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Taking Innovation to the Edge with Application Acceleration PowerPoint Presentation
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Taking Innovation to the Edge with Application Acceleration

Taking Innovation to the Edge with Application Acceleration

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Taking Innovation to the Edge with Application Acceleration

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  1. Taking Innovation to the Edge with Application Acceleration Kathy McGroddy-Goetz, Vice President, Connectivity and Integration Product Management, IBM

  2. Pressures like workforce mobility and increasing productivity are placing greaterdemands on IT systems Increased expectations 54% CAGR growth in self-service channels Increased demands of surveyed enterprise IT budgets in 2010 were spent on ongoing operations and maintenance costs.* growth in digital datafrom 2007 to 2011. Increased competition of the world’s largestcompanies in 2000 remainon that list today. *Source: Forrester Research, Inc. "2011 IT Budget Planning Guide," October 7, 2010 by Craig Symons © 2011 IBM Corporation

  3. Organizations are using cloud to become more efficient in delivering services inside and outside the enterprise 60% of CIOs plan to use cloud up from 33% two years ago …the majority being hybrid clouds Private cloud Hybrid Public cloud IT capabilities are provided “as a service” over an intranet, within the enterprise and behind the firewall. Internal, on-premise and external service delivery methods are integrated. IT activities and functions are provided “as a service” over the Internet.

  4. Meanwhile, pervasive access is driving increased traffic and brings new challenges MobileSmartphone shipments will outpace PC shipments by 2012. Data explosionEvery two days, the worldgenerates as much data as it did up to 2003. New kinds of interactionsIf Facebook were a country,it would have the third-largestpopulation on Earth. There are more than 5 millionInternet-connected devices in use worldwide—a numbergrowing by 42% annually. Security threatsBetween January and April 2011,the Identity Theft ResourceCenter tracked 130 data breachesexposing 9.5 million records. Sprawling hardwareThere are nearly 33 millionservers worldwide—15% ofwhich run 24/7 without activedaily use.

  5. Rapid access to accurate business information is more critical than ever before 44x 2020 35 zettabytes Business leaders frequently make decisions based on information they don’t trust, or don’t have 1in3 as much Data and ContentOver Coming Decade 1in2 Business leaders say they don’t have access to the information they need to do their jobs Velocity Variety of CIOs cited “Business intelligence and analytics” as part of their visionary plansto enhance competitiveness 80% 83% Volume 2009 800,000 petabytes Of world’s datais unstructured of CEOs need to do a better job capturing and understanding information rapidly in order to make swift business decisions 60%

  6. And security is becoming a board room discussion

  7. Newlywed Foods improves customer service by using cloud to deliver IT without boundaries The need: The solution: Benefits: • A tool to connect geographically dispersed teams without the capital expense and staff needed to run an in-house solution • Security to protect proprietary information and safeguard client recipes • Chose IBM's LotusLive Social Business cloud services to enable culinary team to share information and ideas quickly and easily -- regardless of the time or location • Enables Chefs to find and connect with other chefs around the world, to store and share recipes and demos, and to host web meetings with clients • Sped communication response rate from days to hours • Working in different time zones is no longer a barrier to productivity • Unique "guest account" model provides no cost access to clients so they can collaborate more easily on recipe ideas "Being able to connect our culinary chefs in the cloud is invaluable when talking about customer service. Someone who was once isolated now has access to information they might otherwise not have so they can make better decisions, faster and can get client questions answered more quickly." - Bob Brindza, SOA Business Analyst, Newly Weds Foods

  8. As cloud adoption increases, addressing internet response time challenges is critical PAGE VIEWS CONVERSIONS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 0% AVERAGE IMPACT OF 1 SECOND DELAY IN RESPONSE TIME FOR WEB USERS -2% -4% -7% -6% -8% -11% -10% -12% -14% -16% -16% -18% “The Performance of Web Applications: Customers are Won or Lost in One Second, “Aberdeen Group, Nov 2008

  9. Why does this happen? The realities of the Internet Performance Degrades With Distance Internet Availability Issues Occur Regularly Performance Concerns Availability Concerns Increasing Server Load and Unpredictable Peak Capacity Malicious Network Attacks Over provisioning for peak load Security Concerns

  10. To solve these issues, today’s infrastructure must securely accelerate access to public and private clouds Today: Cloud and Mobile The challenge: Complexity and chaos

  11. Applications can be accelerated by addressing the edges of the Enterprise, the Database, and the Internet Innovation at the application edges

  12. Key to accelerating at the edges is application awareness Simplify Control Innovate

  13. Elastic caching accelerates the Edge of the Database A top internet sports information site uses WebSphere eXtreme Scale to process 10,000 requests per second for customized content for up to 10 million individual users Simplify: Configuration over Coding.Appliance WebSphere eXtreme Scale WebSphere DataPower XC10 Control: Elastic Scale.Data Availability Innovate: Customer experience © 2011 IBM Corporation

  14. Accelerate at the Edge of the Enterprise as you extend your applications to your partners Simplify: Configuration over Coding.Appliance WebSphere DataPower XE82 Edge Appliance WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration Control: Intelligent.WLM.Application Security Innovate: Integrate.On Premise.Off Premise

  15. Accelerate at the Edge of the Internet as you extend your private cloud beyond your walls Simplify: Configuration over Coding.Managed Service WebSphere Application Accelerator for Public Networks WebSphere Application Accelerator for Hybrid Networks Control: Cache.Reliability.Security Innovate: Customer Experience.Business Flexibility

  16. “Large retailer” creates responsive shopping experience The need: The solution: Benefits: • Performance for static web content was good, but customer experience for experience for dynamic, changing content could be inconsistent and slow • Needed the ability to handle extreme demand such as on “black Friday” • Implemented WebSphere application acceleration solution based on: • WebSphere Application Accelerator for Public Networks • WebSphere DataPower XI52 and XE82 • WebSphere eXtreme Scale • Implemented a policy-driven approach to dynamic content that caches dynamic content for longer when response time goes below a set threshold • Ability to handle extreme demand during peak shopping periods • Cost-effectively handle peak access to dynamic and even personalized content

  17. Realize true business value by taking innovation to the edge with application acceleration • At the edge of the database • Keeps applications running with flat response times • Snappy performance • At the edge of the enterprise • Securely extend your applications to your business partners • At the edge of the internet • Securely extend your private cloud beyond your walls

  18. Learn how you can achieve these benefits 1 Visit us at the IBM booth 2 Attend the IBM round table at noon today 3 Visit us on the web

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