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By Thomas J. Gardner

The Association of Knowledge with Concern About Global Warming: Trusted Information Sources Shape Public Thinking Ariel Malka, Jon Krosnick and Gary Langer. By Thomas J. Gardner. Information Processing. Scientific Findings. Knowledge & Concern. Perceived Measures of Seriousness. 8. 7.

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By Thomas J. Gardner

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  1. The Association of Knowledge with Concern About Global Warming: Trusted Information Sources Shape Public ThinkingAriel Malka, Jon Krosnick and Gary Langer By Thomas J. Gardner

  2. Information Processing Scientific Findings Knowledge & Concern Perceived Measures of Seriousness 8 7 6 5 3 2 1 4 Risk Perceptions Demographics Political Party Affiliations Personal Importance Deterrent's to Learning Trust in Science

  3. Global Warming Climate Change Democrats believe humans are responsible American’s Attitude • Not a priority • Premium Concern • Public Perceptions • Under informed • Politicians • Religion Republicans believe a higher power controls destiny

  4. Political Variable Trust in the Communicator Don’t forget Independents Republicans Democrats • More knowledge does not elicit more concern • May have negative consequences • Guided by Misinformation • More information encourages behavior change • Search for remedies • Compare facts • Believe in science

  5. Perceptions of Effects • Questions were rephrased • How dangerous GW is to respondents • How concerned are you about GW

  6. Evidence of GW Effects • The temperature of the earth will rise from 2 degree Celsius to 6 degree Celsius • glaciers and ice shelves around the world will start melting. Scientists project rising sea levels will increase • Greenhouse Gases • Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor trap heat

  7. Communicators Message • Upton is "not convinced" that carbon needs to be regulated and denounces climate legislation as "an unconstitutional power grab that will kill millions of jobs." • Nature described Lomborgs work as 'employs the strategy of those who argue that... Jews weren't singled out by the Nazis'. • In his book The Skeptical Environmentalist.Lomborgclaims: We will not lose our forests; we will not run out of energy, raw materials, or water. • Palin continues to ridicule climate change as a "bunch of snake-oil science.” She disses climate scientists, trashes clean-energy jobs and throws her political weight behind candidates who deny the reality and risks of global warming.

  8. Dispositions of Countries The citizens and governments of other countries have reviewed the facts surrounding global warming and are making changes to reduce car emissions and regulate traffic. Politicians have endorsed these changes to protect future generations.

  9. Comparison Table Layout

  10. Qualities of Knowledge Skeptical stance increasing

  11. Information Sources Social determinants of which information a citizen will accept and the style in how information is presented can decrease knowledge volume and evoke less concern according to Malka and associates. Star Burst!

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  13. Democrats vs. Republicans Blue states vs. Red states Malka says party identification will actually rule over any logical or rational thoughts or behavior changes. The main discourse is a distrust in scientific research. More exposure to information did not increase knowledge but actually had a negative interaction that increased further denial. Malka says these skeptics rarely internalize information that cast doubt upon their schema.

  14. Mass Media According to Priest, attitude formation supersedes knowledge about global warming. Even through we are the greatest country on earth we are polarized by what the media tells us. Our risk society is brainwashed to accept that certain environmental and health risks are inevitable. Evidence dictates that America is underinformed and confused about GW.

  15. Temporal Sequenced Changes In this diagram, measures of concern have positive interactions with knowledge. There are several dominions of communication that can lead to a positive result. Participants are constantly segmented over time to focus on individual indifference or non-compliance. Johnson believes that definitions of the quality of knowledge and in what framework information is presented shows heuristics play a vital role.

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