. Furthermore, this user is the proud owner of two cats, and the cat tree has withstood frequent use by both of them.

  14. The Positive Reviews • In fact, many users have stated that the Armatrak Cat Tree is able to withstand continued scratches, and that the material holds up through the prolonged use. And, they point out, should your cat dirty this 68-inch cat tree, it is incredibly easy to clean. You can rest assured that this sleekly designed piece of cat furniture will remain neat and clean.

  15. The Positive Reviews • Another common praise of this cat tree is that it is fitting for young cats with a lot of energy, and for older, slightly more sedate cats. As your cat ages through the years, it can enjoy the higher perches, or the lower, easy to reach levels.

  16. The Positive Reviews • People who have bought and enjoyed this product are also quick to mention that their cats have never tired of it and play in and on it frequently.

  17. The Positive Reviews • Despite the few negative reviews on, most reviews are very positive, and many consumers would happily recommend this product to fellow cat lovers.

  18. Conclusion • So, would we recommend the Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree to our readers? • Undoubtedly, and here’s why:

  19. Conclusion • This well-designed, sturdy cat tree is the perfect addition to your home, whether you have just one cat or many. Its many levels and sizeable “cat cabin” provide your cat with a multitude of places to play, jump, or relax. The Armarkat B6802 68-Inch Cat Tree will keep your cat safe and entertained through years of use.

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