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The War in the East PowerPoint Presentation
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The War in the East

The War in the East

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The War in the East

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  1. The War in the East

  2. I. War in Virginia

  3. A. Bull Run/Manassas Lincoln orders General McDowell to lead his men from Washington to Richmond If Manassas could be captured the Union would control the best route to Richmond

  4. Despite being poorly trained Union soldiers started to push the Confederates back – One unit led by Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson held their position

  5. The Union retreated in chaos – Confederates were unable to push North

  6. B. More Battles in Virginia

  7. 1. The Seven Day’s Battle Also called the “Peninsular Campaign” – goal capture Richmond After Bull Run, Lincoln put George B. McClellan in charge of the new “Army of the Potomac” McClellan spent months training his men – then finally attacked • They reached just outside of Richmond when Robert E. Lee was put in charge of the Confederates • Lee was aggressive and took chances, he was able to force McClellan to retreat

  8. 2. The Second Battle of Bull Run Frustrated Lincoln ordered John Pope to march directly on Richmond He was Met in the Town of Manassas by Confederate general “Stonewall Jackson”

  9. The battle lasted three days with heavy casualties on both sides • Confederates forced the Union to retreat – Lee now wanted to take the fight to the North

  10. II. Battle of Antietam Also known as Sharpsburg It took place along the Antietam Creek in Maryland

  11. Confederates were hoping for a major victory on northern soil • McClellan • Had Lee’s plans in his hand • he still hesitated • Had Lee on the run with four divisions in reserve • He was convinced Lee had more troops and was going to counter attack – Lee didn’t

  12. Aftermath • Single bloodiest day of the Civil War • Casualties • Union - 12,000 • Confederates - 13,000 • Lee escaped and McClellan was Fired

  13. III. Breaking the Union’s Blockade

  14. A. The Union’s Naval Strategy Union had most of the Navy and industry to build more ships They quickly mobilized to blockade Southern Ports The South used small fast ships to try and outrun the larger Union ships

  15. B. Clash of the Ironclads Confederates tried to use Iron ships to take away the Union’s advantage at sea They captured a Union ship, the Merrimack and turned it into an ironclad, renamed the C.S.S. Virginia

  16. The Union responded with a new design called the Monitor

  17. In March 1862 the Virginia sailed in to Hampton Roads and easily sunk two wooden Union ships • When the Virginia returned later that month, the Monitor was waiting and was able to fore the Virginia to withdrawal