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Onboarding & Credentialing 101 Mom365 PowerPoint Presentation
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Onboarding & Credentialing 101 Mom365

Onboarding & Credentialing 101 Mom365

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Onboarding & Credentialing 101 Mom365

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  1. Onboarding & Credentialing 101 Mom365 Revision date: 6/3/2014

  2. Credentialing/Onboarding Background • Once Background is passed, HR Specialist emails DM and Recruiter to let them know that the Photographer has passed Background. • It is at this point that the: • Orientation Specialist will schedule the new hire for teleconferenced orientation • DM can schedule the New Hire for Medical Screening Credentialing • Upon opening the job, DM has indicated whether they require assistance with scheduling new hire for medical screening – if they require assistance, they must indicate what medicals are required by the hospital.– Orientation Specialist can only schedule medical screening at external Labs (Concentra, LabCorp, US Healthworks) • Orientation Specialist will: • Make Appointment • Fill out Medical Authorization Form • Send email confirmation to New Hire and to DM • Note: if Hospital handles the medical testing, then DM is responsible for coordinating with the Hospital regarding Medical Testing. • Once background is complete, a DM can fill out (My365) Hospital Requirements Request Form to request Hospital Credentialing if third party account is needed(RepTrax, Vendormate, VCS, etc )or to request various other documentation.

  3. Credentialing/Onboarding Example of the Medical Appointment Email

  4. Forms are located on My365 All Results are to be sent to HR Fax or emailed to Photographer Name DM Phone Number DM Name The MMR/ Varicella/Hep B Vaccine should not be ordered unless the Titer Test shows non-immune Check Off Tests/Vaccines that are required by the Hospital This is where any additional tests should be listed: Physical Exam, 2 Step TB DMs can use this form to send photographers for yearly vaccines as well

  5. Credentialing Hospital Requirements Request Form • The Electronic Hospital Requirements Request Form is located on under Credentialing • Please use this form to request: (Please mark what is required by the Hospital) • Employment Application • Background Results/Attestation Letters (Letter that states that New Hire has passed background) • Training Attestation Letter (Letter stating that New Hire has completed Training Module) • Health Screening Results • Drug Screening Attestation Letter (Letter stating that New Hire has passed a drug screen) • Set up or Update 3rdparty vendor credentialing account, HR will upload the documents into the vendor credentialing accounts. (ie Reptrax, Vendormate, VCS, RapidGate, etc.) • If updating the account, DM must provide the log in information. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

  6. Sample of Hospital Requirements Request Form

  7. Onboarding Onboarding Portal • Once background is passed Onboarding Specialist sends new hire to “Onboarding Portal” • Email will go out to New Hire and cc DM • Email Contains: • Welcome Message • Link and log in information for Onboarding Portal • Information regarding Teleconferenced Orientation Time/Dial in Number • Materials to be covered in Teleconferenced Orientation

  8. Updating their User Profile

  9. Onboarding Teleconferenced Orientation • Teleconferenced Orientation sessions are conducted 6 days a week in order to assist New Hires with paperwork and go over company policies and procedures. • This is expected to be completed within 24 hours of receiving the link for the onboarding portal. • The materials reviewed during the session are attached to the confirmation email. • Onboarding Specialist monitors /maintains teleconferenced orientation rosters • New Hire attends Teleconferenced Orientation • Payroll Clerk enters hours for orientation into HART for the New Hire once MSR# is issued • Onboarding Specialist checks that New Hire Forms have been completed and follows up on any outstanding items • New Hire iForms • I9 • W4 • Photographer Acknowledgement form • Employee Policies and Procedures acknowledgement forms • Direct Deposit Form • Job Description • Non-Disclosure Agreement / Non-Solicitation Agreement • After the Teleconferenced Orientation, and iFormsare complete- Onboarding Specialist Fills out Employee Tab in iCIMs (except for Section 2 of I9: Verification – to be completed by the DM) • DM gets email stating the New Hire attended Teleconferenced Orientation – New hire is ready for onsite orientation/training • New Hire is not to have any hours worked until after an MSR # is issued; including training.

  10. Onboarding Completing the Onboarding Process • Once iCIMs status changes to “Onboarding Complete” – HR Specialist issues MSR# • Recruiting Team Lead receives verification that MSR# has been issued and closes job On-Site Orientation/Training: Verifying I9 • DM/Trainer Holds On-Site Orientation/Training Session • DM/Trainer Verifies I9 by completing section 2 of the I9 in iCIMs(This is to be conducted within 3 days)-If DM is not available to verify documents for I9, please see “3rdPatry I9 Email” on • After Verifying the I9 DM is to change iCIMsstatus to “Onsite Orientation/Training complete” Please contact with any questions or concerns.

  11. Credentialing FAQs • Where do I go to request background letters, health screening results, and other information the hospital requires? • If you are in need of any requirements for the hospital, please complete a Hospital Request Form (Wufoo) on Click on Management Only > Credentialing > Hospital Request Form. • What if my hospital is changing to a different 3rd party credentialing company? • We must remain in compliance, therefore, you would submit a hospital request form for the new company for each of your photographers accounts that needs to be changed/updated. • Are photographers reimbursed for their time spent getting the health screening completed? • If they are sent prior to receiving their MSR# (Photographer number) then their hours spent conducting medical screening do not have to be entered into HART. However, if they go after they are given an MSR#, their hours spent conducting medical testing will need to be entered into HART by the DM. • How long should I expect the turnaround to be for a 3rd party credentialing account to be complete? • This depends on which account is being requested and whether or not we have all documentation on file. This process can take anywhere from 2 days to 8 weeks. • Who handles the scheduling of health screening? • With New Hires, an Onboarding Specialist will contact you to ask if you need assistance scheduling them for medical testing (outside labs only ) • Jenn Holtz: 800-422-3686 x7348

  12. Who has a list of all the requirements my hospital requires? • Each DM is responsible for keeping their Hospital Information Sheets up to date with: • Who their contact is at the Hospital • What medical requirements are required by each hospital • What third party account the hospital uses (if any) – ieReptrax, Vendormate, etc • What local Lab is used for medical screening if outside of the Hospital • What do we do if we receive communication from a 3rd party credentialing company or health screening clinic? • Please forward any communication or results that you might receive to or fax to 877-527-0310 • What do I do if I need immediate assistance? • Please call one of the credentialing specialists: • Angie Duncan: 800-422-3686 x 7588 • Joe Young: 800-422-3686 x 2219 • Where do I send a new hire if there is no Concentra in the area? • We also have accounts with US Healthworks, Patient First, LabCorp (note: LabCorp cannot administer vaccines). If none of these are available, please locate a local clinic that can conduct the required medical screening and contact a Mom365 Credentialing Specialist to create a relationship with the local clinic. • How long is the turnaround time for credentialing to receive health screening results from the clinics? • Drug screen results are usually sent within 48 hours, Bloodwork can take 4+ days. • How soon can a new hire be sent for health screening and set up with a 3rd party credentialing company? • As soon as a New Hire passes background they can be sent for medical testing

  13. Questions? – Please contact: • Onboarding: • Credentialing: