rentall v1 2 0 airbnb clone is landed with multi n.
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Hello Again, "RentALL-Airbnb Clone -v1.2.0” Is Out Now! PowerPoint Presentation
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Hello Again, "RentALL-Airbnb Clone -v1.2.0” Is Out Now!

Hello Again, "RentALL-Airbnb Clone -v1.2.0” Is Out Now!

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Hello Again, "RentALL-Airbnb Clone -v1.2.0” Is Out Now!

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  1. RentALL v1.2.0 - Airbnb Clone Is Landed With Multi Language!

  2. Launch WorldWide Now RentALL(Airbnb Clone) can help you launch your Sharing Economy Platform worldwide. Language is no longer a barrier to run your business anywhere in the world.

  3. Multi Language Multi language is the most wanted feature from the day we launched RentALL beta version and we promised everyone that will be available soon. So, Promise is a Promise! Title of this story says it all :)

  4. Thanks! Many thanks to our customers and entrepreneurs who are interested in RentALL for pushing us to make RentALL(Airbnb Clone) a great product.

  5. ❝ If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞ -Nelson Mandela

  6. What is RentALL?

  7. ◎ RentALL is a Airbnb Clone Script that helps entrepreneurs build their own Sharing Economy Platform without spending too much time on product development.

  8. Why RentALL?

  9. ◎ RentALL comes with necessary features to start your Online Sharing Economy Platform. Features and layouts were inspired from Airbnb(One of the successful pioneer of Sharing Economy eco-system).

  10. “RentALL - Airbnb Clone helps you beyond building your MVP, it helps you scale as your grow!”

  11. All hail the “Multi Language” feature

  12. ◎ You may ask, why is it so important to have a multi language feature on your Sharing Economy Platform? The answer is simple! Yes, it is very important when you want to scale your business & launch in other regions.

  13. ◎ Multi language allow your users to experience the contents in their own language and that makes a personal connect with your platform.

  14. Place your screenshot here Where do I see the demo? You can try the demo here,

  15. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at: Email: Skype: radicalstart Website: