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Phoenix Quotations PowerPoint Presentation
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Phoenix Quotations

Phoenix Quotations

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Phoenix Quotations

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  1. Phoenix Quotations

  2. It’s late at night and I’m still watching Phoenix TV. No other media can offer objective, constructive and in depth analysis of current China like Phoenix. Phoenix TV always provides Chinese worldwide with up-to-date objective reportage from a third party angle. Netizen Yehe Nara Chuanger February 2013 Phoenix TV’s programs are so wonderful that I watch them every day. The introduction of Phoenix Hong Kong Channel to Macau meets our objective to provide top quality TV programs to Macau citizens. At the same time, it also uplift the levels of cultural creativity in Macau. Angela Lam Chief Executive Officer, Macau Cable TV January 30, 2013

  3. The on-screen design of Phoenix InfoNews Channel programs is spacious, dynamic, distinctive yet unified. It has a strong visual impact. Luo Weiguang Hunan First Normal University Literature and History Department February 2013 Phoenix is the best example of the most influential media influencing the influential. Through the influence of this audience, Phoenix also gains its high-end market share, and hence further strengthens its influence in the media. Zhang Yuhong Writer / Media person February 2013

  4. Globalization and economic growth draw our attention to social tolerance and coherence. I think that the literati and even the general cultural circle play a very important role in it. I believe that our cooperation with Phoenix TV will bring us opportunity, not only deliver the message to a wider audience, but also contribute to new thinking to this major undertaking. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Director-GeneralIrina Bokova December 10, 2012

  5. Honesty is humanity. And humanity allows us to trust the information from afar. This is the most important experience that Phoenix TV offers. Ye Kuang Zheng : Why I trust Phoenix TV? November 2012 Personally I believe that watching Phoenix TV can make us more rational, caring, objective, calmer and gain more vision. Netizen Tiantian Tianqing Beckham November 2012

  6. I like watching Phoenix TV news report. Simply because she dares to speak out and her conscience. We cannot find another Phoenix TV in mainland China. That explains why we could hardly grasp the democratic ambience. Netizen Wu Xiao Fang Paradise November 2012 Phoenix TV has done wonders in honouring and upholding history and culture. Other satellite TVs in mainland China, in comparison, are full of trashy entertainment programs. Netizen Sheng Xiang Xiang September 2012

  7. Phoenix TV is an influential news media in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, she plays an important role of communicating between the regions, promoting Hong Kong and China achievements, as well as facilitating understanding between Hong Kong and mainland China. Phoenix brings the voice of China to all over the world. With a team of well-known presenters and highly-educated journalistic elites from Greater China region, Phoenix shows her high energy and dynamic power. Vice President of the Macau Chamber of Commerce He Pei fen visited Phoenix TV headquarters July 5, 2012

  8. Phoenix TV is indeed the TV channel of China. You are always at the right place at the right time! Netizen Sheng Xiang Xiang September 2012 Thanks Phoenix TV for allowing people to witness our national pride! Salute to the Diaoyu Islands activists! Salute to Phoenix TV! Netizen Sidou Pingguo September 2012 Watching breaking news on TV after the (Diaoyu Islands) incident, I genuinely feel that the news reporting performance of Phoenix TV is far better than those of mainland China. Netizen fishnini August 2012

  9. Phoenix always dares to reveal the crucial problems in the society with its unique vision and angle. Netizen Hua Kai Chi Chi August 2012 Phoenix TV has all my bows! Apart from its worldwide news reporting network, she has always taken the lead to report important news to the Chinese worldwide. This time she even live broadcast the whole process of Hong Kong Diaoyu islands activists stepping onto the territory. I hope that Phoenix reporters Jiang Xiao Feng and Leung Pui Kam can return home safely. Netizen Ling Yan Feng Chen – FGFW September 2012

  10. Phoenix TV is well beloved by Chinese communities. Its influence is getting stronger. It has grown into an international and multi-media enterprise. Li Zhanshu, Guiyzhou Party Secretary, in Guiyang April 13, 2012 Phoenix’s programs interpret the world in a different perspective, she widens Mainland China viewer’s horizon and way of thinking. I watch Phoenix TV wherever I can, at home, in school or on business trip, provided there is a chance, I would always go for it. I hope Phoenix can scale new height in future. Zhang Jian Song, Wen Fa Bu, Beijing Radio and TV University June, 2012

  11. As the descriptions and the content unfolded, I deeply felt the modesty and frankness of Luqiu Luwei. Her reasoning, open and calm state of mind bring us not only news sense, but more on provoking thought, life philosophy and soul-searching quest. Zhong Fang Reading Luqiu Luwei’s book titled “Can’t Tell East or West” Ta Kung Pao May 3, 2012 I like news and commentary programs. Through Phoenix TV’s news and commentary programs, I can see things from different angles, which enrich my way of thinking. Phoenix is always more objective, unbiased and independent in news reporting when compare with other media. Xia Qing, Chief Editor of FBLIFE. June, 2012

  12. This is the first time I come to Hong Kong. The enshrinement of skull sarira, relic of Sakyamuni Buddha yesterday and the opening ceremony of Third World Buddhist Forum completed smoothly today. Hong Kong people is well-blessed. For years, it has been my hope to visit Hong Kong and it is finally realized. I am glad to come visiting Phoenix TV office. Thanks for the hospitality and warm reception of Mr. Liu Changle and his staff. I am a loyal audience of Phoenix TV, I regularly watch Phoenix’s news programs. I hereby extend my sincere and warmest greetings to Phoenix, I wish Phoenix every success in future. Tashi delek. (blessings and good luck) The 11th Panchen Lama, during his visit to Phoenix TV Headquarters April 26, 2012

  13. We are glad to have Phoenix North America Chinese Channel as our internet TV partner to provide quality programs to overseas viewers. From the very beginning, we adhere to our goal, “More Than Just TV”, and the cooperation with Phoenix bring us closer to our goal. Lin Song, CEO of “Phoenix and iTV reached strategic cooperation agreement ” Chinese Business News website 12 March 2012Xiaose Qiufeng

  14. Recently I have been closely following the news of the US trip of Xi Jin Ping. I can feel the difference of reporting style and angle by Phoenix TV and CCTV. Phoenix TV reporters speak clear and fast, gesticulating, with delicate observation and rich contents, which is my personal favorite. Auctioneer Jolin Feb 2012 For a cultural platform like Phoenix TV, she can enhance her commercial value, and at the same time promote the Chinese culture and development as a whole. Li Li Hui, President of Bank of China “Phoenix signed strategic cooperation agreement with Bank of China 9 March 2012

  15. Phoenix InfoNews Channel brings Chinese across the world with rich variety of update and accurate information, that’s why Phoenix TV is so beloved by the people. Sun Jiang Vice President of Minzu Ankang Chinese Medical Science Graduate School Jan 2012 My first encounter of Phoenix TV was in the army, I was 18 back then. It was a channel that everyone would watch regularly every day. I would conclude that Phoenix TV is pioneering, incisive, timely and accurate. Wang Jing Tao Vice Secretary-general of China Society of Territorial Economists Jan 2012

  16. Through your vision, we can see the real world. Thank you Phoenix TV! Xiaose Qiufeng December, 2011 Phoenix program “The old soldiers never die” moved me immensely, I was in tears throughout the program…. This is just what we admire most - the production is well above par, from the script to the host, it is fact-finding, simple and precise. Fu Meini November, 2011

  17. There is nothing to watch on TV in the morning, especially on such a gloomy chilly day. No other choice but Phoenix TV. Crystal_sting December, 2011 Phoenix programs are my daily routine, almost every one of them is captivating and marvelous. The production of each program is well-thought-out. Keep it up! I cheer for you. Qinshi Mingyue December, 2011

  18. I am watching Phoenix TV program“Battlefield Diary in Libya”. The war correspondents risked their lives to go to the war zone for the first-hand news so as to present to the audience. The spirit of these war correspondents is most laudable. Xinyuan_Yuanbao November, 2011Oriental Talking about the TV program evergreens in the industry. I think it must be Phoenix TV! The commentary programs are comprehensive and above par. Shen Jiangfeng December, 2011

  19. I keep watching Phoenix InfoNews Channel as long as the network connection is stable. How they cover the news, I really have nothing to complain! Oriental Madman from September 1, 2011 After watching all the eleven videos about Phoenix interview of Professor Chen Ping of Southwest Petroleum University, I once again deeply admire the professionalism, objective and independent reporting of Phoenix journalistic team. Cao Gang 2010 August, 2011

  20. Phoenix TV’s program is up to standard in terms of news transparency and the values and attitudes of commentaries on public affairs. Unlike Mainland China media’s biased and selective reportage, or foreign media’s exaggeration with a purpose, at least Phoenix TV allows those who love China to know the true picture. Ruo Mai_Sally August, 2011

  21. Phoenix TV is now showing journalists Ling Wu Lie and Huang Chen live report from Mistrata of Libya. At the frontline, they are just 10-meters away from the bomb attack of the crossfire. Fortunately, they are safe. Once again I am struck by the gravity and noble nature of journalism. I have to salute to their professionalism. Bo Zi Wan August, 2011

  22. The major difference between watching “30-minute News” and Phoenix news is that the former directly gives you conclusion of the news,while the later tells you when, where and who of the whole stories and let you judge by yourself. Which is better? I think it is as clear as broad daylight. Liu Xia Wen Feng July 3, 2011

  23. When I watch TV in the evening, I usually watch news program. Phoenix TV is the channel that I watch most. News program of Phoenix TV is different from those of CCTV, when it comes to sensitive topic, Phoenix gives you a comprehensive analysis and in-depth understanding of the issue. Chen Zu Tao Like Reading Books and Newspaper Also Like watching Phoenix TV June 26, 2011

  24. One of the major characteristics that differentiate Phoenix reporters from others is that they are serious in delivering unbiased and objective news. They always think and reflect. They are also fully aware that by reporting news from different angles, they can get closer to the core of the truth. This is what we call “media conscience”. Wei Bo Drawer May 10, 2011

  25. Phoenix drew audience with its diversified and superb quality programs. It is visionary and dynamic, flexible yet innovative. Throughout the years, Phoenix is my primary source of all kinds of first-hand information about Hong Kong, Taiwan and the rest of the world. Mu Er New book critic : Why Phoenix does not die? Tai Kung Pao Website May 5, 2011 So far as I know, Phoenix TV is a medium that talks no-nonsense, offers audience unbiased information and always stands firm on her principles. Phoenix respects history and is courageous enough to face the truth. Keep up the good work, Phoenix! Microblogger : Yuancheng Logistics April 12, 2011

  26. Watching Phoenix TV has become a part of my daily life. I feel at a loss even though I miss Phoenix programs for just one day. Because Phoenix is the channel that I get to know the true information of China as well as the world. Whether it is finance program, news program, talk show or drama, I love all Phoenix programs! I gain a lot of information and learn a lot through watching Phoenix. Anonymous netizen Forum of April 10, 2011

  27. The diversified communication approach, program topics and the freedom of speech of Phoenix TV meet the demands of the audience of our time. As this is the time of diversification. I like Phoenix programs! Xiaohui 1953 April 10, 2011 Phoenix TV has grown into a major global Chinese TV media. Not only is she an important channel for Chinese audience to understand more about the world, it also serves as a vital window facilitating the world to know more about China. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations Congratulation telegram on Phoenix TV’s 15th Anniversary March, 2011

  28. Everyone in Chinese communities knows Phoenix TV, but I never see Phoenix blow her own trumpet. Micro Blogger Qing Zheng Bai Xue February 22, 2011 I always watch Phoenix InfoNews, the channel is getting more important. I believe that Phoenix InfoNews, doing her best, will become one of the best TV channels in the world. He Yafei Permanent Representative of China to the UN. December, 2010

  29. In ten years’time, Phoenix (InfoNews Channel) has successfully established herself as an important news platform in Mainland China and abroad. I look forward to seeing her radiating all the more in the next decade. Andrew Clark CEO of Trading and Investment Department of UK Office of Government Commerce December, 2010 I hope that Phoenix TV can work hand in hand with our Islamic Republic News Agency, it helps facilitate better understanding between the two countries. The huge potential between us can take our relations to a new level. I wish you every success. Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman December, 2010

  30. Phoenix InfoNews Channel is our favorite channel, it has made a spectacular chapter in the past decade. I hope that the channel can scale new height in future. Wang Zhengwei Chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region December, 2010 HKSAR Government has awarded Mr. Liu Changle the Silver Bauhinia Star in recognition of his contribution to the broadcasting and media industry in Hong Kong. Under his leadership, the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd. has grown into a multi-national media enterprise providing global viewers with one of the best sources of international news in Chinese. Phoenix Chairman Liu Changle is awarded Silver Bauhinia Star at the 13th honors list ceremony since Hong Kong’s reunification with China. November 21, 2010

  31. We watch Phoenix TV because of its fact-finding pursuit, timeliness and its in-depth analysis of hot news, Phoenix is really outstanding in this respect. Mr. Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Chairman of China Federation of Industry and Commerce. at Phoenix Headquarters November 18, 2010 I am a loyal audience of Phoenix TV. I got colossal information and diversified views through watching Phoenix programs, that are useful to expand my horizon and to my work. Zhu Wei Qun, Vice Chairman of United Front Work Department of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China visited Phoenix Headquarters November 17, 2010

  32. Phoenix program “Social Watch” is probably the only program in China which follows the social underdogs constantly. It is also one of the best programs on Phoenix. My Support! Keep up the good work! Micro Blogger Yang Xian Lao Ma October 15, 2010 I have always been a loyal audience of Phoenix TV ever since its launch. I watch Phoenix no matter where I move. My husband has particularly subscribed Phoenix Chinese Channel for me in USA, though he does not understand Mandarin. He knows this is my favorite channel. Even my pet dog loves to listen to the music program of Phoenix and sings along with the tune. ha ha! Micro Blogger Happy Romy 55 October 14, 2010

  33. Phoenix TV is the totem of Chinese. It is a respectful medium. It is all-encompassing, tolerant, positive and has a sense of responsibility. Netizen Bobo Jin, Wuxi, Jianzu Province, PRC 2010 As I mourned for the victims of the Manila hostage incident on Phoenix, I was also deeply impressed by Phoenix’s quick response to the event, the on-site sensation is so powerful, …whenever there is a big global event, you just have to watch Phoenix TV! Sina micro-blogger RJEFFY August 23, 2010

  34. Phoenix TV is an influential medium among Chinese worldwide. Through Phoenix TV, people can get information, expand their horizon, be inspired and enlightened. Mr. Lu Zhan Gong Party Secretary of Henan Province, PRC meeting Phoenix’s delegation at Zheng Zhou , August 20, 2010 I watch Phoenix TV every day……she has a foothold in Hong Kong and facing the world, Phoenix has displayed the spirit of Chinese in the new era. Mr. Zhang Gao Li Party Secretary of Tianjin City received Phoenix delegation in Tianjin, August 12, 2010

  35. My opinion of Phoenix TV is: scientific, objective and rational. Mr. Huang Wai, Vice Mayor of Beijing visited Phoenix Headquarters, July5, 2010 Whenever I tune in to CCTV and Phoenix TV, the impression is totally different. The later have an edge over the former with its international outlook, freedom of speech and reliable reportage. Youth writer Cun Shu “Be Your Neighbor” Nan Fang Daily, June8, 2010

  36. Amongst the new generation of media personas, only Mr. Liu Changle caught my attention. I am very impressed by what he has achieved over the years. He narrowed the gap and fostered communication between Chinese and the western media. The remarkable progress of Phoenix TV has become a role model for the mainland broadcasters including CCTV. I would call this a great contribution to the industry. Hong Kong veteran media expert Mr. Kam Kwok Leung Jessica Magazine, May 2010 Issue Page 353

  37. I have always held high opinion of Phoenix TV. I believe Phoenix is an influential as well as responsible media. Mr. Jiang Jian Guo, Vice Director of the General Administration of Press and Publication, May 25, 2010 We appreciate this opportunity so much,...we know that you have such a broad audience of people who are curious about the world, they are interested in the subjects that you cover on your show, and we were delighted to have this invitation. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave an exclusive interview to “A Date with Luyu” May 23, 2010

  38. Phoenix TV is an influential worldwide media. She plays a significant role in introducing China to the world and letting the world know more about China. Mr. Yang Song, Deputy Secretary ofHubei Provincial Committee of the CPC visited Phoenix Headquarters, May 18, 2010 I love to browse all kinds of information via website, TV, newspaper and books during my pastimes. I am particularly fond of watching Phoenix TV’s financial programs, though I do not invest myself. Through Phoenix’s financial programs, I can get more insight and understanding of the various investment tools, as well as the global economic trends. Mr. Zhao Yue Si Party Secretary for Changsha Economic CommissionChangsha Evening Newspaper May 17, 2010

  39. Like many other gentlemen, I love watching Phoenix TV when I have time. Phoenix is unique in a sense that it is very different from other TV stations, I can always tell the difference even though there is only a few seconds browsing when I switch the channels. It is simply different! I think that the edge of Phoenix TV is its value-added angle. Through portraying historic events and figures, analyzing finance, social as well as political affairs, Phoenix offers in-depth and valuable reference to us. “News topic of Phoenix TV” by blogger Sugar Corn February 9, 2010

  40. Phoenix’s social responsibility is fully displayed on its relentlessness in pursuit of programming excellence. From Phoenix Chinese Channel to InfoNews Channel; from North America Chinese Channel (PNAC) to Chinese News and Entertainment Channel (PCNE); from news reportage, interview programs to news commentary, wherever there is big global event, Phoenix is always there and reports at the forefront. Moreover, Phoenix’s social responsibility is also reflected on its endeavors in upholding Chinese cultural heritage. Phoenix is presented “The Most Socially Responsible Corporation in 2009 January 22, 2010 In my opinion, Phoenix, as a media, is more objective than the others. I hope you (Phoenix) can keep up the good work and continue to excel. Mr. Li Rong Rong,Chairman of State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission of State Council, PRC, January 20, 2010

  41. I have been a loyal audience of Phoenix TV ever since its launch. I am overwhelmed here after visiting Phoenix headquarters, and particularly impressed by its program positioning and professionalism. Mr. Zhao Hong Zhu, Party Secretary of Zhe Jiang Province, PRC January 12, 2010 What is my impression of Phoenix TV? It is the fastest (newsreportage), most influential with greatest efficiency. Mr. Huang Xing Guo, Mayor of Tianjin, PRC remarked after visiting Phoenix Headquarters December 5, 2009.

  42. I hereby, through the Phoenix TV, extend my sincere and warmest greetings to all our fellow men overseas. No matter where you are, distance will not hinder our bonding. Our emerging motherland will always be your strongest support. Jia Qing Lin Chairman of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, remarked at Phoenix exclusive interview during his visit to the Philippines November 20, 2009 Broadcasting with Chinese prospective to the Chinese all over the world, Phoenix TV is a medium worth our attention…, it impressed you. I hope that more and more people watch Phoenix, they are going to love it. Zhao Xiao Lan, US Secretary of Labour, at Phoenix headquarters October 25, 2009

  43. I frequently watch Phoenix TV. Being the most influential overseas TV medium, Phoenix is dedicated to providing Chinese with accurate, objective, timely, unbiased news reportage, as well as interview programs as its core cultural essence. It is very popularand has successfully captured millions of viewers. Wang Chan Chief of State Council News Office, remarked in an exclusive interview by Phoenix during his visit to Israel October 22, 2009 I frequently see you (reporting in Europe) on Phoenix channels. Xi Jin Ping, Vice President of People’s Republic of China, greeted Yan Ming, Phoenix reporter stationed in Europe during his visit to Romania October 19, 2009

  44. I thank Phoenix TV for her help, her unconditionaltelecast of the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei to all the interested audience. I must say thank again. Taipei mayor Hao Long Bin thanked Phoenix for her international broadcast of the opening and closing ceremony of Taipei Deaflympics October 2009 Since its launch thirteen years ago, Phoenix has built a solid foundation and tradition, and has successfully created a team of outstanding professionals. I believe with its new and state-of-the-art production base here, Phoenix will definitely scale new heights and continue to widen its influence across the globe. Sun Jia Zheng Deputy Chief of People’s Political Consultative Conference at Phoenix Headquarters October 18, 2009

  45. “Tiger Talk” is my favorite program because it is truly a TV debate program with open discussion. The people involved, scholars, experts as well as general public are invited as guests to air their views on the latest controversial social issues. Different mindsets are freely engage here in an intellectual crossfire.” viewer Mr. Zhang Yu Jie, on July 22, 2009 “I believe Phoenix TV will add a glamorous brush in promoting Chinese culture, Ling Nan culture and Guangzhou city’s image through the international platform of the Asian Games.” Mr. Zhang Guang Ning, mayor of Guangzhou City, China, appointed Phoenix TV officially as the media partner of the 16th Asian Games July 13, 2009

  46. “More and more media have come to aware of the importance and imminence of brand-building. Media themselves also need to gain public’s recognition by establishing and maintaining a goodwill image through effective public relations strategy. Phoenix TV and CCTV, two top media brands in Mainland China, are typical examples of media public relations case study.” “Misunderstanding and Understanding of Media Public Relations” written by Mr. Xiang Cheng published on China Public Relations Forum, June 26, 2009 “I always watch Phoenix TV’s news commentary before I go to bed. Phoenix TV’s news are fast, comprehensive, massive with commentary, it successfully attracts high-end Chinese viewers.” Mr. Yang Wei Guang, Chairman of China Television Artists Association and former president of CCTV said in a magazine interview 2009

  47. “Phoenix has made significant contribution to the steady and peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Phoenix is still playing an irreplaceable role in this respect.” Chen Yun Lin,Chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS), June 5, 2009 “Phoenix TV has always been the calm third eye; she sees the world from a Chinese perspective, the perspective of the third party. Phoenix stands for a rational, intelligent, dynamic, responsible and ever-progressing brain, she is the third eye of the Chinese that helps them to see the world in a more unbiased, rational way.” “How Phoenix soars high in cleft” Wang Jing’s article posted on, May 29, 2009

  48. “I believe that Phoenix TV is bound to become more and morepowerful. Your fast and accurate reports on big events and major international news always bring great impact.” Wang Chen, Director of Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China May 29, 2009 “The most impressive live broadcast of Phoenix TV is its extensive coverage on Iraq war in 2003. For days I put aside all my work and get hooked to Phoenix. It is really the most awesome viewing experience to me.” “Why I have more faith in Phoenix TV” Ye Kuang Zheng’s article on China Youth Daily April 28, 2009

  49. “If you want to know what is freedom of speech, then you must watch Tiger Talk, you must watch Phoenix TV.” Audience remarked after the program Tiger Talk February 28, 2009 “The history of TV live broadcasting in China is very short,...the real news live is only around for a decade, this is only because Phoenix TV who broadcasts live frequently when big events come up, it kick-started competition in the industry.” “China TV” by Columnist Li Enchun on Hong Kong Economic Times, 2009

  50. “The news of Phoenix are diversified, unbiased and rational, this draws the educated class, well-off and professional netizens in China. It has become one of the leading news websites in China.” “Audience in Taiwan can access” By Wang Hao Zheng on Economic Daily of Taiwan January 20, 2009 “Most of the advertisers bank on Phoenix TV for building their corporate image, not just simply for promoting particular products.” Investment Report released by the Bank of China International Securities Limited January 15, 2009