the nissan legacy a look at some top cars n.
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The nissan legacy- a look at some top cars of all time by the manufacturer PowerPoint Presentation
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The nissan legacy- a look at some top cars of all time by the manufacturer

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The nissan legacy- a look at some top cars of all time by the manufacturer

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The nissan legacy- a look at some top cars of all time by the manufacturer

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  1. The Nissan Legacy: A Look at Some Top Cars of all Time by the Manufacturer

  2. When discussing legendary car manufacturers and their legacy, one simply cannot overlook Nissan. One of the pioneers in automobile engineering, the Japanese manufacturer is credited with introducing a number of weight reducing materials such as high tensile sheets for body panels. Over the years, the company has designed several engine management systems; many of which were well ahead of their time, and provided a boost to engine performance by controlling combustion. To help address the problem of global warming, the manufacturer , since 1997 has come up with successive models fitted with direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines almost every year. Nissan cars are known for their reliability and performance. If buying a first hand Nissan is out of question, head straight to a Nissan auto salvage auction featuring cars by the manufacturer. To help you make an informed decision, the post lists some of the best Nissan vehicles ever manufactured. Take a look.

  3. Nissan LEAF With more than 240,000 units sold worldwide, LEAF is the best selling electric car of all time. True to its name (Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car), LEAF combines affordability and green driving. The 2016 model comes with a 30 kWh battery and can cover 172 km when fully charged. If rising fuel costs are giving you nightmares, bringing a LEAF home can be the way forward, especially if you are a city commuter and can live with a limited driving range.

  4. Nissan Maxima The longest standing nameplate in Nissan’s current lineup, the Maxima is known for its superior styling. Nissan terms the vehicles its four door sports car. To prove its point, Nissan incorporated aggressive design elements such as low wide stance and hunky muscular lines in the eighth generation model from this line up. The midsize luxury sedan features a 3.5 liter V6 engine capable of making 300 horsepower and 261-lb ft of torque.

  5. Nissan Altima One of the most important cars in Nissan’s production lineup, the Altima sells like hot cakes globally. The midsize car is available in different trim options. You can choose between a 2.5L 4 cylinder, a 3.5L V6 and a Hybrid variant. Over the years, the Altima has won the hearts of critics and car lovers alike and has received several accolades for its performance and excellent engine option. The current model boasts superior safety, performance and fuel efficiency and leads the pack in its segment.

  6. Nissan GT-R We saved the best one for the last. Dubbed Godzilla, the GT-R epitomizes the manufacturer’s slogan innovation that excites and is, unarguably the best in terms of technology and performance Nissan has to offer. One of the fastest production cars in its range, the GT-R features a dual clutch six-speed transmission. Under the hood, a 3.8 liter V6 twin turbo engine produces 545 horsepower.

  7. Conclusion These cars are some of the best all time vehicles by Nissan. Some other cars worth looking for when attending a Nissan salvage auto auction are: Nissan 240SX, Datsun Sports Roadster and Nissan 350Z. Equipped with superior technology, these vehicles provide value for money and will help you save on repair and maintenance costs.