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Promotional Mix

Promotional Mix

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Promotional Mix

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  1. Promotional Mix

  2. Objective A Describe the elements of the promotional mix.

  3. What is Promotion • Elements of the Marketing Mix • Promotion is a form of communication that uses various methods to reach a targeted audience. price Place Promotion Product Marketing Mix

  4. Images Services Goods Ideas Purposes of Promotion To tell consumers about a company’s …

  5. Purposes of Promotion To persuade consumers to buy

  6. Promotion’s Recipe for Success: Mix various communication activities together and serve to potential customers until desired outcome is achieved.

  7. Flynn The bikes the pros use. Traveler Magazine The Top 5 Airlines! 25% Off Coupon Zap Promotion Techniques • Advertising • Personal selling • Publicity • Sales promotion

  8. Promotional Mix The Combination, or Blend, of Marketing Communication Channels Is Called the... Personal Selling Advertising Sales Promotion Publicity

  9. Elements of the Promotional Mix

  10. The most visible element of the promotional mix Advertising Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, images, goods, or services

  11. Driving Excitement! The New Barchetta • Actual cost of advertisement is quite high. • Since many people receive the message, the per contact cost is very low.

  12. Advertising Messages can be delivered by: • Television • Radio • Newspapers • Magazines • Direct mail • Outdoor advertisements • Directories • The Internet

  13. Personal Selling Planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities. Is there anything else I can help you fine?

  14. Selling Disadvantage On a per contact basis, selling is the most expensive form of promotion. Selling Advantages I like the sound of this stereo, but I think it’s a little large for my dorm room. We do carry a bookshelf model with similar sound quality. • Immediate feedback • Flexibility

  15. Contests Coupons Instant rebates Sales Promotion • Marketing activities designed to entice customers to buy a product • Promotional activities other than advertising, personal selling, and publicity which stimulate purchases Visual merchandising or displays Product demonstrations

  16. Publicity • Non personal presentation of goods or service that is not paid for by the company or business • Free Publicity- Newsworthy activities you partake in. • Press release • Community project

  17. “Tae-Bo has really changed my life. I’ve lost weight, toned-up, and feel better than ever.” -Susie Wells, CA A company web site can be used to obtain and display positive feedback. Ways the Internet Can Be Used as a Source of Publicity

  18. Establish Good Will in Community

  19. Importance of the Promotional Mix • Appropriate blend is essential in obtaining and keeping customers • Appropriate blend enables businesses to communicate effectively with customers • Informs consumers about goods/services and persuades them to buy

  20. Objective B Explain factors affecting the selection of a promotional mix.

  21. No magic formula that marketers use to help design promotional mix Marketers Try To Create theIdeal Blend of Promotional Activities for Their Businesses. Publicity Personalselling Sales promotion Must decide which methods willbest reach potential customers and communicate desired message Advertising Hard to determine effectiveness of the different promotional methods

  22. Factors Affecting the Selection of a Promotional Mix • Variety of factors effect the promotional mix: • Product Itself • Target Market • Distribution channels • Company

  23. Convenience goods Good, Service, Image, or Idea • Type of product Shopping Goods Specialty goods

  24. New and Improved! Does Promotion Stay the Same Stage of life cycle Maturity Growth Declining Introductory

  25. INTERMEDIARY BLVD. DIRECT AVE. Requires personal selling Requires personal selling and advertising Distribution Channel The promotional mix selection is affected by the path that a product takes.

  26. What effects Promotion • Type of Consumer • Number of Consumers • Geographical locations • Available funds • Competition • Previous Methods