who made the steamboat n.
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Who made the steamboat? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who made the steamboat?

Who made the steamboat?

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Who made the steamboat?

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  1. Who made the steamboat? Robert Fulton Steamboat

  2. Robert Fulton • Birth:  Nov. 14, 1765Pennsylvania, USA Death:  Feb. 24, 1815New York, USA 1807 he installed it in a well-designed boat. We had a huge network of inland rivers we badly needed to navigate. Fulton enjoyed immediate commercial success.

  3. When was it invented • 1743-1798 • August 26, 1791. However, he was granted his patent only after a battle with James Rumsey over claims to the same invention.

  4. Explain • Fulton's Folly" was flat-bottomed, wall-sided, and square-sterned, with paddle wheels midway along each side. Watt's engine was installed just forward of the wheels. The ship had fairly luxurious sleeping berths, a saloon, and a ladies' lounge. With later improvements, the total cost was about $20,000.

  5. Industrial Revolution • Steamboats completely changed the way Americans in the early 1800's shipped and received goods and how people traveled. Traveling by rivers had been well known before this to be a faster and in some cases safer way to travel. Many places in the 1800's still were only accessible by horseback. Some stagecoach roads were available, but still meant hours of bumping along in the dust and heat to arrive at your destination. Shipping goods by mule trains was slow and often raided by highwaymen. The wagons were prone to breaking wheels and getting stuck in sand and mud. Steep inclines kept them from going some places that needed the supplies.

  6. Are there newer version’s of the steamboat • Yes there are newer steamboat’s today? • this invention is still in use today because it helps people get from one place to another some people can take a cruise on them.