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Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

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  1. Simple Machines

  2. General Information • Simple machines are tools that make work easier. • Simple machines have few or no moving parts. • Simple machines use energy to work. Click on the link below the picture to see types of simple machines Inclined Plane Wedge Pulley Wheel and Axle Lever Screw Works Cited

  3. Inclined Planes • A flat surface which is elevated at one end. • The angle formed between the ground and the flat surface cannot be ninety degrees. • Inclined planes are used to move objects from lower surfaces to higher surfaces or vice versa. Examples

  4. Examples of Inclined Planes Ramp Stairs Slide Path up Hill Slanted Road Menu

  5. Levers • Levers were one of the first simple machines. • They were thought of by Archimedes in 260 BC. • Levers involve moving a load about a fulcrum (center point). • There are three types: first class, second class, third class. Levers Continued

  6. Levers • First class levers: fulcrum is between the load and the force. Ex. See-saw, scissors, pliers • Second class levers: load is between the force and the fulcrum. Ex. Stapler, wheelbarrow, nutcracker • Third class levers: force is between the load and the fulcrum. Ex. Fishing rod, tweezers, tongs Menu

  7. Pulleys • A pulley is used to reverse the direction of a force. When pulleys are put together and a pulley system is made, heavy objects are able to be lifted with less force. • A pulley is made with a wheel that has a groove in its edge. The rope is put around the groove to move the pulley. Examples

  8. Examples of Pulleys Flag Pole Crane Window Blinds Wishing Wells Menu

  9. Screw • A screw is a shaft or a cylinder with an inclined plane wrapped around it. • In order to move a screw or an object surrounding the screw, the screw must be rotated. Examples

  10. Examples of Screws Spiral Staircase Bolt Menu

  11. Wheel and Axle • A wheel and axle consists of wheels which are connected by a smaller cylinder, an axel. • It takes a great deal of force to move the axel, but when the axel is moved the wheels turn a greater distance than the axel. Examples

  12. Examples of a Wheel and Axle Doorknob Wagon Cart Menu

  13. Wedge • A wedge is used to cut objects or to get under a heavy load. • A wedge is made of two inclined planes put together. • A wedge acts as a right angle in a splitting motion when forced upon the object. Examples

  14. Examples of a Wedge Axe Zipper Knife Menu

  15. Works Cited