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Pastel Cupcakery

Pastel Cupcakery

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Pastel Cupcakery

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  1. Pastel Cupcakery Sara Valdivia

  2. Business Description • Pastel Cupcakery will be a cupcake shop with only the best and cutest cupcakes ever created for every type of person. Our main goal is to satisfy the taste buds of everyone young and old. • The Pastel Cupcakery is locally owned and all the ingredients are high quality, hand picked from local farms and are all organic. We cater to every cupcake need of the people. If requested, we make vegan cupcakes.

  3. Explain the benefits of your business • On request we make vegan cupcakes and all the frosting and product is home and handmade. • It will show the future of cupcakes and that a cupcake is not just a simple annoying pastry that can be bought at a supermarket. Time, energy and elegance is put into every single cupcake baked.

  4. Appeal to investor • You should invest in my company because I am also a consumer of prestigious baked goods and I know what the people want. The original ideas that I have for different flavors are unlike any other cupcake bakery around and will top all other competitors. From the design of the unique cupcakes to the furnishing in the cupcakery itself, it will be as though you stepped into another world.

  5. Portfolio

  6. Supply Schedule

  7. Supply Curve

  8. The reason for the price increasing with the sales is because that people enjoy the product so much that the consumers are willing to pay more and buy more because of the quality of the cupcakes. • Having the starting price low and then slowly going up as popularity goes up. • It is important to know if such things will happen and consider all situations in a new business.

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