mr doherty builds his dream life by jim doherty n.
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Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life --- By Jim Doherty PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life --- By Jim Doherty

Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life --- By Jim Doherty

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Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life --- By Jim Doherty

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  1. Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life --- By Jim Doherty Text A Instructor : Liu Hong

  2. Key Words SupplementPursue illustrateBudget GenerateSuspect PatronizeResistPrimarily Instructor : Liu Hong

  3. Key Phrases Get by, get through Make it, pick up on balance Aside from Instructor : Liu Hong

  4. Key Expressions on a …scale When it comes to… Instructor : Liu Hong

  5. Peter does occasional freelance work to supplement his income. lsupplement:add to sth. in order to improve it (followed bywith)补充,增补 Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of news and opinion. 收音机和电视作为新闻和舆论的载体,是对报纸进行了补充,而不是取代了报纸。 supplementation n.增补,补充 supplementary adj.增加的,补充的 Instructor : Liu Hong

  6. After graduation Martin chose to pursue the same career as his father as a minister. • College students are advised to pursue a wide range of subjects. • Public evening classes allow people to earn a living during the day and pursue vocational and intellectual interests in their spare time. lpursue:follow lpursue one’s study 求学 lpursuit n. 追求 Instructor : Liu Hong

  7. illustrate:加插图于,举例说明 The book was illustrated with photographs. 这本书配上了照片。 Let me use another example to illustrate this difficult point. lillustration n. 阐明,插图 lillustrator n. 说明者,插图画家 Instructor : Liu Hong

  8. budget:预算 We should have our own budget to help us balance income and expenses. 我们应该有自己的预算以便帮助自己平衡收入与花费。 They are drawing up a budget for the coming year. Instructor : Liu Hong

  9. generate:bring into existence, produce 形成,产生 Misused words often generate misleading thoughts. 误用的词经常引起误解。 种族偏见引起仇恨。 Racial prejudice generated the hatred. lgeneration n. 产生,一代 lgenerator n. 发电机 lgenerative a. 生成的 Instructor : Liu Hong

  10. generate:bring into existence, produce 形成,产生 Space technology has generated thousands of products for everyday use such as lightweight materials in running shoes. The increased tension in the Middle East has generated an oil crisis in the world. Instructor : Liu Hong

  11. suspect:相信,怀疑 suspect sb. ofsth; suspect that He wassuspected of setting the fire on the barn. 他被怀疑对谷仓纵火。 I suspect they’ll be a little late. I suspected her motives. I strongly suspected that they’re trying to get rid of me. Instructor : Liu Hong

  12. Patronize (L.73):资助;光顾 I’ll never patronize that store again because the service there is terrible. When he was a student, he often patronized the little restaurant near the school. Instructor : Liu Hong

  13. resist:抵制,抵抗 resist sth.; resist doing sth. I can’t resist laughing at him in those funny clothes. 见到他穿着如此滑稽,我忍不住大笑。 The kids can't resist the temptation of McDonald's. resistance,resistible,resistibility,irresistible Assist v. Insist v. Consist v. Instructor : Liu Hong

  14. primarily: mainly 主要地 This device is primarily used for the improvement of the sound quality of electronic media. 这种装置是用来改善电子宣传工具的声音质量。 Instructor : Liu Hong

  15. Key Words and Phrases • get by: (1) be good enough but not very good ; (2) manage to live or do things in a satisfactory way We’ll get by if we hold on to the end. 如果我们坚持到底,我们就能熬过难关。 • We can get by with four computers at the moment, but we'll need a couple more when the new staff members arrive. Instructor : Liu Hong

  16. get through:通过,度过 The local government has taken some measures to ensure that all the people willget throughthe winter. 当地政府已经采取措施以确保全体人民熬过冬天。 4. get He got through the entrance examination and went to a famous university he had dreamed of. In order to get through the cold winter, we have stored enough food and fuel. Instructor : Liu Hong

  17. make it(L.9):be successful or achieve one’s goal 成功 Don’t worry. You’ll make it. The diligent man eventually made it as the GM of an international corporation. Having failed for thousands of times, he eventually made it. Instructor : Liu Hong

  18. pick up: be ready to pay 付(帐) • If he loses the case, Michael will have to pick up the bill for legal costs. pick up a wallet pick sb. up Instructor : Liu Hong

  19. on balance (L.54) :总的来说 Their suggestion has, on balance, proved to be practicable. 总的来说,他们的建议已经被证明是可行的。 I think, on balance, you are a tolerant and generous person. 总的来说,我认为你是一个慷慨宽容的人。 I think, on balance, I didn’t treat you unfairly. Instructor : Liu Hong

  20. Aside from (L.69): except for; in addition to; apart from除…以外,(尚有…);除了… He hardly watches any television aside from football matches. 除了足球比赛,他几乎不看电视。 Aside from being a good aid, he is a close friend of mine. Aside from an occasional game of tennis, he doesn’t take any exercise. Instructor : Liu Hong

  21. on a …scale: to a … degree 在…规模 We should popularize science on a grand scale. 我们应该大规模普及科学。 The output was increased on a large scale. This survey was conducted on a small scale. Instructor : Liu Hong

  22. When it comes to…(L.64): when talking about, when speaking of, as far as something is concerned concerning (当提到) When it comes to history, he knows nothing about it. When it comes to Jazz music, he becomes excited. Instructor : Liu Hong