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A2 Subcommittee PowerPoint Presentation
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A2 Subcommittee

A2 Subcommittee

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A2 Subcommittee

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  1. Guidelines for Compliance with AB 1404 Requirements Baryohay Davidoff Department of Water Resources A2 Subcommittee

  2. Presentation Overview • Legislative history • Definition of terms • Agricultural water supplier’s AB 1404 compliance requirements • Reporting requirements and the Annual Report A2 Subcommittee

  3. AB 1404 Requirements: Section 531.10 (a) and (b) of the Water Code states: (a) An agricultural water supplier shall submit an annual report to DWR that summarizes aggregatedfarm-gate delivery data, on a monthly or bimonthly basis, using best professional practices. A2 Subcommittee (b) Nothing in this article shall be construed to require the implementation of water measurement programs or practices that are not locally cost effective.

  4. Definition of Terms Agricultural Water Supplier (CWC §531.b) “(A) supplier either publicly or privately owned, supplying 2,000 acre-feet or more of surface water annually for agricultural purposes or serving 2,000 or more acres of agricultural land. An agricultural water supplier includes a supplier or contractor for water, regardless of the basis of right, which distributes or sells water for ultimate resale to customers” A2 Subcommittee

  5. Definition of Terms Aggregated Farm-Gate Delivery Data (CWC §531.a) “(I)nformation reflecting the total volume of water an agricultural water supplier provides to its customers and is calculated by totaling its deliveries to individual customers” A2 Subcommittee

  6. Definition of Terms Farm-Gate (CWC §531.f) “(T)he point at which water is delivered from the agricultural water supplier’s distribution system to each of its customers” A2 Subcommittee Best Professional Practices (CWC §531.d) “(P)ractices attaining and maintaining accuracy of measurement and reporting devices and methods”

  7. Definition of Terms Not Locally Cost Effective (CWC §10631.5(a)(4)(B) Present value of the local benefits of implementing a water demand management measure is less than the present value of the local costs of implementing that measure. A2 Subcommittee

  8. Water Supplier’s AB 1404 Compliance Requirements • Ag water supplier providing aggregated farm-gate delivery data to DWR shall: • Provide aggregated monthly or bi-monthly deliveries on an annual basis • Provide information on its “Best Professional Practices” that demonstrates attaining and maintaining accuracy of measurement and reporting devices and methods. A2 Subcommittee

  9. “Best Professional Practices” and “Not Locally Cost Effective” • The California Water Code does not specify any method of measurement or require DWR to develop methods or standards. • Resources for Consideration • DWR’s guidelines – Appendix I (Benefit to Cost Ration Estimation) • “Independent Panel on Appropriate Measurement of Agricultural Water Use” (September 2003) • Agricultural Water Management Council’s website (which includes Net Benefit Analysis) A2 Subcommittee

  10. Reporting Requirements A2 Subcommittee

  11. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? A2 Subcommittee