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  1. MATHUNIT 4 4th

  2. Do you remember? multiples arrays factor product • When you multiply numbers, you find the __________ ? • In the equation 8 X 6 = 48, • Is a ___________ . 3. The numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20 are all __________ of 5.

  3. Find each product.

  4. Round each number to the nearest ten. Round each number to the nearest hundred.

  5. An ARRAY has columns and rows. 5 X 3

  6. How many buttons would Alexa have if she bought five packs of 100 buttons?

  7. Katelyn has 6 bags of balloons with 8 balloons in each bag. Gabriella has 4 bags of balloons with 10 balloons in each bag. Who has more balloons?

  8. The sable palm is Florida’s state tree. The leaf of the sable palm can be up to 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. How many times wider can the leaf be than it is long?

  9. Aaron is counting the number of palm trees in his neighborhood. There are 6 neighbors who have 10 palms each and one neighbor that has 7 palms. How many total palms are in his neighborhood?

  10. Trinity has earned $37 babysitting. She needs $65 to buy a skateboard. How much more money does Trinity need to earn?

  11. Connor has 4 rolls of pennies. There are 100 pennies in each roll. How many pennies does Connor have in all?

  12. Amanda visited Daytona Lagoon with her mom and her best friend. They choose Plan C. How much did they save on the two children’s tickets by buying combined tickets instead of buying separate tickets?

  13. Kylie’s Girl Scout troop has 8 girls and 4 adults. How much did the troop pay for tickets to the amusement park?

  14. A fourth grader breathes about 50 gallons of air per hour. Aiden arrives at school at 8:00 a.m. and leaves at 2:00 p.m. How many gallons of air does he breathe during each school day?

  15. Last year the fourth graders collected 500 cans of food for the food drive. This year’s fourth graders want to collect twice as many cans. How many cans do this year’s fourth graders need to collect to meet their goal?

  16. Kyle, Juan, and Charles are trying to raise $200 for a local homeless shelter. Kyle raised 30 dollars and Juan raised 95 dollars. How much money does Charles need to collect in order to reach their goal? $200

  17. Mary is buying two beach chairs that cost $46 each. The tax on each chair is $2.40. What is Mary’s total cost?

  18. Luis walked 5 miles every day for 37 days to prepare for the beach walk. Use the BREAKING APART strategy to find how many miles Luis walked in all.

  19. Paige and Leah had a total of $580. After spending $80, Leah had $240. How much money did Paige have?

  20. The longest blue whale on record was about 18 scuba divers in length. If an average scuba diver is 6 feet what is the approximate length of the blue whale?

  21. Jayden had 265 stamps. Adam had twice as many stamps as Jayden. Adam had 179 more stamps than Lucas. How many stamps did Lucas have?

  22. Brian wants to buy 3 shelves for his bedroom that cost $168 each. If he has saved up $500, can he buy the shelves? Will he have money left over? If so, how much?

  23. Mr. Harper had 506 apples at his fruit stand. His friend gave him 87 more apples, and he bought another 59 apples. How many apples did he have altogether?

  24. Mrs. L’s class checked out 15 books from the media center this week. Mrs. G’s class checked 3 fewer books than Mrs. “L” while Mrs. M’s class check out 7 more than Mrs. “L”. How many books did each class check out?

  25. Jenna picked 456 oranges from the trees in her yard. She sold 178 of them and threw away 49. How many oranges does she have left?

  26. COMPENSATION 3 X 18 = ? 3 X 20 = 60 3 X 2 = 6 60 – 6 = 54 Choose numbers close to the number to make it easier. Then adjust the answer.

  27. PRACTICE COMPENSATION 5 x 17 = _____ Substitute 5 x _____ = 100 ____ - 17 = 3 5 x 3 = 15 Adjust _____ - 15 = _____

  28. Practice Compensation

  29. Practice Compensation

  30. Sara’s puppy is 4 pounds heavier than Megan’s puppy. If Megan’s puppy is 5 pounds lighter than Lauren’s puppy. If Lauren’s puppy weighs 39 pounds, what does Sara’s puppy weigh?

  31. To raise money for new uniforms, the high school band members sold the items shown below. Use compensation strategies to find how much money they raised in all.

  32. Eric and 3 friends bought tickets to a concert. The cost of each ticket was $43. How much did the tickets cost in all? Total Cost $43 $43 $43 $43

  33. Adrian is 11 years older than Nathaniel. In twenty years, Nathaniel will be 32 years old. How old is Adrian now?

  34. A roller coaster at Disney can hold 25 people in each car. How many people can ride each time if there are 7 cars and each car is full?

  35. Mrs. L bought 187 yards of red cloth and 357 yards of white cloth. If one yard of cloth costs $8, how much did she pay altogether?

  36. A store clerk is stacking soup cans on shelves. If he puts 110 cans on each shelf, how many cans will be on: • shelves? _____ • shelves? _____ • shelves? _____ 12 shelves? _____

  37. Rebecca baked 9 trays of carrot muffins. There were 35 muffins on each tray. Sofia baked 145 apple muffins. How many muffins did they bake altogether?

  38. Using Rounding to Estimate The school is holding a Walk-a-thon. Any class that raises more than $500 wins a prize. Mrs. “B” and Mr. “M” both want to know if their class wins a prize.

  39. Sean bought 10 cartons of drink mix for the football team. There were 25 packets of mix in each carton. He has used 246 packets so far. How many packets of drink mix is left?

  40. Alex and his 2 brothers want to fly to Miami. One airline offers a round-trip fare of $319. Another airline has a round-trip fare of $389. ABOUT how much will Alex and his brothers save by buying the less expensive tickets?

  41. Vanessa bought 10 packages of stickers. There were 28 stickers in each package. She opened all of the packages and arranged the stickers into rows of six. How many rows of stickers were there? How many stickers were left over?

  42. Jordan estimates that the product of 237 x 6 is about 1800. Is this estimate reasonable? Why or Why not?

  43. Carlos collected 1,000 stamps. He sold 250 to Bryan and packed the remaining stamps equally into trays of 10. How many trays did he use?

  44. Fourth grade students voted on their favorite sports activity. Which sport received the most total votes? How many boys voted? How many girls voted?

  45. Four spoons and 3 forks cost $15. Four spoons and 1 fork cost $13. What is the cost of 5 forks?

  46. Mrs. “L” and her class had a beach cleanup on Saturday. The bar graph shows the amount of trash collected. Estimate the total items removed from the beach on Saturday.

  47. There are a total of 30 white and black marbles in a box. There are 14 more white marbles than black marbles. How many black marbles are in the box?

  48. An adult female bald eagle has a wingspan of about 7 feet. since there are 12 inches in one foot, about how long would you estimate a female bald eagle’s wingspan to be in inches.

  49. Kara is painting her bedroom Barbie pink. A gallon of pink paint can cover about 360 square feet of wall space. About how many square feet of wall space will 2 gallons cover? Kara’s bedroom is 11 ft by 14 ft by 8 ft. How many gallons will she need to paint her bedroom?

  50. There are 40 students in a class. There are 4 more boys than girls. How many girls are in the class?