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English Class Section 1300/0800

English Class Section 1300/0800. Lic. Maison E. Amador. maisoneamador@gmail.com. Personal Pronouns. Singular. I. You. Third Person. It. He. She. Plural. We. You. They. Verb TO BE: Affirmative Form (+). I am I’m

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English Class Section 1300/0800

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  1. English Class Section 1300/0800 Lic. Maison E. Amador maisoneamador@gmail.com

  2. Personal Pronouns Singular I You Third Person It He She

  3. Plural We You They

  4. Verb TO BE: Affirmative Form(+) I am I’m You are You’re He is He’s She is She’s It is It’s We are We’re You are You’re They are They’re Sing. Plural

  5. Negative Form(-) I am not I’m not You are not You aren’t He is not He isn’t She is not She isn’t It is not Itisn’t We are not We aren’t They are not They aren’t

  6. Interrogativeform(?) • Are you….? Are you…..? • Is he……..? Are we…...? Plural • Is she…….? Are they….? • Is it………..? Sing.

  7. Introduce Yourself Mini-Conversation Charle: Hi! I’m Charle, And you? Martha: Hi! I’m Martha. Charle: Nice to meetyou Martha: Nice to meetyoutoo.

  8. A: Hi! What’syourname? B: My name is Susan, and you?. A: Oh! I’m Sally, I’m your teacher. Nice to meetyou. B: Nice to meetyoutoo.

  9. Country Nationality TheNationalities TheUnitedStates American México Mexican Honduras Honduran Canadian Canada

  10. Country Nationality Brazil Brazilian Japan Japanese Italy Italian China Chinese

  11. Thenumbers

  12. ThePossessiveAdjectives It:Its I:my You:your She:her He:his

  13. We:our You:your They:their

  14. TheArticles A: Consonants An: Vowels Anelephant Anapple Anaffice

  15. DemostrativesArticles Singular Affirmative (+)Plural Affirmative (+) Thisis : nearbyTheseare : nearby Thatis : farawayThoseare : faraway

  16. ClassroomLanguage listen look at theboard closethedoor stand up open yourbook


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