fall semester 2012 sept 5 oct 24 2012 n.
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Fall Semester 2012 Sept. 5 – Oct. 24, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall Semester 2012 Sept. 5 – Oct. 24, 2012

Fall Semester 2012 Sept. 5 – Oct. 24, 2012

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Fall Semester 2012 Sept. 5 – Oct. 24, 2012

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  1. Fall Semester 2012Sept. 5 – Oct. 24, 2012 Cobb Mountain Community Fellowship Church 15460 Highway 175, Cobb , California Equipping saints to walk with anointing while learning to develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Carl Banks Sept. 5, 2012 • Carl serves at Blazing Fire, Pleasanton CA - Leads teams using Percussion Intercession for spiritual breakthrough in regional areas. Carl brought in an amazing team of drummers who ushered in the Presence of God in a mighty new way. •

  3. Cal Thompson Sept. 12, 2012 • Cal Thompson is a Revivalist with a vision to see the Kingdom of God released throughout the world by this generation of believers. Cal has been married to Jenny Cox for 19yrs and has four children, Caleb, Ramona, Lonnie Joe and Callie. He is senior pastor at Calvary Way Church of Ukiah and overseer of a training and mission work called Revivalist101. His passion is in teaching grace revelations, Kingdom mindsets, and royal identity. His experience is in healings, atmosphere breaking, controlling elements, and breaching seven mountains.

  4. Annie Blouin Sept. 19, 2012 • Annie Blouin is passionate about loving God well. Her heart's desire is that her life inspires others to fall deeply in love with God. She loves to teach, preach, write and prophesy. Her specialties are teaching about the prophetic, intercession, dream interpretation and healing spirit, soul and body. She is the author of the novel "Everlasting Doors: When the Supernatural Penetrates American Politics". The book is available on her website, She is currently writing her second novel. She is happily married with 3 lovely children and lives in Redding, CA.

  5. Katherine Martin Sept. 26, 2012 • From the Mission in Vacaville, CA With her contagious laughter and infectious smile, Katherine stirs the atmosphere. She is passionate about the authentic, supernatural presence of God and shares her passion using her theatrics gifting through her own creative writing and drama. Katherine brought a creative dynamic as she and her husband Daniel ministered prophetically over each student.

  6. Steve Puleo Oct. 3, 2012 • Worship Leader and Pastor of Vertical Call in Santa Rosa, CA Steve is a gifted minstrel in both worship as well as in ministering the word of God. Through song and his acoustic guitar, Steve ushered in the Holy Spirit. Steve then taught on the “Five Ways to Move into True Worship”.

  7. Rick and Teresa McKinney Oct. 10, 2012 • Pastors Rick and Teresa are the founders and directors of New Hope Recovery Ranch. Both Rick and Teresa were set free from serious personal addictions and through their ministry at New Hope Recovery Ranch in Silver Springs, NV they have been able to help thousands of men and women over the last ten years. Check out their new book: Addictions to Adoption

  8. Vicki Northrup Oct. 17, 2012 • Vicki is President and Founder of Wind and Fire Ministries, a prophetic and apostolic ministry voice to the nations. Vicki and her husband Daniel are ordained ministers with Glory of Zion International Ministries and she is a graduate of Shalom Bible Seminary and holds a Masters in Ministries Degree. She also serves as the Western States Regional Coordinator for both the United States Reformation Prayer Network and the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network. • Vicki is the author of, “Breaking the Shield of Minerva.” Among other things she volunteers as a CASA advocate for children and has served on many local boards in her community. Her passion and calling is to train, equip and encourage the body of Christ to arise and press into their place of destiny to advance the Kingdom of God.

  9. Tara McCoy Oct. 24, 2012 • Ordained with the River, now with the Mission, Vacaville, CA - Ministers in prophetic intercession that ushers His presence. Passionate relationship with Him and to pursue their God given dreams and callings.