a slideshow about a slideshow n.
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A Slideshow about a Slideshow ! PowerPoint Presentation
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A Slideshow about a Slideshow !

A Slideshow about a Slideshow !

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A Slideshow about a Slideshow !

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  1. A Slideshow about a Slideshow ! This ppt file is for you to edit. It is boring. Make it unboring! .

  2. Outline • Design • Short Cuts and Tricks • Multimedia Stuff Note: To follow a link when editing the slide show, right click and select “open Link”

  3. 1. Design

  4. Slide Show Formating • Try changing the background by right clicking and selecting: • Slide Design… OR • Background… Choose a design from the right hand frame of the window. Change the Colour and Animation Schemes if you like.

  5. Adding Pictures There are two ways to add pictures to your show: • From the insert menu select Add picture/from file. OR • You can just copy a picture and paste it in. Try find a picture on the internet and paste it onto this slide. Then use the picture toolbar to edit it.

  6. Animating Elements • An element is anything you put on your slide that you can select with a mouse. Ex Bullets, shapes, pictures, charts, movies, sounds… • To animate an element, right click on the element you want to animate and select “Custom Animation” • You will have the custom animation frame to the right. Try selecting something and “adding an Effect” The “Motion Paths” tools can be very useful.

  7. 3 Parts to an Animation These three properties define an animation and are adjusted in the frame to the right: • When it starts • What is does • Speed

  8. Think you can Golf? Hole Ball Apply a custom animation to the golf ball to get it into the hole in one shot! (Add Effect, Motion Paths, Draw Custom Path, Scribble) Then Click “Play”. Try changing the “Speed”

  9. Design Conclusions • Sometimes less is more. Don’t let flashy stuff take away from the information you want to get across. • Most general formatting and animation takes place in the frame to the right. • (You think of one too…)

  10. Shortcuts and Tricks These are some things I have picked up along the way, that will hopefully help you speed up the “slide creation process”.

  11. Taking a Screenshot When you pres the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard, the computer “copies” what’s on your screen and you can “paste” it wherever you like! Screen shots are especially useful when trying to explain computer programs. Try taking a screen shot now, and pasting it onto the next slide. You can use the Picture tool bar to crop and resize your screen shot to keep the part you want.

  12. Your Screenshot Paste you screen shot here and use the Picture tool bar to edit it.

  13. Drawing Tricks If you don’t already have the drawing toolbar at the bottom of your screen you can get it from “View”/Toolbars/Drawing These tools adjust the properties of Drawn elements. (Note: In power point, text is a Drawn element and can be modified here too)

  14. Random Drawing Things • Insert a slide and draw 2 pictures of a business nature (i.e. money, logo, people, etc.) • If you want to select multiple items hold down “Shift” • Try experimenting with some of the commands in the draw menu in the bottom left corner. • To save your drawing as a picture, right click on it and select “Save as Picture”

  15. Drawing Practice • On a new slide try draw a picture of Donald Trump and an airplane. • Get a map here and create an animation of Trump flying over to New York City. Try have some informative text appear along the way.

  16. Useful Key Board Shortcuts Here is an extensive list of Powerpoint shortcut keys

  17. Multimedia • It is very easy to incorporate sound or video elements in a slide show. BUTif your audio or video file is larger then 100kb, it is not embedded, but linked to your .ppt file. This means whenever you play your slideshow PowerPoint needs to be able to find your files. In general, it is always best to keep all associated files in the same directory as your ppt presentation.

  18. Including Movies • From the “Insert” menu Try including a movie in this presentation: • save a video clip in the same folder as this ppt file. (there is one of my new son here if you don’t have one to try) • select Movies and Sound. Select “Movie From File” and find your movie. • Once your movie appears on the slide, you can adjust the size and select when you want it to start. (ie on a mouse click, 10 seconds after the last event…) Note Supported formats: avi, fl, mov, mpg, rm, wmv

  19. Including Sound • Sound clips are included the same as movie clips. The only difference is, if it’s less then 100kb it will be automatically embedded into the presentation. • You can set when the sound is supposed to start and stop by selecting “effect Options” in the action settings frame to the right. • Try including a sound on this slide (you can download one here) or find your own. Try adjusting when the song starts and stops. • It seems as though all audio formats are supported by PowerPoint. Still, it’s always important to try it before you have an audience.