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  1. Description

  2. Hello, we’re Aitor and Belén and we’re going to describe each other.

  3. Belén is 14 years old. She’s short and slim. She’s got long straight brown hair with a fringe. She’s got big blue-green eyes and a small nose with freckles. Her mouth is big and she wears brackets. She has a pale complexion. • She is very responsible and hard-working. She is also very cheerful but when she gets angry she can be a little bit rude. She is very ingenious but she sometimes is obsessed about doing everything perfectly well. She is very forgetful too. • Her hobbies are painting and photography. She also likes travelling a lot so she takes a lot of photos of the places where she has been. Her favourite songs are “One love” and “Buffalo soldier”. She would like to be an architect or engineer.Her idol is Bob Marley because he speaks about love and peace in the world.

  4. Aitor is going to be 15 tomorrow. He had long hair before but now he has short straight dark hair. He’s got big brown eyes and a small nose. He’s got a big mouth. He has a pale complexion but now he is suntanned. • He is great fun and friendly but sometimes he is a little bit talkative, so he often bores me. He is very honest and very intelligent too, like me. Although he sometimes is stubborn, I really like speaking with him about everything. • His hobbies are badminton and music. He loves animals very much, specially snakes, that’s why he wants to be a biologist. When he is alone he likes singing. His favourite singers are Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. His favourite songs are “Smooth criminal” and “You know that I’m no good”.